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March 18, 2019

Incurable Gentile Stupidity–Rather than targeting Jewish media for stoking Islamophobia that led to Mosque Massacre, New Zealanders instead react by turning in their own firearms

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I agree 100% on ‘Incurable Gentile Stupidity–Rather than targeting Jewish media for stoking Islamophobia that led to Mosque Massacre, New Zealanders instead react by turning in their own firearms’.

History shows that in ‘gun free zones’ where civilians no longer have the means to protect themselves against violent armed criminals, criminals then specifically go to those areas to carry out their crimes, and the criminals still use guns, always being able to access firearms by illicit means, and as a direct consequence the crime rates rise dramatically, as do the numbers of civilian victims who are either wounded or killed.

Civilian disarmament, as always, is really only intended for one purpose, to make any resistance to the coming NWO armed takeover under genocidal Jewish Noahide Laws completely unstoppable.

The soft-sell version of the Chabad Lubavitchers;

Who and what the demonic Chabad Lubavitchers really are, and what they really think of all Gentiles, as totally demonic, eternally inferior, non-living, soulless and irredeemable;

‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?”

When the Jewish Noahide Laws are enforced in every nation of the world by military force, using NATO and other controlled armed forces, ALL practicing members or believers in any and all religions that the Jews consider ‘idolatrous’, that means ALL other religions, will be simply liquidated, killed stone dead, by the order of those laws, with just a few hundred million kept alive only as slaves under very harsh military dictatorship.

Here is what will really happen when the malevolent, demonic lying Jews get complete control;

The Noahide Laws to Decapitate Christians & The History of FEMA

On The Noahide Laws and the NWO — Best Read This Folks

How the Jewish-controlled UN veneer over the genocidally murderous intentions of the UN, by purporting to use various non-Jewish spiritual movements in an advisory capacity, using innocent and naive spiritual leaders who could not possibly understand just how totally evil the Jews are;

United Nations – Sri Chinmoy’s Official Site

Here is where the UN decides to accept the eventual worldwide implementation of Noahide Laws in every nation worldwide;

Remember that the Chabad Lubavitchers put these Jewish laws forward for acceptance by the US and the UN, and bear in mind how they view all non-Jewish souls as eternally irredeemable and demonic, that the Zohar states that all Gentiles in the whole world will be killed by their ‘God’ in his wrath, and that all Gentile souls will ultimately be sent to hell at the end of the world, hardly a recipe for peace, understanding and equality for all in the world within ‘God’, but quite the opposite.


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