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May 31, 2019

Human Rights Commission says “it’s okay to be white” message has “no place” in New Zealand

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Comment by mothman777;

The Christchurch mosque massacre that never happened, let’s not forget that.

When a man shoots a semi-automatic gun into a car windshield and the windshield does not shatter, he is clearly demonstrating that he is using a stage prop for effects.

I think he suspected that he would be used like he ended up being used, and did that with the gun just so everyone could be left in no doubt that it was all just an exercise with a fake gun with no real casualties, to protect himself in that eventuality.

Two anti-terrorist operations, one with SAS soldiers, were taking place at the same time as this other ‘exercise’ occurred, one 5 miles away, one 10 miles away, just like exercises were also taking place in the same areas in New York on 9/11, 2001 and in London on 7/7, 2005.

THAT is why to view the video gets you 10 years in jail, and to distribute it gets you 15 years in jail.

You can see one thousand times the carnage in the latest Rambo film, with people literally getting blown apart and cut in half by explosions and heavy machine gun fire, with people getting literally disembowelled and collapsing in pieces, but you don’t get 10 years or 15 years in jail for viewing or distributing that film.

Not a single bullet hole appeared in any of the Christchurch ‘victims’ (likely people who were government employees who had signed the official secrets act) as they were being ‘shot’, always remember that, and not a single drop or spurt or spray of blood appeared anywhere at the actual time they were depicted as being ‘shot’ either, a literal impossibility, and the ‘victims’ were all laying down with their faces turned away from the camera (to prevent any later identification of them walking around) before they were even ‘shot’.

Real people in such a situation, if it were actually genuine would not do that, and not one of them moved when they were ‘shot’, not one inch, impossible when you consider the agony of a real wound would have made them all contort in agony, and real rounds hitting them would have punched them around on the mosque floor.

These fake attacks are going to be used to enable real attacks to occur against the disarmed and vulnerable public in the future, that is the sad truth. Our governments are ever-increasingly acting just like SPECTRE in the James Bond movies, because that is what they really are, an international syndicate of terrorist criminals.

How soon people start slipping into the official narrative and make it ‘fact’.

Jeff Rense – Now TWO Stunning Films SHOWING German Flying Discs!

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Confirmed: Anglos and French Responsible for WWI, the Death-Blow to Western Civilization

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Vaccine Pioneer Doctor Admits Polio Vaccine Caused Cancer

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Studies reveals conventional cancer treatments can be as dangerous as the disease itself

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Comment by mothman777;

Barrels of mustard gas and other poison gas weapons surplus to requirements in WWI and WWII, such as chlorine gas and phosgene gas, including binary and non-binary chemical weapons, were simply dumped in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and other open waters around the world after the world wars, instead of being safely disposed of by specialist incineration plants or by chemical processes to render tham harmless.

Since the 1970’s, over 40% of all bottom-swimming fish in the North Sea have had cancer, and when a breeding pair of sea lions were fed on fish from the North Sea in a ‘Tomorrow’s World’ British TV experiment back in the 1970’s, 3 of the 4 pups that were produced were still-born, and the fourth died soon afterwards, and the parents had extensive, massive weeping open bloody sores produced on their bodies. Another breeding pair of sea lions fed on fish from the then still clean waters of the North Atlantic produced 4 healthy pups, and the coats and skins of all were perfectly healthy.

No doctor ever warns British women who are attempting to conceive or who are pregnant not to eat that poisoned fish.

No government ever initiates a program to dredge up those barrels which could be encased in sealed containers before being raised and then transported to specialized chemical plants to be neutralized.

We need a real government who can do just that and will do just that, and the people must wake up and demand that the government does do that, as must all governments around the world whose seas are similarly contaminated, to prevent such poisons being released with totally devastating effect.

So yes, chemotherapy made from this stuff is a sure winner for the anti-life brigade who really had not stopped killing during WWI and WWII itself, the war was just a tiny part of the whole genocidal process, as in Deuteronomy 20:16. The average life expectancy of any soldier in the trenches in WWI was just 7 days, it was a literal meat-grinding machine, ‘organized murder’, as the last surviving British soldier from WWI trench warfare actually stated, and the entire purpose of the war was only ever to create a deliberately prolonged process of attrition of the gene pool on both sides, because as many as possible of both the ‘victors’ and the defeated were deliberately intended to die, no matter what, and this is the stuff they still give people in ‘peacetime’ to ‘heal’ them with exactly the same lethally-intended mentality by those ‘in the know’ at the very top.

Those behind WWI then gave us ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ style deliberately poisoned ‘vaccines’ against flu to Allied soldiers who had managed, against all odds, to survive war in the slaughterhouse of trench warfare and were about to be sent home, and 50-100 million people, paradoxically, usually the youngest and fittest, then died as a result when the infection spread, and the epicentres of the outbreaks of ‘Spanish Flu’ (a deliberate and purposely misleading misnomer, think about it) were actually the vaccination centres where the soldiers had been vaccinated.

The Bolsheviks also commonly gave poisoned food, ‘vaccines’ and ‘medicines’ out to inmates in the gulags, even poisoned cigarettes and chocolate, to actually cause them more disease, and not cure disease.

The same crew are in office now, they just don’t want you to wake up and realize that you are all steadily being slaughtered, quite literally, but they are going about it quite stealthily, taking out a ‘few’ at a time, whilst keeping the rest permanently ill as far as possible, as not only the dumbed-down sheeple, but also the front line doctors and nurses themselves, who are usually highly sincere and benevolently intended, cannot ever be allowed to suspect exactly what it is that they are in fact administering to their patients, or why, though a few more knowledgeable doctors join in the ‘fun’ with great relish, as the convicted mass-murdering ‘British’ Doctor Harold Shipman did, who is actually reckoned to have knocked off around 270 people, and there have been quite a few more doctors caught just like him, it seems quite a sport to that type of people.

Just a few years ago, a vaccine company, Baxter, was found to have surreptitiously obtained Spanish Flu virus from the body of a victim that had been dug up especially for that purpose and then placed in vaccines for widespread distribution, along with live avian flu and another dangerous flu strain, with obviously genocidal intent, though a whistle-blower stepped forward and thankfully stopped the distribution of that particular bioweapon. News of that has largely been removed from the internet now, especially the original reports on the Spanish Flu virus having been contained in the vaccine.

They give out purposely-poisoned vaccines and other medicines even in the UK to political dissidents or others who have incurred the wrath or disapproval of TPTB. I know from personal experience, I am a former political student who has been given purposely-poisoned vaccines as an adult containing a massively increased amount of thiomersal (thimerosal), which left me very seriously ill with delirium for a very long time, and even the clinician who had been authorized by my doctor to give me those vaccines when I was about to go abroad to a tropical country for several months expressed very grave apprehensions about giving me these vaccines, a typed prescription for which also contained additional instructions to the dispensing clinician in bright red hand-written script at the very bottom of the prescription form for 5 or 6 vaccines at that time in the doctor’s own handwriting, which read ‘thimerosal x 200’, saying that he did not know whether to give me them or not, despite the authorization, even asking me ‘are you sure these are for you?’, with a very grave expression on his face, whilst I suspected nothing at the time, thinking that I had known this family doctor all my life and trusted him completely. I mention this to you for two reasons, to demonstrate firstly that some medicines are purposely created that are deliberately intended to have a toxic and damaging effect, even a fatal one, and secondly to demonstrate that the ‘Allied’ powers like the UK are administering such fake medicines to the hapless British public, as is also happening in America of course.

We had the fully proven complete cure for cancer in the 1930’s with the original and thoroughly validated Raymond Royal Rife radiowave beam technology, which was withdrawn in both the US and the UK, which had 2 of the Rife machines, the rest being in the USA as far as I know. The then POTUS Roosevelt who was responsible for that, along with Morris Fishbein, then head of the AMA, is held to have stated that “The American people are the enemy”. And Roosevelt must surely have felt that they indeed were, judging by his going along with the very heavy-handed withdrawal and suppression of the Rife technology, which could also cure all pathogenic disease, that single act having killed more people than both world wars combined, with no end in sight for the genocidal mass-killing, despite the constant stream of fake promises of cancer cures and cures for various other diseases that are supposedly just around the corner, they will always remain ‘just around the corner’.

It has been calculated that if just 17% of these barrels of chemotherapy-type nerve gas in the North Sea leak, and they all will leak at some point, then 100% of all forms of marine life, from jellyfish to porpoises, whales, seals, fish, shellfish, algae, sea anemones, eels, you name it, will all be completely exterminated in that area, and of course that poison will spread through the world’s oceans in somewhat diluted form, no doubt to go on dishing out death on an extinction level scale throughout the world, to go along with the deliberately-intended pollution from Fukushima etc.

May 27, 2019

Light pollution affecting two-thirds of key wildlife areas, altering the natural cycles of plants and animals

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Comment by mothman777:

This is very sad. I remember how, decades ago in the UK, the skies were once full of sparrows more than any other bird it seemed, but for a good ten years now they have been officially declared extinct in several major cities throughout the UK.

I have pondered whether it is glyphosate sterilizing them, telecommunications signals and other forms of electrical pollution disrupting them so much that they choose to live only in suburban areas, the light problem, or maybe atmospheric pollution from diesel and petrol engines as an additional contributory factor.

Along with the ever-ubiquitous pigeons and various birds within the corvid family, in the place of sparrows we now have a profusion of seemingly immune blue tits, robins, wrens and various types of finches like the siskin and greenfinch which are delightful and very intelligent birds who spontaneously come to people who offer them food by hand, and we have the originally African/Indian rose-ringed bright green parrots everywhere, which are also very friendly to humans, but they are breeding so fast that they are heavily competing with native species in many cities, so culling teams are sometimes used to keep the parrot numbers down, but things are indeed out of balance for one reason or another (maybe that is part of the problem affecting the sparrows).

Where I live, only a handful of stars are usually visible even in a ‘clear’ sky, but in more suburban areas, the sky is perfectly clear and full of stars. New policies on night-lighting are definitely necessary. Maybe motion sensors could just switch lighting on and off when cars or people pass through certain areas, or lighting could be more muted in general in certain areas. The newer LED street lighting may be cheaper, but its harshness and effects on the retina and brain chemistry are not good at all.

The amount of background electrical energy in the atmosphere is now literally several million times what it would be if we did not use any electrical equipment that produces electrical pollution, like TV, radio and mobile phone networks, and even electric trains produce massive fields of disturbance that extend huge distances from the electrified train tracks, and this form of pollution has an increasingly powerful adverse effect upon the physical health and even the brain activity of many species, including our own.

One solution would be fully water-powered train engines to put an end to the electrical pollution, and water-powered road vehicles of course, to remove the problems caused by diesel and petrol exhaust fumes, those being higher rates of psychosis, brain damage in unborn babies, asthma, lower life expectancies which are estimated to result in 10,000 Londoners dying prematurely each year, and dementia in adults, and though some effort is now belatedly being made to introduce fleets of hydrogen-powered public buses and a very limited number of hydrogen-powered trains, the present battery technology limits their usage to shorter routes due to the limitations on how much power can be stored in batteries, though newer battery technologies are on the horizon that will soon mean batteries can store around 7 times more power than the current battery technologies, enabling such technology to be used on longer routes.

The version of the hydrogen-powered engine to be used in London’s new hydrogen- powered trains and buses is still not the same as the totally non-polluting original water-powered engine technology that is evidently still being suppressed, that has been available for over 20 years now, in which the engine itself produces its own hydrogen and even its own electricity conserved in a battery to further initiate the whole process of fractioning water by electrical charge into hydrogen and oxygen (after a small battery charge from an external source merely initiates the process, which then enables a self-perpetuating energy cycle, no longer requiring electricity from any external source such as a nuclear power station or even a wind farm, both such sources of electrical power ultimately being highly polluting when we see the radioactive waste, or vast expanses of black sludge replacing once fertile arable land in China where ‘green’ energy-generating windmills are manufactured).

The London trains and buses will be using externally sourced hydrogen as fuel using hydrogen produced by electrical power from nuclear-powered power stations or even windmills, depending on the choice of electrical energy source, not so green really after all.

20 years ago I attended a talk by a British inventor who was developing a water-powered car engine, who had been in touch with the late American inventor, Stanley Allen Meyer, whose water fuel cell is a technical design of a “perpetual motion machine”, and a British Special Branch plain clothes police officer then stood up from within the audience, identified himself as such, demanded the names of the British inventor and all others involved with him on that project, as surely, the establishment would see his work only as a threat to the British Petroleum industry and the British combustion engine-powered motor car industry.

If the state was more decent and straightforward, and actually cared for the health of the British people, they would have allowed the true water-powered car engine to be everywhere by now, have a thriving water-powered engine export industry, one that would even stop much of the funding of ISIS by removing stolen petroleum as a source of financial income for them, and thus even take away the financial power of oil-based terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia who actually fund ISIS and other terrorist factions, but of course they don’t want that to happen for various devious reasons.

Also, or course, the water used up could help to prevent the global flooding that some say is occurring (new water constantly enters the Earth’s atmosphere from small comets anyway), and water-powered technology could then be used to desalinate sea water at very little cost to green desert areas to absorb carbon in an actually benevolent way, one that would at the same time generate massive amounts of oxygen to replenish our ever-diminishing oxygen levels, thus improving the mental function and general health and immunity to all diseases of all oxygen-loving species of life.

Our love of certain electrical gadgets is definitely not good for us or the planet, I stopped using mobile phones over ten years ago, and never use WIFI or bluetooth.

May 26, 2019

The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists

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Comment by mothman777;

Read pages 11-13 of ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley, how intentional deprivation of oxygen was used to purposely brain-damage developing children in the ‘hatchery’ to make them more suitable to live as menial workers.

Then figure out why 95% of all babies in the USA have their umbilical cords severed almost instantaneously the moment they exit the birth canal.

It takes 20 minutes or so for the vascular system in a newly-born baby’s lungs to finish pumping up, to enable the lungs to work properly and then be able to transport oxygenated blood to the brain.

The baby’s lungs are collapsed in the womb as the baby there gets all its oxygen through the blood supply of the mother through the umbilical cord, and though the process of giving birth initiates the pumping up of the vascular system in the lungs of the baby in the womb as it prepares to enter the birth canal, that process is by no means complete when the baby exits, and a pulse is evident in the umbilical cord as long as blood is still being pumped into the newly-born baby.

The fact has been known for over 200 years that premature severing of the umbilical cord will cause permanent damage to the baby.

With medical scientific knowledge being as immensely sophisticated as it is today, can we really be expected to believe that the rush to sever the cord in the hospitals is not malicious in it’s intent?

It has been reckoned that the average child has 20 points taken off their IQ for life by this one process alone. That is one of the methods used by TPTB to make us ‘all the same’, partly zombified.

Another point, low IQ is not the result of poor education, though professors are now being sacked for stating the truth as part of the new Marxist belief system being imposed throughout the dumbed-down western world.

Genetics do play a large part, as does poor diet, but there is of course an interplay of both these factors in producing the eventual IQ anyway. Read ‘Low IQs are Africa’s curse, says lecturer’; The Guardian.

Further comment of mine in response to a comment to this article;

Those with 85 IQ points are mainly half-caste, as IQ averages in African nations are just not that high. Also, the morphogenetic effect, and even the psychic atmosphere which runs through all of us will push up the mental skills and intelligence of anyone within it, enhancing these qualities even in those with normally 70 or 60 IQ’s so that they then have somewhat higher IQ’s when amongst us than would be possible amongst the morphogenetic fields and psychic atmosphere of their own peoples.

Intelligence can be enhanced by meditation techniques to some extent to take it beyond the limitations of the physically dictated limits, but the basic IQ also affects how much that process is adhered to, and even how much people desire to initiate that process by connecting with the spiritual Absolute, or ‘Communal Godhead Oversoul’.

When any soul makes it back to the spiritual world, the spiritual intelligence of their soul, no matter what race or species they came from, will be made perfect again, but in general, in this material world whilst we are encased in these bodily vehicles, a higher intellect helps people to desire to engage more fully on the spiritual path and be more successful on it, though physical IQ is something different again to actual spiritual intelligence and understanding of the eternal soul itself.

The intentional purposeful mixing out of the whites with the African blacks is ultimately not a benevolently intended or beneficial process. If we are all the same, why mix us genetically? It is a contradiction in terms, political doublespeak

All peoples need to develop in their own ways at their own pace in their own lands, though I am all for international travel visas, but lesser developed people from more stone age cultures artificially mixed in with ours will only push us all backwards, which is exactly what is intended by TPTB.

Such mixing is no good for the black people or for the whites, as each race is physically and mentally suited for different climatic regions and environments, and each people has different spiritual lessons to learn.

Insincere and actually malicious Marxist political diktat that would have us all bred the same is something designed only for the amusement of TPTB, and for certain, they themselves will gloat as they look down upon their creation and joy in how easy it was to get all other peoples to breed themselves out of existence, whilst they themselves will not be taking part in this huge genetic experiment on their ‘farm animal’ slaves and will remain what they call a spiritual and political aristocracy, a separate people ruling over all others, or the eventual remnants of them after what is coming, that being an almost certain nuclear WWIII and the subsequent imposition of Noahide Laws under an extremely unpleasant military dictatorship.

Higher rates of schizophrenia, cancer and all other kinds of disease will result from people in northerly regions being made to have darker skins, and an interbred race will not really be comfortable or healthy living in the northerly regions, nor in the equatorial regions, as they will not be black enough, or have the means of cooling down, as the African people have their muscle tissue on top of their fat tissue to dissipate excess heat quickly, whereas the white people have fat placed on top of their muscle tissue to conserve heat and prevent muscle tearing.

FEMA Camps Horrifying Reality Suicide Confession | Federal Prisoners to Be Gassed to Death

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Comment by mothman777;

This is just like what the Jewish Bolsheviks did in the Ukraine, same crew this time too.

Stalin passed a law in Russia that anyone criticizing Jews or Judaism would be subjected to a mandatory death penalty, as Judaism was held to be central to the ‘revolution’, and essential to it, thus, anyone criticizing Judaism or Jews was deemed to be a subversive who was opposing the revolution.

Obviously, when millions of Russian Christians had simply been liquidated since the 1917 takeover by those terrorists, then those responsible were protected by Stalin in this way, as he knew that the people themselves knew exactly who they were.

Stalin also created a bolthole for all the Jews, Birobidzhan, a semi-autonomous oblast the size of Switzerland, which still exists today, though few Jews actually choose to live there today.

Around 270 Jews from New York met up with Trotsky and Lenin in Russia to initiate the mass-culling of non-chosenites, the brightest and best were slaughtered first in an intentionally dysgenic act, as many as it took to cripple the social structure and make the rest into submissive sheeple.

If this actually happens, then you will see teams of armed men with black masks on making military sweeps through the urban centres, rumours will abound amongst the panic-stricken locals, that ISIS has invaded America, and chosenite military officers like Simon Elliot, the Mossad agent working as leader of ISIS today, will be making those sweeps to neutralize ‘the enemy’, and in those instances, there will of course be a sudden lack of American armed forces, police or National Guard to stop them, all by arrangement of course.

The 1991 Noahide Laws should have triggered a revolution, or at least the treacherous Jewish-controlled government being removed by some legal process, as they plainly state that all ‘idolaters’ (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wodenists, Sikhs etc., essentially, all non-Jews, that being the real NWO religion and how it is going to be made such) will be executed as idolators. Such laws are still allowed to exist by chosenite agent Trump, any real POTUS would have repealed those laws ASAP. Read ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?’ by Alison Weir, Counterpunch.

The vast majority of the American people have been put to sleep already, it just takes a few switches now to finish the job. Anyone who might be able to identify the real culprits in such an instance are almost sure to be taken out by hordes of well-trained zombies who will violently oppose anything happening to the Jewish people after years of intensive training through the media to make them violently opposed to anything like that happening, doing the job Stalin would want them to do. Then the Communist (Jewish takeover) of America will be complete, when just a few million American Gentiles are allowed to remain alive as slaves, just as the Noahide Laws and other NWO rabbinical Judaic laws will enforce.

May 25, 2019

An Awful Revenge: The Eastern Victors’ Concentration Camps after World War II, by John Wear

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May 23, 2019

Fast Walkers Live Longer, Study Says

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“Those who walked briskly had a total life expectancy of 86.7 to 87.8 years compared to those who walked a slower pace who are only expected to reach 64.8 to 72.4 years of age.

“Tom Yates, the lead author from the University of Leicester in England, attested that physical fitness may be a better indicator in measuring mortality rates compared to body mass index. Since the results pointed out that weight was not a determining factor among the walkers but their pacing, the researchers also found that those who were underweight had a slower walking pace and were at higher risk of heart-related diseases.

“Walking at least 30 minutes a day improves overall health as. It is said to advance cardiovascular fitness, promote bone strength, reduce excess body fat and improve the body’s overall power and endurance. Other than heart diseases, the exercise also prevents chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and cancer.”

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