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February 15, 2019

Pence urges EU to pull out of nuclear deal, says Iran planning ‘new Holocaust’

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Mothman777; Here is a comment that I sent to the Times of Israel, it is about the REAL terrorists, the mindless criminal terrorist scum running Israel and many Jewish-hijacked governments of many other nations such as those in the NATO group, the US and UK especially, and even Russia as well:

The Israeli threat to destroy the entire world with nuclear weapons in the event of the destruction of Israel is called the Samson Option, you are being blatantly dishonest.

Israeli military tactician and historian Martin Van Creveld has stated that the Israeli Samson Option threat to destroy the world is genuine, as has the former Israeli PM Golda Meir, twice, during a live interview with Alan Hart on TV.

You should know that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program at all, it does not need one and does not want one, but it has said, honestly, that if Israel pushes for war, then they have enough conventional weapons to destroy Israel, well, Israel has bomb shelters in every house and every public amenity, so very few Israelis would actually be hurt if ever Iran does make that response to Israel’s aggression, which is constant, as the Mossad has been infiltrating hit teams to assassinate Iranian scientists and even their air force pilots for years, all acts of war against Iran. But of course, Israel dindunuffin.

The real threat against the entire world is Israel itself with it’s Samson Option.

In 1950 Leo Szilard (who patented the world’s first atom bomb design in 1934 in London, England), advanced the design of another Jewish scientist who invented the nuclear bomb, and he created a doomsday device called the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, a dirty weapon that would cover the entire world in a deadly cloud of radiation for around 100 years if ever used.

Leo Szilard stated that just 400 such devices would end all forms of life in this entire world.

Presumably, that is why the UN is prevented from accessing the Dimona nuclear weapons development research facility, where they are most likely building the 400 devices right now. The Jewish scientists have built every other atomic weapon designed by them, and they alone with their very strange mentality invented the atom, nuclear and neutron bombs.

What is wrong with these people? Mohandas Gandhi had the right suggestion on this issue.


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