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June 24, 2019

Fractional Reserve Banking – Debt Based Currency Scam Explained by Eric Padden

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Comment by mothman777;

Usurious fractional reserve banking summed up;

You borrow £1,000,000 on a mortgage loan, you understand you have to pay back £3,000,000 with interest over 25 years. The banks legally only have to have 10% of what they loan in their banks, so they lie to you and everyone else when they loan you only £100,000 real cash with the other £900,000 being merely thin air. When you see that they only ever really lent you £100,000, and that you really pay back £3,000,000, then you understand you pay back a staggering 30 times back what you were really lent. This endless pumping of fake money into the system is what really creates inflation. When that factor is removed by removing usurious banking, then inflation completely stops. A non-usurious financial system has been used before by one nation resulting in massive financial success for all in that nation, once the people of that nation were freed from the enslaving domination of the parasitical banks that had been continually bleeding them dry and never reinvesting any of the money they stole back into the society from which they had taken the money.

Criminal banks and governments work together to make sure you have to keep working, that you CANNOT stop, and that you work much harder and longer than you should really have to, and if you default on just one mortgage repayment after paying off 95% of your mortgage loan for your home, even though you have already in fact given the banks many times what the bank really gave you in the first instance, then they criminally take your house back off you.

This criminal system is a means to ensure that you cannot stop working or you will become destitute, rather like keeping you on a treadmill all the best years of your life (to stop you doing something much more worthwhile).
The excess wealth produced by this forced labour scam is then available to the criminal governments to play with any way they please, to fund endless wars for the you-know-whos, to build DUMB’s for themselves, or a fleet of interstellar spacecraft according to some theories, but they do steal it from you, it is not honestly taken in a fair business dealing, and we really do not need that.

For sure, people could buy their houses at a just over a thirtieth of todays prices even allowing for a healthy profit to the building companies, by using a non-usurious economic system, with then honest bankers acting more in the capacity of public librarians for a more modest wage easily paid for by public taxpayers, and thus be able to afford much bigger and better homes for just a little more money that are actually suitable for human beings to live in safely and comfortably, that do not create physical and mental health and safety problems, or crushing poverty and devastating anxiety over job security and being able to pay back the mortgage ‘loan’.

If the governments started to allow this, as most of people’s wages now are devoted to housing, then the working week would only then be 10-15 hours a week or so at the most, and the rest of the time people could develop in any way they wish, spiritually, mentally, physically, culturally, and use their free time to build their communal societal resources and well being, having the opportunity then to develop communal gardens, nature reserves, all kinds of public amenities and facilities, without the threat imposed over them by the criminal usurious banking system.

But the government and their banking partners in crime force you to keep working as actual slaves in order to produce a constant stream of income, which, it has to be said, they very largely misuse after misappropriating it, as many of them seem to have no intention of actually serving the interests of the peoples they have come to rule over by means of deception, they are revealed often to have an entirely different agenda on behalf of another group of people.

The corrupt governments of the Western nations need their closest slaves as guards to protect this system, so they keep these slaves, their own national populations, the most comfortable, and cover the fact of their enslavement up by buying commodities in Third World and other distant nations often at extremely derisory rates using aggressive methods of ‘negotiation’ at just one half penny or one penny on the pound, always enforcing pitifully small wage rates and exchange rates for commodities on vulnerable peoples so that the peoples of other nations far away bear the real brunt of the impact of that enslavement, so that no one in the wealthier Western nations appears to be the victim of such a scheme to enslave people, so that this form of slavery itself does not in fact seem to exist to them. The creation of an international federation of fully independent sovereign nations practicing non-usurious economies would ensure that freedom exists to develop increasing parity of wage rates and fair exchange rates for commodities all around the world, along with the banning of punitive interest rates for IMF loans, with any loans to other nations then becoming free from interest in the interests of humanity.

June 23, 2019

Mortality of Soviet Prisoners of War in German Captivity during World War II, by John Wear

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Communism Is Judaism —

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Comment by mothman777;

When I first reblogged this article, it did not have the following attached to it, which can now be seen on their main site itself, though not as yet on this earlier version of their article which I reblogged, not knowing then that it is a propaganda outlet which unreasonably propagates the mistaken view that Germany inflicted terrorism on Poles, when quite the reverse of that situation is actually the real truth, nonetheless, this particular article is still quite good in that it clearly identifies Communism as Judaism in its essence.

The recently added statement of purpose of Poland4Justice is;

“Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.”

It is an essential truth that had Poland accepted Hitler’s offers for peace between the two nations, when Hitler unsuccessfully asked Poland to stop killing Germans living in Poland, there would have been no invasion of Poland by Germany, as Poland had in fact been genocidally abusing, and mass-murdering Germans living on former German lands ceded to Poland under the terms of the Versailles ‘Treaty’ as reported in the 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica.

June 21, 2019

Doctors are Being Killed for Saving Your Children ~ Most Urgent!!!

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Comment by mothman777;

This video is very well worth watching, providing yet more clear evidence of a Bolshevised mass killing system that is deceptively posed as a healthcare system, with the hospitals that we often consider cathedrals of healing actually being killing centres in many ways, despite the good that they seem to do in many instances, as the good is often part of the deception to sucker us all into what comes later as a result of the cancers that they deliberately cause in us, the denial of genuine cancer treatment like Rife therapy and a very often slow, agonizingly painful death under chemo’therapy’ and X-Ray radio’therapy’. Part of their fun is making us believe in that very often lethal torture process, so that we actually want it, we invite the agony and death and accept it, without the slightest protest, and the front line nurses and other medical staff mostly have no idea at all what it is they are really being asked to give to patients as they watch them die, uncomprehending. The Jews at the very top know though.

This process of poisoning vaccines with nagalase is definitely not a eugenic process, and is very definitely not intended to be such, in the sense that eugenics by its very definition is a process that actually contributes towards the increased health of all in the future generations.

The word eugenic is deliberately being dirtied by those in power in order to make us hate the very idea of it, with the term eugenic being deceptively substituted for malgenic or dysgenic, the true terms defining the evil destructive nature of what is really happening when we come to understand it.

In Bolshevik Russia, the first to be slaughtered were the most intellectual, the fittest, the most handsome, the most beautiful, the best bred, the greatest achievers amongst the Christian Gentiles, especially those with natural leadership qualities, the Jewish Communists then maliciously did the same in the Katyn Forest Massacre which was not only of Polish army officers, but of the very cream of Polish society, including the best of their intellectuals. This dumbing down is done to make each non-Jewish people in turn more suitable as unthinking slaves only.

So, this process of poisoning vaccines is intendedly quite the reverse of a eugenic process when we take into account the clearly dysgenic, or malgenic, harmful effects on the genomes of the Caucasian, Asian and Negro peoples who are intended to be bred together to become an inferior mongrel mixed race of slaves to be ruled over by the Jews, who Count Coudenhove Kalergi regarded as the natural superior race who must come to dominate the world as a ‘spiritual and intellectual elite’

Kalergi deceptively posed the reasoning for his plans thusly;

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and castes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis said in 1952:

“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples.”

Many people fail to see what is actually intended by this program of genocide, it is most definitely not a program to eradicate the weaker genomic lines to produce better bodily vehicles for the souls of coming generations throughout the world to inhabit, but actually a process to take out the strongest genomic lines of the Gentile races, in particular the Caucasian race which is intended, according even to Jewish rabbinical statement to be completely bred out of existence, this is why masses of low IQ African peoples are being forced on all other peoples in the US, and throughout Europe, with the Jews remaining a separate race above us all, unless we simply stop voting these people into power.

This is difficult for most people to know how to do though, one of the problems is that the Jews and their shabbos goyim agents very often claim to be Christians these days, and people mentally accept them very easily then, as if hypnotised, and they really are hypnotised.

Why does the UK have a government with 80% of MP’s being members of ‘Friends of Israel’ societies, especially when the Jewish scriptures quite literally state that their ‘god’ in his wrath will eventually physically exterminate all Gentiles throughout the entire world, and that eventually, all souls of all Gentiles will all be sent to hell?

Someone would surely have to be completely under suicidal hypnosis to vote those Jewish people and their shabbos goyim agents into office, yet they continually do just that. Strange isn’t it?

June 19, 2019

Racism ‘won’t go away’ even if we’re all mixed-race in the future

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Racism ‘won’t go away’ even if we’re all mixed-race in the future

Comment by mothman777 submitted to the Metro;

The US is the most mixed-race nation in the world, and is hell-bent on world hegemony by aggressive military and economic means, with military bases in over 70 nations, always pursuing a genocidal policy of permanent military warfare. That is hardly an advert for their political policy.
The US demonstrably has the most dysfunctional society in the world, with just about the largest percentage of its population in jail compared to the rest of the world.

The Marxist experiment is exactly that, a brutally crude political experiment with no demonstrable advantages or benefits to anyone.

The only people to adversely affect populations of other nations at any time are those of our controlled governments, who in turn get into power very often by lying to us, and they most certainly do not represent the people on many issues, including when they inflict harmful things on other peoples, but rather seek to impose the will of their own controllers upon us, as they themselves and not us are creating the ‘racist’ economic and military policies that harm other peoples in other nations, and never ourselves, yet they say ‘we’ need to stop being ‘racist’ and intermarry different races, when it is not even ourselves who are having any adverse effect on other nations and peoples, but entirely the governments themselves who are inflicting the very racist policies on several other nations, such as the punitive interest charges on IMF loans and so on, criminally derisory rates of exchange inflicted on other nations, particularly when dealing with the less powerful and less developed nations when developed western nations are buying commodities from them, so much so that some commodities are purchased for one penny or one half penny on the pound.

So, should not the government members and those who control our governments behind the scenes themselves not be the very first to produce mixed race families rather than blaming us and cross-breeding us together as if all the people they control are just farm animals to play genetic experiments with?

The erstwhile French leader Sarkozy stated quite literally that racial interbreeding was not a matter of choice, that it is in fact an absolute imperative. What kind of government is that? And the governments of many other nations are pursuing identical policies, just using different words.

Surely, if we are ‘all the same’ already, then why the increasing levels of propaganda pushing the program for racial interbreeding? In the present Marxist political climate, one becomes a criminal merely for wondering if such a program might have some negative consequences.

I love being able to travel to other nations to meet other peoples and experience their unique cultures in their real settings, undiluted, unspoiled, uncompromised, it is a great thing to be able to do that, and I am all for more meeting between peoples. And surely, that is all that is really necessary in the interests of getting along with other peoples, and we can do that without mass permanent immigration. India for instance sensibly only allows a 6 month maximum visa for British people, to preserve unique Indian culture.

Obviously some few instances of love affairs and racial intermarriage will naturally occur anyway, but what we are increasingly seeing is not merely a call for acceptance of the few individuals that quite by chance choose to do that, but something more akin to a dictatorial communist directive, such as Sarkhozy very definitely made for all others to do that.

The governments are now moving from merely asking for more acceptance of mixed race unions, to actually instructing and programming mass-scale mixed race unions, something entirely different. Surely, such governments are going very far beyond being public servants, now they are political dictators. Once the DNA of the different races intended to be affected has been mixed out, that is it, and there can be no going back, all to follow a political ideology that is highly unnatural and actually of highly sinister origin for those who dare to look.

The intended engineered creation of a single race from Asian, black and white peoples is actually biologically non-beneficial, and actually harmful; how will darker-skinned people remain free from cancer and other disease, even mental disease, if they live in areas with less sunlight to make Vitamin D3 needed to maintain their health, and sunshine does far more than merely make D3, and how will the lighter-skinned peoples created then be able to live healthily and happily when their skins are not dark enough to protect them from excessive sunshine and the skin cancer that that will produce?

Any resultant engineered race will only be able to survive long term by artificial means in certain parts of the world. In the end, those with too dark and too light skins will in fact all die out in certain areas, as they clearly did before. Maybe the race-mixing is an intendedly racist policy itself. I think it is.

June 17, 2019

Jeremy Hunt Says He Agrees ‘150%’ With Donald Trump on London Mayor Sadiq Khan

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Comment by mothman777;

The problem is almost totally ‘cultural’ at street level, concerning certain people who will kill in any part of the world they are put in, in any situation they are put in, whether they are poor or extremely wealthy, as power is what concerns them, even if they are raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from dealing crack or whatever, it is never enough for them.

It is just nature, there is nothing that can be done about that besides reducing immigration, and to reduce the additional stress that comes with overpopulation. Poor housing due to overstretched resources is actually responsible for an absolutely huge proportion of incidences of psychosis according to NHS studies of the London population.

The well-established science of proxemics which so-called psychologists, politicians and town planners ought to be aware of, but couldn’t give a monkey’s for, should tell them that cramming people together in the Stalinist, Marxist Agenda 21 style makes people go mental (that is the whole idea), they can observe that in battery hens and caged rats tearing each other to pieces, and the same happens in crowded human areas of population, with stress markers in the blood clearly exhibiting that fact, resulting in massive increases in both mental and physical illnesses, and violence.

Lower population is the way forward, the white population is already sensibly decreasing it’s birth rate, and should be experiencing cheaper and more spacious housing with corresponding increases in mental and physical well-being and health. BUT, almost no other people in the UK reduces their birth rate.

Loony left Marxist politicians urge the population to reduce their birth rate, and then say we need to make up the ‘shortfall’ in the labour class by importing more people, so we lose all the benefits of a lower population.
Such cretinous planning is not mere stupidity forced upon us by the treacherous imbeciles in power, it is an act of racist malice intent on pressuring the white people out of existence.

The Guardian newspaper even published a report on how an orthodox Jewish school in London was teaching all its students that all Gentiles want to kill the Jews, which is utter malice and treachery against the British people, and of course, the Jewish scriptures clearly state that if it is felt that a baby of the non-Jews may grow up to harm them, then it may be killed, see RT; ‘Orthodox Jewish school teaches 3yo children ‘non-Jews are evil’.

Those 80% ‘Friends of Israel’ in power bring in often violent-natured stone-age peoples with average IQ’s of between 60 and 72 according to established psychological mass testing in their countries of origin, with some sub-Saharan peoples possessing average IQ’s as low as just 30, the science is all there for those who care to read it. This knowledge is increasingly being withdrawn, with professors sacked for saying it.

So this violence on the streets is what you get, the incidence of black violence vastly exceeeds that amongst the whites or other populations who are all vastly higher in intellectual capacity, emotional and spiritual sensitivity.

The Jewish people like Spectre are openly stating that the Jews will be leading this drive for ‘multiculturalism’ throughout all of Europe, in some mass genetic experiment that is entirely unnatural and unneccessary, surely, if we truly are, as they deceptively state, already ‘all the same’. Then Spectre makes the veiled threat that ‘Europe will not survive’ unless it is prepared to accept those changes, so they are saying they will destroy us one way or the other, either we breed ourselves out with people of vastly lower intellectual capacity or we will be destroyed by other means.
The Jewish Rabbi Maimonides, AKA Rambam, stated that African Negros are only above the monkey in intellect, but below the human being, therein lies the total hypocrisy and malevolent intent of the Marxist Jews who wish to lead whites and blacks to interbreed (to make ourselves better slaves for them).

No tower blocks, more spacious, better-designed soundproofed housing, greater spacing between housing units with gardens for each dwelling, and more open park space between rows of houses is the way.
Of course, the short-sighted greedy politicians who have no real care for the welfare of the current population or that of any succeeding generations to come will only consider the aims of the intendedly destructive Marxist agenda, thinking that the welfare of anyone else has absolutely nothing at all to do with them, they go cheap, and everyone lives in misery.
Of course, the US and UK go around the world literally genociding millions, and always have done, their leadership is utterly psychotic, so what example do they set to the young people of any colour of any religion when they come here?

We all know the Stalinist gulag labour camp ‘three strikes and you are out’ mentality that prevails in over 50% of American states. We don’t want communism here.

June 16, 2019

Intel Shows Iran ‘Almost Certainly’ Behind Tanker Attacks, UK Foreign Secretary Hunt Claims

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Comment by mothman777;

And even whilst totally innocent Iraqi people are still dying, largely now as a result of the depleted uranium poison that is now heavily salted in the soil of all of Iraq as a result of the false intel provided by the operative called ‘Curveball’ who declared that the UK was vulnerable to chemical attacks using V2 rockets from Iraq within 45 minutes, a claim he later withdrew, though he continued to say that his false information resulted in the ‘liberation’ of ‘his’ people from a dictator (likely from the point of view of his possibly being an Israeli operative who rather saw himself as ‘liberating’ the Jews in Israel, taking into account the false stories of Iraqi plans to kill all the Jews in Israel). Read ‘Curveball: How US was duped by Iraqi fantasist looking to topple Saddam’, Guardian. 

Well over a million people, perhaps several million people, have died in Iraq as a direct result of Israeli war plans enacted by their attack dogs the US, UK et al, including civilians and the vast numbers of children dying from cancer and horrendous deformities and disabilities caused by DU, the Iraqis were even forced to stop using their own seeds and use bioweapon Monsanto GMO seeds instead following the invasion of Iraq, literally at gunpoint, the Iraqi seed research facilities at Abu Ghraib literally having all it’s seed stocks confiscated by US troops, yet more genocidal abuse of the Iraqi people. Medical workers who I know personally who visit Iraq every year tell me they hardly ever see a single normal-looking child in Iraq now. When the west forced war between Iraq and Iran years before, the West gave DU shells to Iraq to hammer Iran with, in yet another genocidal war crime, as DU is recognized as a WMD in that over the course of time, it has the ability to smash apart the DNA of any living species, to eventually leave any affected land area completely devoid of any species of life. 

Deuteronomy 20:16, “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes”. That utterly insane demonic edict is intended ultimately to be effected throughout the entire world. 

Jewish scientists invented the atom bomb (Leo Szilard patented the atom bomb in 1934 in London), the nuclear bomb, the cobalt planet-killer dirty nuclear bomb in 1950 (Leo Szilard again, furthering the original nuclear bomb design of an American Jewish scientist, stating that just 400 of these devices are capable of permanently exterminating all forms of life in the entire world) and the neutron bomb. 

Putin is stated to have deployed cobalt nuclear dirty bombs on his submarine ‘Kanyon’ weapons, and of course, what else would Israel be building in its secret and illegal nuclear weapons facilities at Dimona? 

The uncalled-for genocidal destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan has likely resulted in several million casualities in reality. The compelling clear evidence that the 9/11 2001 attacks on New York were organized by Mossad and infiltrated Jewish agents in the US government is totally clear, yet there apparently remains a fixed, hypnotic hold over the minds of the people that prevents them actually throwing their Jewish-controlled government out of office, very much like that which affects an animal standing in the road transfixed by the headlights of an approaching vehicle as it awaits its certain death. 

The genocidal mass-murderer, ex UK PM Tony Blair took 12 years to finally admit his error in attacking Iraq, after having previously maintained that he would do it all again if he had the chance. Read; ‘I’m sorry’: Historic moment Tony Blair FINALLY apologises for Iraq War and admits in TV interview the conflict caused the rise of ISIS”. Daily Mail

You can see how utterly insincere and criminally insane the persistently genocidal political establishments in the UK and US actually are, because they are doing exactly the same thing now again against Iran. Both former US General Wesley Clark and Aaron Russo have revealed how they were given prior knowledge of the planned attacks on 7 Middle Eastern nations over an intended 5 year period, a period of time which has now been significantly drawn out, with the first planned attack having been against Iraq, with Iran being one of the remaining nations intended to be attacked, now using Gulf of Tonkin-style false flag attacks on tankers, even Japanese tankers, to falsely justify that. 

This is all part of the Eretz Israel plan, SMERSH/SPECTRE style, to instigate unstoppable nuclear world war in which a huge percentage of the perceived ‘enemies’ of the Jews, the Gentiles, can be made to slaughter each other en masse, and the people will very likely allow it of course, having had their minds subconsciously poisoned with overwhelming suicidal ideation that makes them feel like life just is not worth living any more. 

The curious thing is, both Russia and the US remain utterly devoted to protecting Israel, the very cause of this.

June 8, 2019

D-DAY / JUNE 6, 1944

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Source: D-DAY / JUNE 6, 1944

June 2, 2019

Regenerative Farming: Restoring Soil Health and Saving Americans From Cancer, Chronic Disease

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June 1, 2019

Fury Over Rapper Calling to ‘Kill White People’, Singing ‘I F**k France’

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Comment by mothman777;

A different species, naturally filled with antipathy against others, it will compete, naturally, to remove the presence of all others.

How silly to have them living permanently amongst us. Those bringing them to the west for entirely surreptitious reasons know exactly what this violent species will do to the whites when unnaturally enabled to live amongst us. Rabbinical statement is on record that this will be the last generation of whites that the Jews will ever see.

Temporary visas would be acceptable, but not permanent citizenship. They are a weapon brought in by the yahoos, who themselves say that the yahoos are not merely a different species in this world, but an alien form of life so different that they are like a species from another galaxy, they really are too in some ways.

And they are crafty and malevolent, they usually do not have to lift a finger themselves, they just get all others to kill each other for them. The Torah OT even says so as regards the Egyptians.

The yahoos made them slaves, thinking well ahead, then told them that the white people and not the yahoos made them slaves. Now they think they are taking ‘revenge’ on the whites in their deluded stupidity.

The weird thing is, Maimonides, the famous rabbi also known as Rambam, stated that black Africans are beneath the human being in terms of evolution, and only above the monkey, yet the blacks trust the yahoos to ‘get whitey’ for them, and they allow themselves to be played by the yahoos, who call themselves fellow blacks. Stupid is stupid after all when the blacks actually believe that.

Enoch Powell had it right. We should only have temporary visas being issued to other races, enough of the Marxist pseudo-humanitarian racial interbreeding plans that are actually only intended to wipe out Caucasians in an act of utter malice, not goodness.

Only the black people are interested in mass-interbreeding with white women on a militarily directed industrial scale, the more intelligent other races hardly ever interbreed, following nature’s way, and they keep to themselves, and only reproduce with each other in the vast majority of cases.

When will people wake up and realize that the yahoos are organizing what the black people are doing to white women, look at all the black men walking through the streets who seem to be predominantly with blonde-haired white women when they go with white women, and not with white women with black, brown or red hair, as they are literally following a military plan to literally breed out the white race, the more Nordic blonde-haired whites first of all, this is actually what is intended, what is really happening.

Marx published these words, “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” That is why the yahoos are really placing certain peoples who are filled with hatred amongst us, there is only one intended winner, when will people learn?

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