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February 18, 2019

Crucifying German Women

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One of the aberrations practiced by the [Soviet] soldiers was to take victims, mostly female, strip them naked and nail them to barn doors in cruciform fashion.

Source: Crucifying German Women

Comment by Mothman777;

I have read letters sent back from the front lines by German soldiers describing the horrific crimes that the Soviet soldiers and Polish soldiers accompanying them were committing as they swept through Germany, they not only crucified women, they cut their breasts off, then raped them, then poured gasoline on them and burned them to death, whilst forcing the other women, some of whom were just young girls, to watch until it was their turn to go through the same torture, which understandably sent the young women insane when they saw what was coming to them.

Other German women were found crucified, their breasts cut off, with their bellies slit open, foetuses ripped out and dead dachshund dogs stuffed in their place, women had also been raped with broken wine bottles whilst crucified and then left with the broken wine bottles stuffed inside their vaginas.

The Jews are endlessly vindictive in their insanely sadistic genocidal methods of torture and murder, and of course, the Jews themselves entirely instigated both WWI and WWII in which these horrors took place.

The Jews never change, they were just as evil when they slaughtered 220,000 in Egypt and Cyrene and 240,000 on Cyprus many hundreds of years ago and danced around with the intestines of their victims wrapped around them. The Jews are clinically insane, but the world has not yet found a prison mental hospital big enough or secure enough to hold them in yet.

The Jews of Cyprus killed 240,000 people and also destroyed the city of Salamis in AD 115 . After the revolt had been suppressed, Jews were strictly forbidden to even set foot on Cyprus again, but during the third century the Jews had surprisingly been allowed once again to resettle in Cyprus, according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica.
The rebuilding of Cyrene by Hadrian in AD 118/9 (#Hadrian1900)

We see here that Gentiles have been very quick to forget, even when Jews have committed the most terrible crimes against them, unlike the insane Jews who make a religion of never allowing any future generation of their own to forget their own imagined sufferings.

“During the Kitos War the jews genocided entire regions of Romans and Greeks leaving none left alive. The jews ate Gentile flesh. Two of these holocausts are mentioned in Dio’s Rome, Volume 5, Book 68, Paragraph 32:

“Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”

February 17, 2019

How the rule of the rabbis is fueling a holy war in Israel

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–an absolute ‘must read’ and especially for those who insist upon remaining permanent residents on Fantasy Island vis the often-repeated yet baseless assertion that Israel is not a theocratic state based upon the violent and racist teachings of the Torah.

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Comment by mothman777;

General Butt Naked said that he always used to sacrifice a young girl before his men went into battle;

“Cannibal Warlord Joshua Blahyi – General Butt Naked
Better known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked, Blahyi and his followers would sacrifice a young child and drink the blood. Often they would eat their unfortunate victim before going in to battle in the misguided belief that they would be protected from harm. The full tribe went into battle without any clothes on, hence the nickname of their leader: Butt Naked.

“They went into battle high on human blood

Liberia was a hell on earth – and still is in some regards – soldiers would empty the bodies from stone tombs in the graveyard, often eating the corpses. They would then use the tomb as a shelter to sleep in. It goes without saying that people with such devilish beliefs would be beyond cruel if they caught a rival soldier alive.”

I remember a few years ago, when I was sitting on the top deck of a London double decker bus, chatting with an Australian tourist, when we heard a chilling voice behind us calling out; “I am going to drink your blood”.

We both turned around to see the sole other occupant on that deck who was sitting on the back seat, a menacing, tall, muscular jet-black Negro with a thick African accent who was grinning demonically with his teeth bared, and knowing that these people usually mean exactly what they say, I immediately advised the Australian tourist to make a quick exit with me to the lower deck for his own safety, and we both exited the bus at the next stop.

I have been told by a similarly psychotic large black man on a bus in the past that he was going to stab me, for absolutely no reason at all, other than that he was muttering to himself feverishly in a totally psychotic state, his face covered in thick perspiration, and after exiting the bus, as I was walking away from him down the road with my back turned to him, he did indeed stab me for absolutely no reason, after running up behind me at Olympic speed and plunging a knife into my body with extreme force.

Such incidents are not uncommon in London, involving completely unprovoked death threats against me from Negros high on crack who have almost always approached me from behind, especially as I am boarding public transport, who have then even threatened to kill the bus driver and all the other occupants in a power-crazed rage, and I have personally been present to witness such psychotic behaviour of the Negros on public transport on a number of occasions, especially where a large number of occupants can be terrorized by them in an enclosed space, which seems to really turn the Negro crack-heads on (if indeed, that is the only drug that they are actually on), even when a significant number of other Negro people along with Caucasian and Asian people, even women and young babies, are present.

I mention this as well to demonstrate a certain mentality that is being imported by these people, even though verbal blood-drinking threats were not used in the other incidents. Incidentally, a few years later, the same Negro who stabbed me previously was on another bus, but this time with several other Negros as companions, two of whom were smartly dressed in black suits, when he threatened to attack me again, and what he said was entirely approved of by the other Negros with him, and even by other Negros on the bus, as white people, it seems, always deserves that kind of treatment. The Negro bus driver refused to stop the bus immediately to let me off the bus when I explained the situation, and when I could eventually exit the bus at the next scheduled stop, a massive cheer went up from all the other Negro occupants of that bus as I stepped off it onto the pavement.

February 15, 2019

Pence urges EU to pull out of nuclear deal, says Iran planning ‘new Holocaust’

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Mothman777; Here is a comment that I sent to the Times of Israel, it is about the REAL terrorists, the mindless criminal terrorist scum running Israel and many Jewish-hijacked governments of many other nations such as those in the NATO group, the US and UK especially, and even Russia as well:

The Israeli threat to destroy the entire world with nuclear weapons in the event of the destruction of Israel is called the Samson Option, you are being blatantly dishonest.

Israeli military tactician and historian Martin Van Creveld has stated that the Israeli Samson Option threat to destroy the world is genuine, as has the former Israeli PM Golda Meir, twice, during a live interview with Alan Hart on TV.

You should know that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program at all, it does not need one and does not want one, but it has said, honestly, that if Israel pushes for war, then they have enough conventional weapons to destroy Israel, well, Israel has bomb shelters in every house and every public amenity, so very few Israelis would actually be hurt if ever Iran does make that response to Israel’s aggression, which is constant, as the Mossad has been infiltrating hit teams to assassinate Iranian scientists and even their air force pilots for years, all acts of war against Iran. But of course, Israel dindunuffin.

The real threat against the entire world is Israel itself with it’s Samson Option.

In 1950 Leo Szilard (who patented the world’s first atom bomb design in 1934 in London, England), advanced the design of another Jewish scientist who invented the nuclear bomb, and he created a doomsday device called the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, a dirty weapon that would cover the entire world in a deadly cloud of radiation for around 100 years if ever used.

Leo Szilard stated that just 400 such devices would end all forms of life in this entire world.

Presumably, that is why the UN is prevented from accessing the Dimona nuclear weapons development research facility, where they are most likely building the 400 devices right now. The Jewish scientists have built every other atomic weapon designed by them, and they alone with their very strange mentality invented the atom, nuclear and neutron bombs.

What is wrong with these people? Mohandas Gandhi had the right suggestion on this issue.


February 14, 2019

Clicking on terrorist propaganda even once could mean 15 years in prison under new law

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Comment by Mothman777;

So everyone will be getting locked up then, just for reading about how Jeremy Corbyn wishes for the genocidal mass-murdering psychotic Leon Trotsky to be fully ‘rehabilitated’ in politics? And no doubt for reading the merciless words of “Je suis Juif” Theresa May, who said she ‘will WIPE OUT antisemitism’, who has also stated she would be prepared to kill 100,000 with nuclear weapons. We wish that this law would actually apply to May and Corbyn in this manner anyway, as they both openly seem quite happy with the committing of mass murder to accomplish their twisted aims.

If Theresa May were actually more honest, her nuke attack would kill quite a few million more, as the nukes of today kill millions at a time, and nobody opens a war by killing 100,000 with a nuke, because nukes would then be launched back that are much bigger, like the Russian one that can take out all of France in one hit.

Truth be known, Russia can wipe out all of the UK in one hit, and the UK, despite all its gobshiting politicians, is completely without the slightest means of defence (by deliberate arrangement of course), I mean, has the British government done as Israel or Switzerland has, and made a law that all dwellings must have bomb-proof shelters? No they have not, they just openly invite our destruction by nukes when we are kept utterly vulnerable, out in the open, whilst Russia has already built nuclear shelters for a great many millions of her people.

That means our politicians are quite literally mentally retarded, and actually quite insane, and if one considers more deeply, they are deliberately inviting a war to wipe out most of the Gentiles, that is what Jews do who infiltrate the world of politics in other nations.

Israel is a terrorist state, 80% of ‘British’ MP’s are members of ‘Friends of Israel’ societies in their own parties – why do they even bother with the continued nauseating pretence of having two major parties, as they are, after all, all only intent on eventual one world Jewish government, that being the already officially accepted plan by the UN, which the UK is a signatory member of, being bound to honour the decisions of the UN?

These MP members of ‘Friends of Israel’ societies are scum traitors and effective open supporters of Israeli murderous terrorists themselves. Who the hell do they think created ISIS, and for what?

ISIS (DAESH) is provenly established as being controlled at the top by crypto-Jewish Mossad agents who are using ISIS as a psy-op bunch of mercenaries to do their dirty work in a false flag manner, using Islam as a cover, which has also had the effect of sucking in many young and naive Muslims, though the vast majority of Muslims that I speak to in the street are thoroughly cognizant of the fact that Israel and NATO are totally behind ISIS, with Israeli IDF commandos rescuing wounded ISIS soldiers, their mercenaries, transferring them to Israeli military hospitals for treatment and then returning them to the battlefield.

The donmeh crypto-Jewish Erdogan also treats wounded ISIS in Turkey, his own daughter runs the hospital. Officially, Erdogan is at war with ISIS, whilst simultaneously he is accusing other nations of secretly colluding with ISIS, and Erdogan is ‘friends’ with Putin now, they are all in it together, building a steel-jawed trap that will draw the Gentile peoples of major nations into a devastating nuclear conflict just to wipe out most GentIles.

Our 80% Friends Of Israel politicians in Parliament and the House of Lords are shit, they are the ultimate terrorists themselves, supporting the ultimate terrorist entity, that being Judaism, Israel and the Jewish plan to establish one world government under Noahide Law, that will, unless it is prevented, see even billions genocided by the Jews in a manner that will make Communism’s efforts in Russia seem like a Sunday vicarage tea party.

And if any law needs to be made to stop terrorism in the UK, especially in such a manner as this, it would in fact be better to just make voting Labour or Conservative a terrorist offence with a 15 year prison sentence.

If MI5 and MI6 cannot and will not bar these twats from gaining power, we badly need a new government secret service that will do the job, as MI5 and MI6 were in fact created by the Jew mob in the first place, you can guess what for.

The Jewish population of Israel and sometimes even their politicians and rabbis openly call for the complete extermination of all Palestinians, as in Deuteronomy 20:16, psychosis and genocidal mass murder being a central part of the Jewish pseudo-religion.

Stalin maintained the death penalty throughout Russia against any who voiced any anti-Jewish sentiment, as Judaism has always been considered central to Communism by the Communist leaders themselves. The Communist leaders in the west and elsewhere infiltrate still today often by calling themselves Christians, whilst still initiating rabidly pro-Jewish policies, thinking of traitors and Jewish agents like Cameron, May, Trump, Putin, Sarkozy et al, Communism actually being a political expression of Judaism of course, as Rabbi Stephen Wise himself openly stated.

The Jewish Zohar states that all Gentiles in the world will be killed by God in his wrath, and that their souls will be sent to hell. So why the hell are people like our so-called leaders so fanatical in their single-minded purpose to ensure the security of the Jews above all other peoples? The clear answer is that we have literally been invaded by a hostile foreign people, the Jews, and that most people have not even noticed.

All Jews must be expelled from our shores, as it is clearly they who are the terrorists themselves, and they can take their Muslims that they have been forcing upon us out of the country with them.

The Russian Kremlin actually demanded after WWII that the death penalty be made mandatory in every nation throughout the entire world for the alleged crime of anti-semitism. We are now seeing the gradual insidious implementation of the effective equivalent, that being intended to smooth through the more heavy anti-Gentile legislation that the Jews will increasingly introduce in the future.

‘Terrorists’ will increasingly be designated not as Islamic terrorists, but as anyone who is wise to the Jewish plan to literally enslave or kill everyone else in the entire world, exactly as their ‘SPECTRE’-like criminal terrorist movement demands, with such laws enabling the Jews to become powerful enough to do just that without any possibility of any political resistance being formed, as such opposition will have been made totally illegal and subject to severe punishment.

Karl Marx published the following words, “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. Note the real Holocaust of all non-Jews to come, whilst the Jews make laws forcing everyone to mourn only their fake holocaust.

That is what Communism is, the Communism that Corbyn likes, he is a dangerous mass-murderous nutter who belongs in a top security prison mental hospital like Rampton or Broadmoor, yet that piece of shit and the other clowns working for the Jews in the usurped ‘British’ government, who all try to outdo each other on the issue of combatting ‘anti-semitism’, will, without the slightest doubt only use the ‘Islamic threat’ that they themselves have deliberately created just so as to be able to create further legislation such as this, which will then be used to lock anyone up who is wise to the Jews themselves being behind so-called ‘Islamic’ terrorism, as despite a few Muslim mugs being conned along by ISIS, the real puppet-masters of that mercenary group and others like it are Jewish terrorists working for the Jewish Mossad, and the scum in power in the so-called ‘British’ government at the moment are total Jewish agents or their shabbos goyim, and are completely treacherous and traitorous against the British people.

Defense Intelligence Agency Comments On The Reality of “Astral Projection”

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February 13, 2019

COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

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Comment by Mothman777 to this article;

Very good article, thankyou, though I prefer not to entertain the ideas that the NSDAP was in with all this, or that Hitler was created by Tavistock, or that Goering actually spoke those words about how to cause war, he could never have spoken them, because his people were actually the ones being made to suffer by having been placed on the receiving end of that very kind of manipulation of public sentiment by the Jews themselves.

Goering was severely tortured, around 150 NSDAP officers were brutally smashed with knuckle-dusters by a team of interrogators before the Nuremberg show-trials led by a Scottish Jewish ‘officer’ of dubious origin with the British forces who would put bags over their heads before smashing their heads and faces, and every single one of them had their testicles totally crushed to pulp by being repeatedly booted in the testicles by the insane torturers without the slightest possibility of surgical repair, whilst they were told that unless they provided the right answers, that there really had been a program to mass-murder Jews (which there never had been), their families would receive just the same treatment.

Quite obviously you don’t do that to fellow agents of the ‘Allied’ Jewish program, you don’t do that to people who are essentially on the same side as you, and the NSDAP was not on the side of the ‘Tavistock’-produced and other agents controlled by powerful Jewry at all.

Nor were the Operation Paperclip ‘Nazis’ ever really put in charge of various departments to enable them to run amock and take over the US and then become responsible for all the evils committed by the US (UK/Israel’s puppet) today.

It is an unfortunate fact that many sincere researchers fall prey to propaganda lies that are still being carefully disseminated even today to perpetuate the lies of the Jews, and some of those lies are very clever and even seemingly self-defeating and thus unlikely to be real lies, but they serve the Jewish purpose nonetheless, that Hitler was supposedly of Jewish origin for instance, as several of his senior political associates supposedly were according to the same lies, or that ‘eugenics’ is totally evil and necessarily involves mass genocide and is only intended to create masses of slave drones of low mental capacity.

This type of malicious lie is carefully designed to foster in the mind the idea that eugenics, a straightforward, quite obvious and completely vital process naturally pursued by all species of creatures in this world for many hundreds of millions of years, is entirely unnatural and even malevolent itself, and thus the Jew maliciously conflates the actually benevolent nature of eugenics with the erroneous idea that eugenics is only intended to deliberately damage the genome of others, whilst in truth, the Coudenhove Kalergi program embraced by the Jews is actually the one intent on really damaging the genomes of all peoples, that actually being a dysgenic, or malgenic program genuinely intended to harm, and of course, in this context the use of the word eugenic is entirely erroneous and totally inappropriate.

The Jews themselves secretly pursue eugenics with fanatical zeal though, whilst misinforming all white peoples in the west that ‘we are all the same’ and encouraging whites to breed with genetically inferior Negroid and Arab peoples in order to ensure that the whites are completely bred out of existence in a totally irreplaceable manner, so as to leave the purposely-maintained Jewish people, who are to avoid breeding with Negros, as the supreme leaders over all others in this world. Rabbis have stated on record that this is ‘revenge’ on the whites (all whites) and that this will be the last generation of white people that the Jews will ever see. German National Socialism never wished for the white peoples to be bred out of existence.

I propose the following understanding, that Operation Paperclip scientists were deliberately placed in prominent positions and were used as scapegoats for what the Jews and their idiot shabbos goyim agents who were actually in charge did themselves.

Freud stated “The west does not suspect the poison that we are bringing” and “We are bringing the plague” (please check those quotes to make sure they are exactly verbatim).

Remember the Judaic scriptures, “A Jew can not heal a Gentile”. Also the scriptures state that if any Jew does any act of kindness for any non-Jew, then that Jew will never see heaven.

Also, in 1492, rabbinical leaders told those Jews who were being thrown out of various European nations for their various nefarious acts of child torture and blood letting and killing, usury, slave-trading, mass-poisoning or whatever (see ‘The Poisoners”), then they should take ‘revenge’ (Jews are told that non-Jews come from 3 satanic hellish spheres, that they come from Satan, and that they are eternally non-living, eternally evil, eternally irredeemable, and eternally guilty of all types of sin even before entering the womb, being a literally different and eternally inferior species of soul according to the Jew, and also eternally intent upon evil against the Jews, so the Jew always has an ‘excuse’ there for ‘revenge’ against all non-Jews, as they consider in their rabid psychosis that all non-Jews are out to kill them, and it is actually taught in an orthodox Jewish school in London in the UK that all whites, not just the ‘Nazis’, are intent on killing all Jews).

See ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi’, Alison Weir, Counterpunch

Those Jews were told to accomplish this revenge by getting back into those nations by pretending to convert to Christianity, and then become doctors, apothecaries, politicians priests, lawyers, etc. and then work to shorten the lives of the goyim, which is exactly why we see such a massive preponderance of Jews in leading positions today, and why they are rapidly suiciding all the western societies into absolute hell as fast as they possibly can, by instigating wars, removing genuine medicine such as the Rife technology of the 1930’s from public availability, whilst substituting mass torture and murder by means of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It was very interesting to read how the demon Freud caused several of his associates to commit suicide, that is the real nature of the ‘healing’ work of the Jew. The Jews get around the injunction against healing Gentiles by apparently healing them for a period of time from small illnesses, but later on killing them anyway by withholding genuine cancer treatment for instance, that being a very clear example of their psychotic hatred, though of course, many front-line doctors and researchers are entirely sincere in their attempts to find a cure and to treat patients as best as possible, they are just taking orders from Jews at the top who are cruelly misleading them about how to research, as they make sure to never guide a researcher to find any real cure for cancer, which the original Rife technology was, a hundred percent cure with no side-effects at all, and that Rife technology also cured all known pathogenically-caused diseases by radio waves without any pain, harm or side-effects to the body or immune system.

The Clergy In Dachau: An Insight Into How The Allies Manufactured A Death Camp

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The Americans who liberated Dachau were intent on exploiting it for propaganda purposes. Photographers repeatedly visited Dachau to take pictures and film newsreel footage of the dead.

Source: The Clergy In Dachau: An Insight Into How The Allies Manufactured A Death Camp

Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle (Mind blowing)

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Comment by Mothman777;

This video is absolutely sickening to view, but you will understand when you view it the whole way through what sick bastards run Great Britain with the collusion of some members of the police, the security services, the judicial system as well as the royal family, and how they associate with major sex criminals and even have sex with little kids and then kill them so that their public positions will never become compromised.

The present system is rife with this kind of insanity that is practiced by those who actually have no regard for anyone else outside their perverse and elite circles, who use others just like disposal toys, and you will understand how they enjoy anything and everything they wish, acting on every whim, no matter how bizarre, presumably as they have entirely lost any sense of responsibility towards all others outside their elite groups.

What they do is actually an expression, a statement of their self-perceived total power, their ‘divine right’, and their statement of their utter disregard for all others whom they regard as totally inferior and merely as a lower species who can be abused in any way they please and then even slaughtered

Needless to say, the entire government and royal family needs to be removed from office, and the systems of government, the police and the judiciary all need to be totally overhauled until they are actually fit for purpose, because at present, the nation is largely being run by the criminally insane with the help of many corrupt and insane people within the police, the security services, and the court system, and these insane people abuse their authority over the armed services by using them to literally murder millions for the sheer dark ‘pleasure’ of it, whatever that may be, and we know who they give their allegiance to, their Jewish tribal friends, for one reason or another, either as fellow Jews, who enjoy grinding down, sexually abusing and slaughtering the hapless goyim without limit, or as foolish shabbos goyim who naively think that the Jews might consider letting them all the way up to the top of the ladder to join them, which is never happening, as the Jews never share their real power with anyone else, even though they like to pretend to offer that.

Paris hit with wave of anti-Semitic vandalism

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Comment sent to Times of Israel by Mothman777;

Can anyone explain the provision of the Noahide Laws, which have already been accepted as law within the USA, since 1991, though these laws have not yet been physically effected yet?

The Noahide Laws contain the following edict, that the death penalty is to be carried out on any Gentile following any religion stated to be ‘idolatrous’, and the Jewish scriptures state unequivocally that Christians and Jesus are amongst those idolaters.

These laws are, according to rabbinical statement, also to be carried out against all Muslims as well as all Christians throughout the entire world, and a rabbi can be seen on YouTube making that very statement, and of course, surely, the Hindu followers of Krishna and Shiva, those who worship the Bhagavad Gita as a living incarnation of God, those who worship Buddha, as well as the Sikhs who worship Sat Sri Guru Granth Sahib, their holy book as a literary incarnation of God Himself, and the Jains and those of several other religions will surely all be consigned to the mass of those who are to be designated as ‘idolatrous’, and thus to be killed under the terms of the edicts of those laws.

The Noahide laws have already been approved by the UN for worldwide implementation in every nation of the world at some future time whenever it is decided to physically implement them, with just a few members of Gentile humanity then being intended to be left alive to serve the Jews
under world Judaic government. 

What about the Noahide Laws? Who will protest on our behalf when we are being taken off to the death camps for execution?

All I meet with when I attempt to ask any questions on this issue is a total wall of silence, whilst every day, the news media are totally saturated with articles insistent upon the total worship by all of humanity at the shrine of the holocaust.

What about the intended holocaust of all ‘idolatrous’ Gentiles under the instruction of the Noahide Laws? Will any Jewish people shed a tear for us, or even attempt to campaign to expose and stop that intended and planned holocaust of the Gentile ‘idolaters’? Do the members of all these other religions really deserve to be executed?

See: United Nations signs “Declaration of the Seven Laws of Noah”
See: Coming Jewish ‘Utopia’ Ruled By Noahide LawsBy Rev. Ted Pike 5-30-7

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