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May 26, 2019

The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists

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Comment by mothman777;

Read pages 11-13 of ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley, how intentional deprivation of oxygen was used to purposely brain-damage developing children in the ‘hatchery’ to make them more suitable to live as menial workers.

Then figure out why 95% of all babies in the USA have their umbilical cords severed almost instantaneously the moment they exit the birth canal.

It takes 20 minutes or so for the vascular system in a newly-born baby’s lungs to finish pumping up, to enable the lungs to work properly and then be able to transport oxygenated blood to the brain.

The baby’s lungs are collapsed in the womb as the baby there gets all its oxygen through the blood supply of the mother through the umbilical cord, and though the process of giving birth initiates the pumping up of the vascular system in the lungs of the baby in the womb as it prepares to enter the birth canal, that process is by no means complete when the baby exits, and a pulse is evident in the umbilical cord as long as blood is still being pumped into the newly-born baby.

The fact has been known for over 200 years that premature severing of the umbilical cord will cause permanent damage to the baby.

With medical scientific knowledge being as immensely sophisticated as it is today, can we really be expected to believe that the rush to sever the cord in the hospitals is not malicious in it’s intent?

It has been reckoned that the average child has 20 points taken off their IQ for life by this one process alone. That is one of the methods used by TPTB to make us ‘all the same’, partly zombified.

Another point, low IQ is not the result of poor education, though professors are now being sacked for stating the truth as part of the new Marxist belief system being imposed throughout the dumbed-down western world.

Genetics do play a large part, as does poor diet, but there is of course an interplay of both these factors in producing the eventual IQ anyway. Read ‘Low IQs are Africa’s curse, says lecturer’; The Guardian.

Further comment of mine in response to a comment to this article;

Those with 85 IQ points are mainly half-caste, as IQ averages in African nations are just not that high. Also, the morphogenetic effect, and even the psychic atmosphere which runs through all of us will push up the mental skills and intelligence of anyone within it, enhancing these qualities even in those with normally 70 or 60 IQ’s so that they then have somewhat higher IQ’s when amongst us than would be possible amongst the morphogenetic fields and psychic atmosphere of their own peoples.

Intelligence can be enhanced by meditation techniques to some extent to take it beyond the limitations of the physically dictated limits, but the basic IQ also affects how much that process is adhered to, and even how much people desire to initiate that process by connecting with the spiritual Absolute, or ‘Communal Godhead Oversoul’.

When any soul makes it back to the spiritual world, the spiritual intelligence of their soul, no matter what race or species they came from, will be made perfect again, but in general, in this material world whilst we are encased in these bodily vehicles, a higher intellect helps people to desire to engage more fully on the spiritual path and be more successful on it, though physical IQ is something different again to actual spiritual intelligence and understanding of the eternal soul itself.

The intentional purposeful mixing out of the whites with the African blacks is ultimately not a benevolently intended or beneficial process. If we are all the same, why mix us genetically? It is a contradiction in terms, political doublespeak

All peoples need to develop in their own ways at their own pace in their own lands, though I am all for international travel visas, but lesser developed people from more stone age cultures artificially mixed in with ours will only push us all backwards, which is exactly what is intended by TPTB.

Such mixing is no good for the black people or for the whites, as each race is physically and mentally suited for different climatic regions and environments, and each people has different spiritual lessons to learn.

Insincere and actually malicious Marxist political diktat that would have us all bred the same is something designed only for the amusement of TPTB, and for certain, they themselves will gloat as they look down upon their creation and joy in how easy it was to get all other peoples to breed themselves out of existence, whilst they themselves will not be taking part in this huge genetic experiment on their ‘farm animal’ slaves and will remain what they call a spiritual and political aristocracy, a separate people ruling over all others, or the eventual remnants of them after what is coming, that being an almost certain nuclear WWIII and the subsequent imposition of Noahide Laws under an extremely unpleasant military dictatorship.

Higher rates of schizophrenia, cancer and all other kinds of disease will result from people in northerly regions being made to have darker skins, and an interbred race will not really be comfortable or healthy living in the northerly regions, nor in the equatorial regions, as they will not be black enough, or have the means of cooling down, as the African people have their muscle tissue on top of their fat tissue to dissipate excess heat quickly, whereas the white people have fat placed on top of their muscle tissue to conserve heat and prevent muscle tearing.

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