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May 21, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson talks to RT about free speech

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Comment by mothman777. Please bear with me where I am a little repetitive here as regards material in some of my other articles and comments. The following comment was intended to be published on YouTube but I am still frequently barred from publishing there;

But Tommy Robinson fails to mention that the Jewish-controlled government of the UK is bringing those Muslims in to inflict these terrible crimes as a smokescreen for the already-existing organized Jewish paedophile gangs, some of which have very big political names attached to them, and these Muslims are also intended as proxies for the Jews to bring about massive social unrest, as Judaism is intended to bring into being a one world government under worldwide Noahide Laws, under which all Christians and even Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Wodenists and so on are all scheduled under terms of those laws, which are already approved by the controlled UN to be eventually put in place in every nation of the world, to be physically killed under the terms of those laws. The members of those other religions total around 6 BILLION people.

Tommy Robinson needs to come to understand that he is being manipulated and essentially wasting his time flying the Israeli flag at his rallies, and that he is actually being a traitor when doing so, when the Jewish Noahide Laws intended by the UN for eventual worldwide physical implementation and military enforcement by controlled NATO forces state that members of all other religions considered ‘idolatrous;’ by the Jews, specifically including all Christians in the entire world (with 2 billion Christians) are eventually to be physically executed.

Tommy Robinson needs to understand who and what is actually behind bringing these criminal Muslim elements (infiltrated with ISIS fake Muslim agents provocateurs) into the country, as what significant numbers of these Muslims are doing, such as publicly demanding Sharia law and for all people who ‘insult’ Mohammed to be decapitated, which you can actually read on their banners, is all a deliberate Jewish-controlled government ploy to cover for the Jews. Only identifying the Muslim religion as the problem demonstrates a fundamental lack of insight at present, and Tommy Robinson would be better off severing all ties with the Jews and with their terrorist headquarters in Israel.

One ploy of the Jews is to get all the Gentiles to kill each other for them, the Mossad motto implies this, and the Torah Old Testament states this about getting even the ancient Egyptians to kill each other, Isaiah 19:22 “So I will incite Egyptian against Egyptian; brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. See ‘Calls for Christians to be killed as Islamists emboldened in Egypt’.
And the traitorous 80% of MP members of the two main government parties in the UK who are members of ‘Friends of Israel’ societies are deliberately bringing these Muslim people in, keeping most of what the criminal Muslims are doing quiet for the moment so that the mass immigration of them will not be stopped in time, and we will surely see more Jewish-controlled fake Muslim leaders acting as proxies telling us how we must all ‘integrate’ with the Muslims, not the other way round. Look at Simon Elliot, the proven Mossad agent posing as a Muslim to lead ISIS (with ISIS since renamed yet again as letters that signify Israeli Secret Intelligence Service were a bit too obvious to some).

What does Tommy Robinson say about the Samson Option threatened nuclear destruction of all the other nations in the world by Israel? Nothing, just like all the Jewish agents who are presently heavily infiltrated within the UK government at all levels. This Samson Option threat, the ultimate terrorist threat of nuclear blackmail against the entire world to make the rest of the world do exactly what Israel and the rest of the Jews want has been fully and undeniably confirmed by leading Israelis like ex-Israeli PM Golda Meir twice during her live televised interview with Alan Hart, and by Israeli military tactician and historian Martin Van Creveld and by several other powerful and influential Jewish Israelis.

What does Tommy Robinson say about the Samson Option threat, that it is a fairy tale? What about the USS Liberty affair, or about the Mossad-instigated 9/11 2001 in the US and the Mossad-instigated 7/7 2005 in the UK?
All these terrorist events, all of which involved traitors, or, rather, Israeli agents who would not be traitors in that sense, never having been true British representatives in the first place, but actually Jewish enemy agents who were actually fiercely loyal to their own people, who were Jews in the US and UK governments at top level, who were all only working towards Jewish one-world military dictatorship that necessarily involves the mass genocide of as many Gentiles as possible in arranged wars etc.

The entire British government is also guilty of some degree of willful blindness and sickening gutlessness, and sheer treason in the case of the totally hard core Jewish agents working at top levels within the British government, who really know what they are doing in misleading all the sheeple MP’s who are merely too stupid, cowardly, or paid off to stand up and speak out about the real terrorist threat facing the entire world.

Corbyn, the supporter of Leon Trotsky, the Jew who ran the military operations of the mass-murderous genocidal Jewish Bolsheviks who slaughtered millions of white Russian Christians, using churches as slaughterhouses, leaving synagogues and the Jewish people completely untouched, in vindictive and sadistic acts of the utmost beastiality, demanded, along with other mentally sick Jewish agents in the British government, for the complete political rehabilitation of Leon Trotsky, whose actions would make you vomit uncontrollably if you were to see what he ordered to happen to white people in Russia.

Corbyn of course, and his fellow agents are very crafty, and have dishonestly publicly denied this whole thing, though parliamentary records obtained by the Daily Telegraph prove Corbyn and his terrorist criminal associates as complete liars, and to cover up what Corbyn really is, the Jews of course, falsely screech how ‘antisemitic’ Corbyn actually is.

Ridiculous Jewish tales of Corbyn being anti-semitic are mere disinformation and a deliberate ploy to shoehorn his way into the minds and hearts of the seemingly ever-gullible British electorate, whom the Jews are relying on to be secretly anti-semitic to some degree, who will then surely elect Corbyn as PM at some point in the mistaken belief that he will actually preserve them from excessive Jewish influence in politics.

When men like Corbyn literally demand support for Leon Trotsky, who was the perpetrator of inconceivably horrific terrorist crimes such as mass mutilation, mass rape, mass torture, and mass murder of Gentiles, in which non-Jewish people were burned alive, boiled alive, had eyes, noses, hands, feet and breasts and tongues hacked off, intestines ripped out, crucified in the most sadistic ways, and much much worse, they all quite literally belong in Broadmoor top security prison mental hospital, when they quite plainly approve of what Leon Trotsky actually did.

That is the level of the danger presented by the current Jewish-controlled British political establishment to a dumbed-down and disempowered British electorate, it is those enemy agents who are treacherously bringing the Muslims into the UK, not the Muslims themselves. With people like Corbyn eventually in power as PM, we would only see more terrorism being instigated around the world, he has already fully demonstrated his total approval for mass terrorism of the most terrible kind by his actions in demanding the full political rehabilitation of Leon Trotsky.

For the evidence, see ‘Jeremy Corbyn called for ‘complete rehabilitation’ of Leon Trotsky in Parliament’ Telegraph. Read the works of Solzhenitsyn, and Juri Lina also, to gain some idea of what the Jews are really up to.

You will note the recent drive by European rabbis to have criticism of Jews and of Judaism made a criminal offence in all European nations, and after WWII the Jewish-dominated Russian Kremlin demanded that all nations throughout the entire world be made to adopt a death penalty law against the ‘crime’ of so-called ‘anti-semitism’, though that law was not adopted by any other nation at that time thank goodness, likely because they understood that just after the Jewish-instigated WWI and WWII would not be a good time to bring in such laws, as people would then question too much what they had actually been conned into fighting for, though Stalin already maintained a law in Russia that imposed the death penalty on anyone daring to speak out about the Jews (calling it ‘anti-semitism’) after the Jewish directed and inflicted mass-terrorism against the Gentile people in Russia in which many millions of white Christian Gentile Russians had been tortured to death in the most horrific ways by Jewish Bolsheviks.

This is the precise reason why there is such a strong hysteria about so-called antisemitism in the controlled media and Houses of Parliament today, to prevent dissemination of any information that might enable the Gentile people to inform each other about the development of the NWO Jewish plans to actually liquidate most of the Gentiles in the world, later, all of them. Karl Marx, who Corbyn greatly admires and follows, published the following words, “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. Have a very good think about what those words actually mean, and who they are to apply to, and why Corbyn supports those actually Judaic views, and then think again about what is the most dangerous influence in British politics, of course not forgetting the treacherous and traitorous ‘Friends of Israel’ in all British political parties.

When the Jewish Zohar states unequivocally that the Jewish ‘god’ in his wrath will physically exterminate all Gentiles in the entire world, and that at the end of the world, all Gentiles will be sent to hell under the Angel Duma (whoever he is), why are no British MP’s saying anything other than we should all learn to ‘live together’, whilst the Jewish politicians and their shabbos goyim bring in the Muslims and fake Muslim agents of chaos who will literally kill us if we ‘insult’ Mohammed, as they in fact actually openly claim to be intending to do?

And if you refuse Mohammed, you are ‘insulting’ him, hundreds of millions of Hindus and many Sikhs were slaughtered in India centuries ago by Muslim invaders, with Sikh gurus even being roasted alive on iron griddle plates over open fires in the ultimately unsuccessful attempts to force them to renounce their peaceful and universally benevolent Sikh religion and become Muslims.

The Koran is a terrorist document, it states that the entire world must come to be controlled by Islam, and by military means if necessary, the Muslims say they come in peace at first, and think about this, how many ‘moderate’ Muslims will stand up and fight other Muslims when they say they will kill all those who do not want a Muslim government? Very few indeed, they will simply tag along behind the ‘militants’ to keep their heads attached to their bodies.

Ultimately, of course Islam, like Christianity itself, is a Jewish-created psy-op, with the Jewish Piso family having presented the original idea for a new (then NWO) religion called Christianity to be used to maintain order over the many nations within the Roman Empire, with Islam ultimately intended as a created form of controlled opposition to Christianity, that can later be used to engage in war with Christian peoples so that they can be made to kill each other en masse and leave empty space for the Jews to rule the world, with only a few hundred million Gentiles to be left alive as their literal slaves, with the ultimate intention for even those few Gentiles remaining alive also to be liquidated.

For proof of what is coming, see ‘Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide ‘ David Sheen, The Electronic Intifada.

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