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February 27, 2019

Our “Leaders” Hate Us!

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Sputnik wimped out of publishing my rather straightforward comment which I have reproduced below, it runs on a rather familiar theme of mine I know, but it is a theme which is an ignored one in much of the mass media today. Sputnik stated that my post contained a link which is not permitted, it does not contain any links, and after several attempts at posting minus various paragraphs, I have determined that to be the case, but they have usually posted most of my comments in the past.

Comment by Mothman777;

Seemingly, the only two issues discussed on a daily basis, and in an atmosphere of complete hysteria, are (the falsely alleged) anti-semitism by the Jews and their brain-dead shabbos goyim who are aggressively pushing for a 100% ‘Friends of Israel’ government, as a prelude to one world Jewish government, already planned for and accepted by the controlled UN, with the other issue being Brexit.

Guess who will very surely soon take the helm of any European government (not the ‘Nazis’), there is already a European Parliament of Jews, the EJP, based in Brussels, ostensibly merely a NGO, hint hint.

Over 70% of MP’s are millionaires who simply buy their way into politics, as they alone can afford the massive costs of entering any electoral race. 80% or so are members of ‘Friends of Israel’, friends of a tyrannical parasitical terrorist criminal cult very much like SPECTRE in the James Bond novels and films.

Yes, the British people have very much to worry about, especially with a 15 year sentence in prison now able to be imposed for even just clicking once on any site containing political material that these ‘Friends of Israel’ deem to be extremist or terrorist, i.e. not just something in support of the western-created psy-op ISIS, but anything that might say something bad about the Jews, highly reminiscent of the Stalinist law in Russia where a mandatory death sentence was imposed on any Russian who voiced any sentiments against the Jews, as Judaism was stated to be essential to Communism, and straight after WWII, the Jewish-controlled Russian Kremlin demanded that every nation throughout the entire world be made to adopt the same legislation against ‘anti-semitism’ that would cause a mandatory death penalty to be imposed on anyone for the supposed crime of anti-semitism (voicing any real truths about the Jews).

The terrorist Jews running the Kremlin were not successful that time, but here they come again, in the form of the ‘Friends of Israel’ MP members among both the UK Conservative MP’s and the Labour MP’s, with Theresa May stating that she will ‘wipe out’ anti-semitism, presumably by lethal means, as there is no other, lets face it, what else exactly could she mean? Seriously, that by one means or another, surreptitiously or otherwise, and do not make the mistake of thinking that certain British politicians are incapable of ordering actual murder, even on British soil.

Dark days are coming for the UK as we increasingly come under Stalinist era type dictatorship. And the soft alternative? Oh, the ‘anti-semite’ Jezza Corbyn, who stated in Parliament that he wants the complete political rehabilitation of Leon Trotsky, the cold-blooded psychotic terrorist Bolshevik who implemented the Jewish Bolshevik plan of Karl Marx to physically exterminate as many Gentiles as possible, when he and Lenin slaughtered millions of white Christians in Russia, hoping then to repeat the process in every European nation, for the purposes of which Communist Russia was preserved throughout WWII by the US Lend-Lease Program so that Germany, the only nation powerful enough to be able to stop the Bolsheviks, would be completely destroyed, so that the fake cold war could continue, enabling the fake excuse for the constant build-up of nuclear WMD, and it is fake, its real purpose, in truth, being intended only for use in deliberately created ‘wars’ to come that will cause the Gentile population to be massively reduced in the Northern hemisphere, as in a very likely coming war between Russia and the US, which will be agreed upon in private by Chabad Lubavitcher agents Trump and Putin behind everyone’s backs.

American Jewish banksters and politicians and British Jewish banksters and politicians had deliberately instigated and funded the Bolshevik ‘revolution’ in the first place, precisely for the purpose of enslaving all of the European Gentiles.

The UK government is definitely not a British government, it is essentially a Jewish government, fighting criminal genocidal wars of aggression for Israel against completely innocent nations that are falsely justified by very blatant false flag attacks like that which took place on 9/11 2001 in New York and that which took place in London on 7/7 2005 that were criminally instigated by Israel in collusion firstly with treacherous Jewish agents within the American political establishment, and then in collusion with treacherous Israeli agent ‘Friends of Israel’ in the UK political establishment.

Such a criminal terrorist mass-murdering government is neither legal nor justified, and does not represent the British population in the slightest, unless of course, they are Jewish.

We suffer under psychotic genocidal mass-murderers running the UK already, with just the same in the form of Corbyn (whom the Jews constantly scream about in a false and arranged manner naming him as being so anti-semitic, in order for their agent Corbyn to then agree with them and approve the introduction of ever more draconian legislation against such ‘anti-semitism’), as the only alternative on offer, the Jewish agents are literally hijacking the country for Israel (as always), for the Tribe, in a completely terrorist manner, all the while trying to eliminate the slightest possibility of anyone being able to research what the Jews are actually up to by terrifying everyone that they can get 15 years in prison just for clicking on even one website just once to research, never knowing if that particular site contains any material that may for some reason be deemed extremist enough to then ‘justify’ the actually illegal and criminal terrorist government of the UK to then impose that immense prison sentence on them.

Here are the words published by Karl Marx, here is the true nature of racism, it is against all non-Jews, the true nature of the revolution, it is solely intent on draconian world Jewish government, and not the emancipation of the Gentile ‘workers’, Marx even stated that without the use of slavery, his economic model could not work, here is the true nature of the holocaust, it is intended only to be that of all non-Jews throughout the entire world, and Marx tells us so;

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Demonic Activity Caught On Video (New Edition)

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Comment by Mothman777;

This video is absolutely amazing, despite the overly judgemental Christian commentary regarding magic in places. I am convinced that it is not CGI, or made with the aid of shills. Magic has been performed for many thousands of years, and is part of genuine occult or spiritual knowledge, it is not ‘Satanic’ or demonic at all, unless employed for nefarious purposes by bad people, though I can see the jokers in the video playing with the minds of the Christians by using apparently Satanic imagery to wind them up and take the Mickey out of them.

Simon Magus and Jesus, as well as the disciples of Jesus themselves all did exactly the same things, like walking through solid walls, being teleported, materialization, levitation, walking on water, surviving fire, astral projection, so it just looks to me like the saying; “Even the least of ye shall do greater things than I have done” is getting ignored if someone appears to be taking Jesus’s business away from him.

The fictional Jesus does say this in the New Testament;
Matthew 21:21-22 21 Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done. 22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

So surely, we should be seeing miracles all over the place by now, and not so much criticism from the Christians. Anyway, if the Christians say that the magicians doing the same miracles as Jesus are not devotees of God and that they are not doing these miracles in Jesus’s name, then how can anyone say that even for a Christian to do these things and say that they are proof of God be any proof of God at all?

The words of the supposed Jesus are quite meaningless and hold no value.

And where are the Christians who say that they can do these same miracles in Jesus’s name? If there are none, does that not rather prove that the faith of the Christians is false, and that the words of Jesus are false also? After all, several of the prophecies concerning Jesus were never fulfilled when they were supposed to have been, making Jesus not valid as a genuine prophet even according to the terms of his own religion.

And look how the disciples of Jesus murdered Simon Magus by cursing him to fall from the sky whilst he was levitating high in the air and shatter his leg, thus causing him to die, especially over such a petty reason over supposed ‘Simony’, who is to say they were right in the head when they took what Simon Magus said in the manner they did? What a nasty, bitter, twisted lot, not very sporting at all.

Anyway, people in all spiritual or religious traditions can be seen to apparently perform so-called miracles.

When a yogi, shaman, Sufi, Egyptian magician, American Indian, British Druid or any other spiritual practitioner develops a relationship with the hierarchy of demigods or the Supreme Godhead who work to maintain the apparent reality of the gross and subtle material physical worlds, they learn that the senses by which we perceive these so-called realities are in fact given percepts themselves, we only think that something is real in any material dimension, gross, or subtle, because our senses tell us they are, but when we understand that these senses themselves are also just another given percept that can be changed, and that all our material senses on every level are just a created percept that is lent to us by higher authorities, then we can understand.

Of course, members of the more demonic type of magicians like some Jews and Muslims I have come across can cause an immense amount of trouble when they use these powers for things other than benevolent miracles, and we see that even demonic people like the previously lauded and supposed saintly miracle healer, John of God in Brazil could apparently do great works of healing and still do absolutely demonic things at the same time without anyone outside his immediate circle ever having suspected about the latter, and of course, his miracle healings have now been called into doubt, through police report how several very strange unnatural phenomena occurred when he was arrested, indicating that he, like so many other ‘healers’ also have a very dark side to them that also comes from very real magical abilities.

And other sorts of bad things have happened in India with rogue ‘holy men’ for many years also.

Magical powers, also called siddhis, come in two forms, nitya (eternal) siddhis, which are entirely transcendental and spiritual and generally occur only in the spiritual world itself within spiritual substance and are engaged in by the devotee souls to please Bhagavan or God, also known as Krishna, Govinda, and many other names, whereas material siddhis are only part of the material maya delusory potency and take place only in the substance of the material world, though some spiritual overlap can take place when a devotee in this world prays to the real God, and something actually spiritual can manifest even in this world, or when the Lord Himself incarnates in this world, as He does from time to time in all species.

Swami Shankara: “You never identify your self with the shadow cast by your body, or with its reflection, or with the body you see in a dream or in your imagination. Therefore you should not identify yourself with this living body, either.”

You can see examples of mystic yogis who have attained magical siddhis on sites like

The material siddhis can be educative as to the actual nature of our physical universe and our relationship with God, who ultimately manifests and maintains this universe around us all like a cocoon to nurture us back to full spiritual knowledge and relationship with the true creator, Himself.

Being able to burn someone alive forever as Jesus claims to be able to do, he being ‘one with the father’ who is also completely demonic, is not a good quality, it is not spiritual at all and is purely a demonic threat to force people to submit themselves and their life force to him, the real God would never threaten such a thing to anyone, after all, love is to be freely given to God in response to His perfect love, the true Lord God does not have to bully people by threatening to burn or boil them alive unceasingly for all eternity to get that love, that type of tamasic Kali Yuga false religion is more the level of hypnosis used by the more deceptive demonic, lower shape-shifting entities who also possess a powerful measure of this type of material magical ability.

In short, Jesus, Yahweh and Allah are merely aspects of the true Lord’s material maya potency, the ostensible spirituality offered by them is a false promise, as false as their supposed ability to send anyone to any eternal hells, which do not and cannot exist, as only the spiritual dimension exists eternally, whilst material universal creations are only occasional and very brief in cosmic terms.

Those Abrahamic religions and their deities are a mere phantasm allowed to exist only to test people, and no practitioner can ever enter into the actual spiritual world by the practice of those religions, as the Lord can see how callous the soul of anyone actually is who does choose to adhere to those religions and their condemning of all others to eternal hell.

Despite this being the case, the Lord as the eternally indwelling Supersoul in each and every soul will know any genuine spiritually-minded souls who are now only nominal members of such religions who have genuinely come to see the need to transcend beyond the darkness of those religions, and He will still see their developing sincere spiritual love and will take them into the true spiritual world at the time of death, though of course, circumstances permitting, it is best to separate oneself from all association with such false religions well before then, unless to do so would result in pointless terrible suffering or death at the hands of fanatics. Those harmful religions can be completely and safely ignored by any spiritual aspirant as entirely irrelevant.

The demonic tamasic Abrahamic religions all accuse each other of being demonic, and all intend to send the members of the others to hell for ever, they form a vipers’ nest of insanity that one must jump out of quickly, that is the test there, to come to realize that one must do just that.

We are supposed to believe that ‘Jesus’ is ‘nice’ when he will burn alive all non-devotees for all eternity, when he will mindlessly and vindictively inflict such pointless sadism as this even on sincerely advanced, universally benevolent members of the gentler non-Abrahamic spiritual faiths like Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Daoism etc.

And what to say of the following insanity:
Matthew 10:34
34 Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.…

People should be very wary of subscribing to such utter madness as contained in the ‘Gospel of Matthew’.

There is no Satan, but there are people who believe that all others who are not members of the mainstream Abrahamic religions, which definitely are extremely demonic themselves, must be burned or boiled alive in hell for all eternity unless they join their little group of friends who all share the same hateful and sadistic psychotic delusions.

Of course, in the case of the Jewish religion, they do not have any eternal hell for fellow Jews, no matter how bad they are, just a mere 12 months or so to straighten them out.

But for the Gentiles, another fate exists, as they are already judged by the hateful Jewish religion to be guilty of all types of sin even before entering the womb, to be eternally and irredeemably satanic, demonic, evil, and non-living, and to have come from hell in the first place, and thus are only due to be sent back to hell after all Gentiles have been exterminated from the entire world by the Jewish ‘God’ in his wrath.

The Jews of course hold that they and they alone come from God, and that they are actually part of God, and that no one else is, or can ever be, so all Gentiles are due to be sent to hell for all eternity according to the Jewish religion, as it clearly states in the Zohar.

And as Karl Marx has stated, all other races and peoples are to be perish, so the Jewish role in this intended extermination of all Gentiles is certain, they are undoubtedly the wrathful ‘God’ mentioned in the Zohar who is to ultimately exterminate all the Gentiles in the world, and of course, the Gentiles will all need to be subdued first by mass electronic programming as Delgado, a Sephardic Spanish Jew stated when he said man does not have the right to form his own thoughts, and that armies of the future will be electronically controlled. Such armies will undoubtedly be one of the means used to bring about our deaths.


View at

See also ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?” Alison Weir, Counterpunch

The real demonic entities are those who intend to completely override and dominate the minds of all others by imposing mass hypnotic control over all Gentile humanity with their own psychotronically generated AI control mechanism to remold all our mental and physical behaviour patterns by computer generated programs to replace our usual patterns of behaviour, that would be quite a spiritual test for all of us, and it is no doubt better if that is never allowed to begin to be imposed on humanity in the first place. Israel will house the centre of the computer network necessary to maintain that control.

The dark science of generating artificially created mental impulses induced by AI psychotronic means is being developed by demonic people, principally Jews who believe that Gentiles were only created to act as automatons in the service of the Jews anyway, and roboticizing Gentiles is the obvious step forward for the Jews as regards how they intend to control us in the future.

Israel has developed the highly sinister and dangerous 5G technology that will be able to carry microwave brain programming that will enable people to be literally programmed and led to perform the desired restricted mental and physical activities such as the Jews have always desired for their slave Gentile peoples to engage in, to completely replace their free will, their personalities, and to completely dominate them by turning them quite literally into machine-like beings, their technology being a natural progression of their shape-shifting mind-control miracle making, this 5G technology coupled with psychotronic mind control technology will simply take much of the work out of it for them, so they will just be able to watch helpless controlled little ants scurrying around for them to do all their work for them, and the Gentiles won’t be able to think, feel or do anything else other than what is enabled within the parameters of the programs prescribed for each of them.

The psychotronic mind control science expert Jose Delgado wrote of such intentions decades ago when he stated; “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain”.

5G is the natural extension of this kind of Godless work.

It is the real truth that this world is nothing more than a projection of the divine dream of Lord Vishnu called Yoga Nidra, in which He projects this material reality from His own mind to envelope all the forgetful souls who have turned their principal attention away from the Godhead and have thus temporarily lost perfect full spiritual cognition, their beginningless, eternal and natural usual state of consciousness. He creates the ‘illusion’ of this world. The senses we are provided with alone tell us this world is real, and in yoga, one can experience difference senses that provide very different percepts of alternative dimensions as an example to remind each individual of that essential truth, in a manner somewhat similar to the way in which we receive senses to perceive different dreams.

The perception of this world is created only to reawaken and assure the forgetful souls of the necessity to remain with Him in order to fully maintain their natural state of spiritual self-cognition, along with the concomitant sarshti, or cosmic consciousness that naturally exists along with that, as in that relationship, the Lord naturally dovetails the individual consciousness of each soul with that of Himself, the Supreme Soul, expanding the cognitive ability of each minute jiva soul to extend within and throughout the infinite measure of Himself, as His substance ultimately comprises the substance of all worlds in which all souls reside, though only on the spiritual plane is this fully revealed and experienced in a spiritual manner.

According to the Vedic understanding, though quite ‘real’, this apparently ‘solid’ world is actually only as real as the more plastic astral worlds, in which scenery and circumstance can change in an instant, but this gross physical world seems to be less plastic, more changeless, apparently being subject only to the laws of physics, chemical and physical processes that alone govern the decay of matter and ageing etc., yet we see in the lives of the mystics of various different paths around the world much that contradicts the apparently unquestionable values of modern physics, yogis who can live completely underwater in the icy cold streams of the Himalayas for weeks, yogis who can roll on fire without being burned for extended periods of time, yogis who can go without food or water for decades.

Yet both the gross and subtle worlds are merely the given percepts provided by gross and subtle material sense organs which are themselves provided by a higher authority, in this world or in the subtle worlds, that lend the semblance of apparent reality to those worlds.

Those pretenders who would be God themselves, the usurpers, are seeking to override that natural authority and stamp their own hallmark on whatever reality that they desire us to perceive, going beyond mere political and religious propaganda and the use of fluoride etc. to accomplish that, pushing the envelope, chancing it, seeing just how far they can go before some higher authority will stop them, wondering if anyone greater than their own collective even exists, pushing it to the limit, even risking nuclear annihilation whilst posing their big question and their big challenge.

If we consider that eyesight is spontaneously provided to us in a massive variety of different astral dimensions in our various dreams at night, then we can work it out that a similar thing may be happening through our physical eyes within the gross material dimension of this world.

In the spiritual world, the eternally indwelling Godhead Soul lets the perfect souls there play with Him, within Him, and through Him, the substance of their souls acting within His, and He enjoys when the jiva souls act out their will through Him, and on occasion, He even lets such a soul have greater authority than He does, and of course, His soul is the entirety of the actually spiritual dimension in which all other souls dwell anyway.

But when a soul briefly glances away from Krishna’s association, and possibly considers other associations as having equal potential, their senses and intellect having become dulled by turning away from Him, then they can be given over to enter into a mayic given perception of having incarnated in this world, though in reality, to Krishna, the duration of such an experience is only as brief as a lightning flash in cosmic terms, though to us here, it may seem like hundreds of thousands of years, or millions of years in a succession of many ‘incarnations’, though when we return our spiritual mind to association with that of the Godhead, once again we maintain our own full spiritual self-perception, and the perception of the spiritual world itself, with knowing that world to be God Himself also, then we also perceive our absence from the spiritual world as only having been for the duration of a brief lightning flash, especially as a perfect soul in the spiritual world has sarshti, cosmic consciousness, so even the massive duration of millions of years in the material worlds and the vast sum of experience during that time is then nothing more in extent than a drop of water in an infinite ocean by way of comparison. It seems that way to Krishna, the Godhead, and when our consciousness is re-affined with His, then we too see that we never really left His association, but had a brief flash of perception of an alternative reality, a dream-like experience of what life is like without Him being there to maintain and guide us, and what life is like when the more demonic-minded forgetful incarnated souls choose to assert themselves as God and guide our lives instead.

In this world, the Lord does not permit the control of His soul substance by other souls in the same way that He does in the spiritual world, all material substance in the world also just being another manifestation of His own substance but in an alternative and unrevealed form.

In this world, the individual soul is no longer dovetailed in full spiritual consciousness with the Lord and is not sensible enough to enjoy the association of God in the spiritual world again with their normal degree of liberty until they reawaken properly.

In actual truth, no soul ever leaves the spiritual world, there is no eternal hell or even any possibility of any soul being eternally rejected by God, as God is eternally indwelling in every soul, but a soul can choose to oppose God and remain absent from His full association for as long as he wishes, that is the right of his eternally independent individual will, as every jiva soul is a minute expansion of the Godhead Soul, though only the Godhead maintains eternal supreme authority as He maintains the manifestation of all the planets in all different dimensions.

But there is an eternal spiritual world that is infinite and beginningless, comprised of nothing other than conscious living soul matter, that being the true nature of reality.

All souls have perfect personalities within the spiritual dimension and cofunction perfectly as long as they maintain the association of God as their principal associate, no matter how many other trillions of beings they know in the spiritual world.

The material maya potency is a prison house for souls who no longer maintain their full understanding, and thus they are maintained in bodies which necessarily limit the potential of their expression, these bodies are temporary however, and when the soul is restored to balanced spirituality and fitness again to experience cosmic consciousness and interactivity within that extent of expression within the Godhead, with their individual willpower acting in a harmonious way alongside the individual willpower of all others there, then they no longer remain confined in any material conditioning bodily vehicle when restored to full cognizance of existing within the infinite spiritual world.

We may think that this race, this people, this religion, this species, this nation, etc. etc. are ‘doing’ this or that, and doing this or that to ‘us’, but we are not our material or astral bodies, nor are the souls who we consider are doing this or that to us their material bodies either.

Who or what is actually responsible?

The Lord does see what each soul desires to do in this world, then His material maya potency manifesting in the form of various material demigods translates that into material mental impulse in the human brain or brain of any other species, and then acts that out in some manner through material voice and physical act, and this extends even to the building and using of atomic bombs and psychotronic mind control technology, AI, the lot.

Only material maya is the actor here, the will of the individual forgetful soul is held subject to that potency in this dimension, and the Godhead maintains ultimate authority over that. That is not to say that crafty rebellious souls should then willfully cultivate a yearning within their forgetful souls to seek to pose as God and seek to go around committing insane acts of violence or making needless trouble, and then blame that on God, yet if some choose to do so, they apparently can, though with limitation, yet they prove nothing, as God will even let the fallen inner spiritual nature of such trouble-causing mischief-makers be revealed by much of what they desire being made manifest to some degree in this world to expose their fallen nature to all.

Amidst all the apparent random chaos, supreme order still ultimately controls everything in this world.

When we collectively turn even further away from God, collectively we are made to feel the pinch of material nature to drive us away from it and back towards association with the Godhead Soul, and that is an act of mercy, as if we found what we might erroneously consider to be the epitome of potential for spiritual consciousness and expression merely in this material dimension, we would actually not desire to return to the spiritual world to exist within our true nature, and thus be quite cut off from our natural true state of self-cognition, true spiritual joy and happiness.

There are actually worlds in the lower material dimensions where very luxurious material things exist, fantastic technologies way in advance of our own, multidimensional spacecraft, fantastic medical knowledge, very beautiful and luxurious houses with great gardens, but the people there consider themselves so advanced that they have no desire for God and thus do not seek to return to the true spiritual world, and thus do not even have consciousness of their eternal spiritual nature, and that is actually true poverty, these things are recorded in the vedic scriptures.

We may feel karma not just due to our own individual past interaction, but on a level involving past actions of our countrymen also, so karma does not always appear to be entirely just to each of us on a personal level, that is just a concomitant of choosing to incarnate in the body of some individual, we do not always see or understand the complicated circumstances and consequences that will come associated with such an incarnation beforehand.

In the spiritual world, a soul merely has to desire, and God kindly manifests the materialization of whatever that jiva soul wishes for there instantly, in a different quality of substance from the astral plains though, in pure living spiritual substance, and the Lord Himself may become a living aircraft of living gold, lapis lazuli and emerald on which jiva souls can enjoy travelling through the spiritual skies of the Vaikuntha or Goloka planets, which contain a beautiful gentle form of flashing blue lightning playing across them according to vedic writing.

In this material world, if the defective and greatly shrivelled mentality of a forgetful soul goes quite mad through having lost all this freedom, all their spiritual cognition, all their cosmic consciousness, and blames this person or that person and then desires to build atomic weapons by means of which all his ‘adversaries’ can then all be annihilated, then after due consideration, to respect the right of all souls to express individual will, and in such a way that such expression can still provide a meaningful spiritual lesson to both that individual and all others there, the Lord’s material maya potency then causes the approximate equivalent of those thoughts to manifest, but in this case, the effect is not permitted to become immediately manifest, due to the mentality of the fallen soul now being defective and not being fit to be able to desire the Lord to make anything immediately manifest for them any longer, the now demonic soul who was formerly a saintly resident in the spiritual world cannot immediately cause all others in this material world to be destroyed in an instant, yet the nuclear bombs are still made, and but are not immediately used, whilst all others in the world can see that the demonic nuclear bombs have been made manifest and can see that not everything is good in this world, a lesson for them to cause them to prepare to transcend and become able to move elsewhere to a higher plane.

In the spiritual world, only benevolent things are manifest, so no mentality for personal, sectarian or international warfare exists there, and with everyone having an absolutely perfect personality there, everyone naturally enjoys this pleasure of constant and instant fulfillment of all desire, and they naturally enjoy sharing their utmost love with the provider of all that, also sharing love with all others, with all individuals enjoying sharing communal pastimes together with the Godhead. In this material world though, immediate manifestation of any desire of a soul can no longer be allowed, or the insane would immediately liquidate all others at the speed of thought, after wrongly blaming them for all their supposed ills.

The creation of 5G and AI psychotronic mind control equipment and the harmfulness of those things is a direct consequence of spiritual apathy in the whole of society in general. But of course, few individuals are mad like many of those in power, and the whole world does not deserve to suffer such a terrible fate as intended for them under the Godless plans of the more demonic souls.

Yet we live within societies whose numbers of the spiritually forgetful actually greatly outnumber those of the more spiritually-minded parts of society, so physical expression of the insanity of the more aggressive seekers after power, the more demonic type of forgetful souls within this Kali Yuga, begins to predominate, despite the greater numbers of the more sensible who are seemingly powerless to influence society in any other direction, especially because they themselves are very easily conned at election time, again and again.

Such dark influence is even effected by artificial manipulation of voting results by the illicit Diebold voting machine software, and they get away with this especially because the vast majority of people have no idea that legions of psychologists are employed in a highly illegal and malevolent manner by politicians to surreptitiously shift the opinions and actions of the electorate in any way the demonic leaders desire, and because of the ignorant and ‘trusting’, who, like children, actually think that those people are in power to actually ‘help’ them, and are easily made to go along with evil plans introduced by surreptitious means, often without the electorate even knowing just a small fraction of the actual future intended agenda of any political party at election time, so we essentially live under terrorist dictatorships, we have been living under such terrible regimes for centuries already.

Entirely new systems of government and entirely new governments are badly needed, and they need to have more recognition of our eternal spiritual needs, rather than being focussed almost entirely on moving forces into position to bring about a demonic NWO one world government after some purposely arranged WWIII to make people really want that, as the misled people are currently intended to be made to think that a NWO one world government alone will be able to offer them some security, that is why Brexit is a must, and the more shifting of power back to individual nations the better, as a one world government in this Kali Yuga, anyway, will only provide an apparently benevolently-intended framework at first that will undoubtedly become thoroughly infiltrated by darker powers, and I will say multidimensional darker powers, and used only to house an unremovable demonic military dictatorship which will be utterly horrific, that will, without the slightest doubt, result in the mass extermination of most of the population of the world and the physical enslavement of the rest under a Godless demonic elite ‘master’ people who do not even share any compassionate intent towards any of the other life in this entire world, or towards any life on any other world for that matter.

The sheer aggressiveness of the demonic ‘leaders’ is responsible, it literally terrifies the people into keeping well out of their way, and just letting them ‘get on with it’. The greater mass of individuals needs to actually challenge these fake ‘leaders’ by one means or another, even if that might upset the seeming day-to-day ‘calm’ in which the subject peoples of the world are actually only slowly being quite literally crippled or executed by various means, such as by fake food, electronic pollution, fake religions, fake psychology, fake medicine, fake news (made by those who allege fake news), fake politics, fake history, and constant instigation of unnecessary international wars by false flags, terrorism, and propaganda lies.

They spy on our phone calls, through our TV’s, they intercept our telegrams, our mail, especially our email, the Talpiot program can spy on every phone and computer in the world, and now they want to get inside our heads not just by psychic means, but by automated AI means, and make us the ideal men of clay robots that they have long desired.

The little boxes they are putting on all the street lamp posts now do not merely take video recordings and sound recordings of people in the street as they did before, they now also include 5G transmitters, able to project very powerful 5G microwaves into your dwelling, right through your body.

A spirit capable of understanding the vital need for a total change in political leadership is highly desirable in the present situation, and God admires the development of that sentiment in a good and Godly cause, and will provide the suitable mental and material means for that if the people lend what still exists within them of their eternal spiritual consciousness to seeing the need for that and desiring that.

And that is possible, as God is eternally indwelling within the souls of all beings throughout the cosmos, so there is always some degree of spiritual consciousness of God in every soul, even though some may choose to ignore or even attack the presence of God within themselves and within all others as the more demonic souls do, and that is why the more demonic souls are intent on destroying all other religions in the world, to make sure that we no longer believe in the eternality of our spirit souls, or in any God (except the Abrahamic non-God that they tell us to believe in), and why they tell us that psychic phenomena are merely a delusion, as they steadily and methodically whittle away at the quality of the consciousness and cohesiveness of our ancient cultures and societies bit by bit.

This is why they are seeking to robotize us, to replace spiritual empathy and telepathy between us with machine supervision of even our thoughts, replacing our true God if they can, pushing this attack to the absolute limit in their vindictive hatred, for that is what they are practising against us, not any leadership, and by taking us further away from the actual God, the more demonic souls seek to keep us here in the material world with them as their captives, in the material world which they themselves are currently totally restricted to, through having being totally banned from reentering the spiritual world until they give up their Abrahamic demonic hate and practices, so that in the absence of God, they can use us for psychic, spiritual and even flesh feed bags, drawing on the substance of our subtle bodies, stealing our ‘chi’, or ‘prana’, our life force, as well as the adrenochrome and flesh that many of the demonic ‘elite’, who pose outwardly as ordinary humans, thrive on.

These Jewish beings practice psychic arts like astral projection, in their case for nefarious purposes, constant controlled reincarnation, always coming back amongst their own to steadily build up a network of power, and have mastered the dark occult art of transferring bad karma to innocents who then suffer in their place, with that too even being allowed to occur as a lesson to us all as a concomitant multidimensional hazard to all who foolishly still desire to come to this world.

Shape-shifting and other occult practices are known to some of them and practiced by them, but those abilities and that knowledge cannot help them reenter the spiritual world, as for that, the soul must first begin once again to have a reawakened spiritual relationship with the true God to know even their own actual eternal spiritual nature, that will then enable them to have genuine spiritual empathy with other souls existing within the real God on a more universal level.

We are not meant to come to this material world in the first place, but if we do, then this material planet can still be a very good place actually to speed up spiritual reawakening, and the human species is a species advantageous for that purpose and very suitable to incarnate within.

The vedic scriptures tell how beings from higher, more spiritually cultured material planets sometimes actually choose to come here to finish being attracted to the material world altogether, as some higher material planets are extremely luxurious and very attractive, but not actually fully spiritual, and thus not ideally suitable to enable any resident souls there to attain to full spiritual consciousness.

The solution is for the revitalisation of spiritual cognition of the true nature of the eternal spiritual self in all cultures all over the world, with the vital prerequisite of recognition of the Lord in all His many different forms of expression in all peoples to be revitalized, along with the spiritual science that this is the most valuable thing, life itself of the eternal living soul, and that direct association with the Lord is not only the most pleasing relationship that is eternal and beginningless, it is actually the sole means of attaining and maintaining this state of consciousness, to such a degree that any devotee soul can then be ‘transferred’ to the spiritual world after this life, then the madness within this material world will start to wind down, the Lord will no longer permit the insane to see their insane desires come to exist on the plane of physical manifestation, nor even on the subtle inner material planes of manifestation in this world, and Satya Yuga type conditions can become increasingly prevalent.

What is actually revealed here in this video is not any spiritual world at all, or any proof of one in itself, as all these magical phenomena are purely material, these being merely a variety of manifestations of alternative physical dimensional perceptions, a material mayic labyrinth that can go on without limit without ever approaching the spiritually transcendental dimensions.

Doing yoga, shamanism or magic you experience different eyes being made manifest around your soul, lent by God’s energies, giving you perception of different dimensions and places, all those things are afforded to the yogi by God ultimately, but such material mayic perceptions are mixed with progressively more spiritual experiences, the yogi gradually learning that the Lord is ultimately all that surrounds their own soul and all other souls throughout infinity, whether in any material or spiritual universe, and a relationship is gradually reestablished that enables the yogi to have their cognition fully restored to its original, eternal, and beginningless transcendental spiritual nature, with all senses and intellectual faculties being those of the individual awakened spiritual soul themself, maintained by their consciousness being dovetailed with that of the Lord Himself, with no need at all any longer for any mayic conditioning external bodily vehicle, and the individual jiva soul understands that redeveloping and maintaining their beginningless and eternal relationship with the Godhead Soul, who is infinite in size, is the sole means of reestablishment of spiritual self-cognition of their own true eternal self nature, and the sole means of being restored to their original perfect spiritual personality, which is unique for each eternal soul, and when they reattain that quality, and only then, can they once again engage in perfect relationships and spiritual pastimes with the Godhead Soul and all other souls within Him. This video is very educative though, and very valuable in that it shows how perception of reality is not guaranteed merely by the eyes of the physical bodies that we are given. We are not these bodies.

Spiritual culture comes first, then a more balanced material reality will then be automatically made manifest by the Lord, because, ultimately, He is the substance and true controller of that material reality, He does not allow the prison house to be ruled by the inmates, even though the apparent chaotic nature of this world may make it appear to be that way.

More pleasant material circumstances in this world without first having a deeper spiritual relationship with God are not truly conducive to our spiritual development, to have a return to the more sattvic conditions of Satya Yuga in this world we must first have a revivification of some considerable degree of true spiritual consciousness amongst the greater masses of the people.

Further considering this matter from the vedic perspective, each individual is an individual soul, and the mayic substance of the physical body and subtle body provided to each of us in this world is ultimately revealed as substance of the Soul of the Godhead Soul Himself, so wrestle with this as much as we might, this is the nitty gritty, God has limited our options in this material world, we have to choose to acknowledge and recognize an eternal relationship with this very closely related individual who plays such a vital role in our lives in all dimensions, we must not fight the Godhead, but pray for the real Godhead to become manifest as our most intimate and principal associate, and for God Himself to prevent any pretenders from swaying our consciousness.

We can see that even in this world, there are many people who would insanely try to have us believe that they themselves are God Himself, some of them possessing a great deal of psychic influence, and God facilitates them occupying their pretentious positions in order to test both themselves and us. The Jews are such people, with the Chabad Lubavitchers openly stating that Jewish souls alone come from God (what they deludedly think God is) and that their souls are actually part of the Godhead, whereas no non-Jewish soul is from God or ever can be they say, as they say Jews are Jews eternally, and non-Jews are non-Jews eternally.

But demonic souls like these may be challenged and should be, that too is an essential part of the yoga or spiritual development by any other genuine method that we must all do. If we are prepared to accept each and every ‘authority’ that comes along, how can we ever be fit to join God again in the spiritual world?

The decision-making to be with God starts here in this world.

Jewish Soviet Leadership Ordered Communist Takeover of Germany & Jews Led The Uprisings

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We never hear this side of the story, about armed, militant Jews seizing power in Germany, and Jews ordering the execution of German civilians,

Source: Jewish Soviet Leadership Ordered Communist Takeover of Germany & Jews Led The Uprisings

Comment by Mothman777:

The video above, though very good, seems slightly hesitant to truly identify the Jews as the ultimate cause and purpose of the ‘revolution’, mentioning ‘anti-semitic prejudice’ at 5.37.

Yet Karl Marx published the following words amongst a number of other works, in ‘Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung NZR’, January 1849, clearly calling for a Jewish world conquest and total extermination of all other races and peoples in existence;

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

Here we see the true intended victims of actual racism, all non-Jews, here we see the true nature of the ‘revolution’, genocidal mass murder and ultimately the total extermination of all non-Jews in the entire world, here we see the true intended victims of the real holocaust, the Gentiles themselves.

Hence all the sickening and intensive bombing of the mass media on a constant basis with the mind-numbing false propaganda that Jews and Jews alone are the victims of some terrible plot to exterminate them all, so as to create false justification for legislation to come into being that will criminalize anyone who tries to alert the Gentile peoples of the world about the intended holocaust of all Gentile peoples.

The recently strengthened legislation against reading ‘terrorist’ material online even once in the UK, together with a threatened prison sentence of a staggering 15 years for just doing that and that alone, is a clear sign that the Jews are really panicking now and seeking to class all truth-telling about the criminal terrorist acts and intentions of the Jews as terrorist itself.

They do this sneakily by seemingly introducing such legislation as a defensive measure against primarily Islamic ‘terrorism’, which the Jews themselves of course are entirely responsible for through false flag events like 9/11, 2001 and 7/7, 2005 and all, to whip up a frenzy of paranoia and irrational hatred against such distant and harmless nations as Iran that they want to see nuked out of existence by the US and other nations of Gentile slave peoples, but they really mean for ‘terrorist’ and ‘extremist’ material to mean anything that the mainly Jewish-controlled government wishes to class as terrorist and extremist, and that covers a much wider area.

They do this very cunningly of course in a not-quite-so-obvious manner by first bombing Muslim nations (see video speeches of former US General Wesley Clarke, and Aaron Russo on the stated US intent to invade 7 nations in 5 years), using false flag attacks that are then wrongly blamed on the Muslims, and by using the insertion of their own psy-ops mercenaries like ISIS and Al Qaeda et al into territories that the US wishes to invade for Israel after using the presence of those forces to justify US military action in those territories, with ISIS for instance being provenly established to be under the command of several crypto-Jewish Mossad agents like Shimon Elliot, along with serving army officers from Israel, Turkey, the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for instance who have all been captured or killed leading ISIS attacks according to news reports.

BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

Fars: 30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo

30 U.S./Israeli Officers Killed in Russian Missile Attack – Media Silent

EXCLUSIVE: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Captured in Iraq

Guess Who is Behind the Islamic State: Israeli IDF Colonel Leading ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Iraq

So can we really believe that the US is now coordinating attacks against ISIS with Russia, or are they all just using fake CGI fake imagery and fake news reports as in the dystopian novel by George Orwell, it sounds like a far leap of the imagination I know, but Obama did just that for years showing us very realistic footage of drone strikes and bombing raids on ISIS positions, and none of it was real, could the entire fight against ISIS be largely an illusion maintained by coordinated efforts of crypto-Jewish leaders, even with Putin himself possibly being involved in the deception, and that really does sound incredible I know, with his seemingly great sincerity against ISIS, but when the US is still established as working with Russia to attack ISIS, whilst the US is definitely still supporting ISIS, then this starts to become a very plausible idea.

Lets face it, all of these lying crypto-Jewish leaders are controlling member nations of the UN, the Chabad Lubavitcher-controlled UN that has agreed behind all our backs, only treating us all like dumb farm animals who are to be slaughtered as the rabbinical minded Marx intended, that has agreed upon the eventual worldwide implementation of mandatory Noahide Laws in every nation of the world under what must surely, and can only be a one world military Jewish government, with the genocidal slaughter of all members of all so-called idolatrous, non-Jewish religions to then ensue, so we can now clearly see just how dishonest, two-faced, deceptive and genocidally murderous against the populations of the nations that they have somehow come to be able to control that these infiltrated crypto-Jewish national leaders really are.

Russia and US warplanes strike Syria in first ever JOINT attack

Or maybe Russia really is fighting ISIS and is just too stupid to realize that the US is still fighting for ISIS, but crypto-Jew Erdogan, who has always worked closely with ISIS, is now working together closely with Putin, so these leaders are trying to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to be able to work out what is actually happening.

This set of circumstances is guaranteed to confuse anyone, intendedly so, and this very lack of transparency is very suspicious in itself, I know Russia ‘exposed’ 40 or so other nations supporting ISIS, but then so has Erdogan ‘exposed’ the US for working with ISIS, it is a comedy show, and they are all playing us for complete idiots.

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

The US has for many years been caught airlifting ISIS personnel from one place to another whenever any military position is compromised for example, or when they are needed to be rapidly deployed elsewhere, Terror sponsor: US seen again airlifting ISIS leaders to safety in Syria[

This occurs along with the 1984 style media reporting on the military agreements between the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel,Turkey etc, to work together to attack ISIS, when several of these nations at least are provenly still colluding with ISIS, even though Putin’s Russian forces apparently really are killing many ISIS.

Yet Putin works closely with Turkey and the US to do that, when Turkey and the US can be seen to still be aiding ISIS, with Erdogan stating how he knows that other nations are still colluding with ISIS, they all tell stories on each each, and all are working together with each other at the same time.

It is my contention that to maintain the illusion of ‘terrorist’ forces being taken out, that terrorist mercenary forces can be singled out from time to time as a result of apparent in-fighting between factions so as to justify those other forces than being attacked by the other factions upon orders given to them by their paymasters to do so, or even for any faction to be attacked by the US or Russian military without being supported any longer by the other factions, and that satisfies the minds of the other mercenaries, as then such attacks as ordered by their paymasters are apparently justified as those other mercenaries have apparently deviated from the strict plans that they have been employed to engage in carrying out, and thus the Jewish leaders like Trump and Putin can be actually seen to be attacking ‘terrorist’ forces from time to time, without aggravating the suspicions of the mercenaries in the other factions, and without the crypto-Jewish leaders losing face in front of their TV audiences, who can see excellent high resolution video footage of terrorists being blown up, but how many of these ‘terrorists’ are just people innocently attending wedding parties, where a few dozen family members are just shooting old muskets and the like into the air in celebration of the marriage? Such mass killings regularly account for many of the killings of terrorists, as Syrian civilians tell of how ISIS are like the Viet Cong, how ISIS maintains rabbit warren complexes of tunnels into which they disappear when coalition forces aircraft approach to bomb, leaving only the Syrian civilians themselves to get blown to pieces on the surface.

When the coalition nations fought against Colonel Qaddafi’s loyalist forces in Libya, a tiny nation of just 4 million people, Al Qaeda, the supposed ‘terrorists’ at that time, actually fought shoulder to shoulder alongside NATO troops to crush Libyan loyalist forces, and the first things they did were to establish an Israeli military base in Libya and Rothschilds usurious banking throughout Libya to hogtie and enslave the previously very liberated Libyan people.

They are hoping to use this threat of a 15 year prison sentence to terrify people out of accessing much of the internet, so that they can use that means to totally stymy any possibility of any intellectual dissent developing against the rapidly increasing Jewish dictatorship, by making people too frightened to even just click just once, even accidentally, on a site like this or my own, even though these sites are not pro ISIS, as people fear that they will very likely be already placed under an umbrella category of extremist sites, or that they will in the future, and I have met people who tell me they will not even visit any site that deals with politics outside of the mainstream meda because they just do not know what might happen.

The text below is reproduced from the following link, and lends greater clarity to the actual meaning and purpose of the words of Karl Marx which are published near the beginning of this comment;

View at

When Jews control the planet, Kabbalists believe, God’s power will be manifest through the Messiah.

“The Holy One, blessed be He, will display His force, and exterminate them [Gentiles] from the world.”

In that day:

“happy will be the lot of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim of whom the Scriptures say: “Their work is vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will perish when God visits them in his wrath.” At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist even as it is written: “The Lord alone will appear great on that day.”

Until then, the Kabbalah has a solemn mission:

“It is certain that our captivity will last until the princes of the Gentiles who worship idols are destroyed.”

February 24, 2019

Hitler, Rydz-Smigły and the German -Polish War

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At 2.32, the speaker refers to ‘this new country of Poland’ which is slightly ambiguous, as Poland was created in 966 AD, he should have said territory newly acquired by Poland from Germany, after Germany was carved up into pieces under the harsh terms of the Versailles ‘Treaty’, signed 28 June 1919 in Versailles.

The Invisible Critic kindly just sent me this additional history on the formation of Poland;
“From late 1700’s until 1919, Poland was not a country. It had been part of three different empires — Prussian, Russian an Austro-Hungarian. Obviously, the Polish people existed for many centuries — but there was no state for about 130 years. When it was put together as a state after WW1, 5 million Germans were brutally expelled from western Prussia.”

The territory taken by Poland contained 40% German-speaking peoples, and 60% Polish speaking peoples. The Poles led by Jewish instigators then immediately started genociding the Germans in that territory as early as 1921-1922, if not before, driving many thousands of Germans out, slaughtering and mutilating many others, and that was the kind of ongoing violence that Germany pleaded with Poland to stop, offering very generous terms to Poland, but Poland deliberately and unreasonably refused to accept those terms.

“The Soviet invasion of Poland was a military operation by the Soviet Union without a formal declaration of war. On 17 September 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, sixteen days after Germany invaded Poland from the west. Subsequent military operations lasted for the following 20 days and ended on 6 October 1939 with the two-way division and annexation of the entire territory of the Second Polish Republic by Germany and the Soviet Union. The Soviet invasion of Poland was secretly approved by Germany following the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact on 23 August 1939.”

Of course, the Jews share their power with nobody else, and Poland learned that the hard way in the Katyn Forest Massacre, and when Poland was forced to give up its sovereignty anyway, not to Germany, but to the Jewish-controlled Russian government, so the Jews just used the Poles, as they ultimately betray all others who think they can ally with the Jews, just as Jewish-controlled Russia secretly plotted to invade Germany also despite having been in agreement with Germany to invade Poland earlier under the terms of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

On September 3, 1939, two days after the German invasion of Poland, a highly controversial massacre occurred in and around the town of Bydgoszcz (German: Bromberg) in the Polish Pomeranian Voivodeship. The number of casualties that occurred then is heavily contested, and some have also claimed that this particular massacre occurred before the German invasion, and there are many sites making that erroneous statement, but the real facts that I have researched show that the Bromberg massacre actually occurred after the German invasion, which Poland forced by refusing to stop the genocidal massacre of Germans, deliberately suckering Germany in so that Britain could then declare war on Germany under terms of a treaty with Britain, though Russia invaded Poland and Poland and Britain did not go to war with Russia, but rather allied with Russia.

Communist Russia was the creation of Jewish bankers in the UK and USA anyway, so the Jews sought to preserve that evil creation, including by the
lend-lease program arranged by their political agents, especially to artificially maintain the present day cold war with Russia and build-up of WMD by means of which a WWIII will be deliberately arranged between the Jewish leaders in the US and Russia to wipe out most Gentiles in the Northern hemisphere.

It is important to remember that evidence was recorded even as early as 1921-1922, that Germans were already being massacred in newly-held territories by Poland even as early as that time, and Poland made no effort to stop the Jewish Communist-led mobs, but rather encouraged them with the backing even of the military.

I provide evidence in the following link;

February 23, 2019


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February 22, 2019

Trump’s New “Anti-Semitism” Envoy: America Is Focused on “Protecting the Jews”

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Comment by Mothman777;

The US and UK are slaves to Israel, with the US being employed at present, as in WWI and WWII, as principal attack dog on behalf of the Jews and their plan to bring about a one world Jewish NWO government that will inflict the demonic edicts of the Noahide Laws upon every nation of the world.

These Noahide Laws are to be enacted with the provision that if any single nation or bloc of nations attempts to decline submission, their entire populations will simply be completely physically annihilated, remember how they spoke of killing all the German people, not only during, but before WWII, and how they speak of killing all the Palestinian people today?

Well, we Gentiles are all next, look how the Jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev openly declares that all white people must be gotten rid of from the whole world, permanently, that is how grateful the Jews are to the duped white people for supporting Israel today and for exterminating millions of completely innocent Germans for them in WWII.

You see, they are really nasty with it, they even say that all we white people deserve to be wiped out for not stopping the (fake) holocaust of 6 million Jews by the Germans, that is how cheeky they are, that is the real nature of their malicious, surly and impudent sense of Jewish humour called ‘chutzpah’.

Well, the Noahide Laws, already in law in the US since 1991, already approved by the UN for eventual worldwide implementation in every single nation in the world, mean to authorize the execution of every single Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, or member of any other Gentile religion that they consider ‘idolatrous’ in every single nation.

This means basically anyone who is a Gentile who is still breathing is to be killed using a fancy excuse, except for a few hundred million non-religious slaves who they intend to keep as slaves for a few years, at least until DARPA AI makes even those Gentiles redundant so they can be killed too, likely by the DARPA robots themselves that they are developing now, which are intended to be humanoid in appearance, greater in strength and agility, and equally intelligent to humans, they will be able to snap every Gentiles’ neck throughout the entire world in an instant at the press of a button when the time comes, and DARPA reckons that in another 20 years or so, their developmental stage will be at that level.

Of course, Stalin maintained a law throughout Russia that inflicted a mandatory death penalty for the ‘crime’ of ‘anti-semitism’ on any individual who might dare to voice any anti-Jewish sentiment, as Judaism was (and still is) held to be an essential aspect of the Communist ‘revolution’.

Rabbinical Jewish agent Karl Marx (another ‘Christian’) published these words;

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

Well, there is the real nature of the ‘revolution’ revealed, that being simply to kill all other races and peoples ultimately, and the true victims of the holocaust are revealed there also, all non-Jews, and the true nature of Judaism is revealed there also, as Rabbi Stephen Wise stated;

“Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism”.

That is why the Jews make all people bow to the false idol of the holocaustianity religion several times a day through the bombed-out mass media constantly filled with references to (falsely alleged) constant victimisation and constant suffering of Jews so that the Gentiles cannot think of any other people as having ever been a victim of anything.

This utterly nauseating and highly aggressive media campaign is fiercely maintained by the loud-mouthed bullying Jews, so that the Gentiles will be well-programmed to understand that they must always unquestioningly and unfailingly leap to the defense of Israel and the Jews, even at the cost of their own lives.

If they fail to do this, they are told the consequences will be unthinkable, take the Samson Option threat of an Israeli-inflicted nuclear holocaust to destroy the entire world that has been threatened by Martin Van Creveld, Golda Meir and other senior Israelis at various times for instance, as being certain to occur in the event that even one single nation is responsible for committing any existential attack against Israel whilst the rest of the (slave) nations have done nothing to prevent that attack from occurring, as the whole world will then be wiped out says Israel in that instance, so the Jews effectively say, “All you Gentiles must serve the Jews with your very lives or be annihilated”.

And the nastiest thing is that the Jews thoroughly intend to slaughter every single last one of the Gentiles anyway, and then, to add to that nastiness, to then send every single one of their Gentile souls to hell on top of that “under the Angel Duma”‘ as the Zohar states.

Anti-semitism is a misnomer in any case, we all know, since Jews are not the only semitic people, but that aside…

Following WWII, the Russian Kremlin demanded that every nation in the entire world accept a proposal to enact the same law in their own nations, for the death penalty to be imposed on any individual throughout the entire world if they dared to voice any anti-semitic opinion, and thank goodness, no other nation complied as far as I know.

But ‘Christian’ Putin has followed on in the Jewish tradition, and has asked all other nations in the world to at least put any individual in prison if they deny the (falsely-alleged) holocaust of the 6 million Jews, or even voices any public sentiment approving of any aspect of National Socialist philosophy, this being merely a psy-op propaganda move of the Jews to ensure that no one ever gets time to even think about the horrendous losses suffered by their own peoples in WWI and WWII, both of which the Jews entirely instigated for their own nefarious purposes, without the slightest sorrow or concern for the suffering of all others that they caused.

Of course, the Jews do not regard other people as anything more than eternally inferior, eternally sinful and irredeemable non-living demons from hell who must all be enslaved at the very least, before all Gentiles are ultimately exterminated and purged entirely from this world, and their souls returned to hell, as stated in the edicts of their Zohar and other Jewish terrorist literature posed before the gullible goyim as ‘scriptures’.

The current hysterical demands for ‘wiping out’ ‘antisemitism’ by various senior politicians around the world is surely only a further repetition of the insanely draconian demands of the Bolshevik Jews, and that is precisely who they represent even whilst deceptively declaring themselves to be Christians as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May and others do.

Either people stop voting these agents of deception and genocide into power, or they or their children will all become victims themselves, nothing is more certain. But of course, who is counting the votes…? That has to be watched over as well by responsible and honest Gentile people.

An entire class of agricultural pesticides found to damage the brains of children… IQ scores falling nationwide

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Comment by Mothman777;

Crops grown with basalt rock dust added to soil at the rate of 1-2 kilos every couple of years or so, or as needed to replace the depleted topsoil rock dust makes crops so well-nourished and hardy that fertilizers and pesticides and other agricultural chemicals such as fungicides are not necessary at all, making it possible to revert to completely organic farming methods.

Human beings should not be a chemistry experiment, nor should other forms of life. Using basalt rock dust brings a 200% to 800% increased output by weight per square metre of land, making the NWO pseudo-argument for the use of the actually toxic GMO crops completely invalid, and basalt rock dust also provides many times the mineral content of crops grown with artificial fertilizers, especially when GMO methods with the use of highly toxic glyphosate drastically further reduce mineral content of food crops.

Rare micro-minerals naturally present in the igneous basalt source rock such as praseodymium, lanthanum, samarium, have been demonstrated to double the lifespan of animals fed on foods rich in these minerals, with obvious implications for human health and lifespan, and these microminerals are not present in NPK fertilizer, just Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium which make plants bulk up with water very quickly to provide the mere appearance of a voluminous health-giving food.

Basalt rock dust is the way to go, and natural insects can be used to predate on pests in certain exceptional circumstances as well if ever required, which will no longer be possible if the NWO succeeds in wiping out all natural insects in this world, in order to be able to effect another method of drastic population reduction and control.

The GMO companies are not merely commercial concerns, they are effectively NWO government departments in themselves, with Iraq for instance having been forced to surrender their grain research facility at Abu Ghraib, with all grain varieties and other traditional seed varieties then having been confiscated permanently, with the Iraqi farmers then being forced literally at gunpoint to stop growing their own traditional hardy crop plants developed by them over thousands of years, and to then only grow Monsanto GMO seeds, to further compound the genocidal misery already inflicted upon Iraq by the extensive deployment of DU, which itself has resulted in massive rates of deformity, disability, sterility, still-birth, genetic damage and non-viability according to medical workers I have spoken to who actually visit Iraq annually to do charitable work there, and they tell me that you hardly ever see a completely normal child there anymore, despite the vile western propaganda lies that state otherwise, Old Testament genocide is what is happening in Iraq, the GMO crops that Iraqis are forced to use are blatantly yet another genocidal weapon.

And the illicit war booty stolen from Iraq, the oil, is not given to any other nation but Israel, after a pipeline extension was constructed from the Mosul-Kirkuk pipeline in Iraq running all the way to Israel in order for Israel to then receive unlimited amounts of oil totally free, in perpetuity, when their slave nations, the coalition nations, had done all the fighting, dying, robbing and genocidal murdering for their slave-masters, that is the NWO for you.

Genocide is the name of the game, and our own genocide is also being made to happen right now by increasingly surreptitious means such as the use of these toxic chemicals to render the slave population more dumb and controllable, it is all entirely deliberate.

Aaron Russo was even told before all this happened that the one of the aims of invading Iraq would be to steal the oil, but it is very revealing that the oil was only stolen for Israel, after the false flag 9/11 attack was done in order to falsely justify that criminal genocidal war against Iraq. Former US General Wesley Clarke was also informed at that time of how 7 nations were intended to be invaded over a five years period.

Rock dust is the essential and original mineral source of all soil. Compost that comes from crops grown on poorly replenished soil will not provide good quality compost, and NPK fertilizers or even biochar are extremely poor sources of minerals by way of comparison to basalt, and merely grinding up fish to spread on the land is not a good way to go about things either for the sake of respecting all other life. Basalt rock dust is the original fertilizer and is king in that regard, being the true original, and plants growing on the quality of basalt-enriched soil will then be able to provide the finest quality of compost, and will also be best able to provide the best environment for the microbiome that plants need in order to be able to thrive properly.

When our malevolent anti-life pseudo-intellectual governments and their so-called scientific advisors refuse to recognize this most elementary of truths, and cannot use proven organic methods to preserve the existence of the insect species, which are absolutely vital to the survival of not only the plants but ourselves and all other land-based species, and they refuse to employ this very basic and sure remedy to restore the full quality of our soil, which would then result in almost all diseases being massively lessened in incidence and severity, then they are not fit for purpose as they are actively working against us, and not only against us, but against the natural plant species and all other life in this world.

What the NWO government is already doing, as it is largely already in operation, is not merely a matter of ignorance or incompetence, or of profit-making, no businessman is that stupid or malevolent, it is a matter of deliberate callous planning to harm life itself as per the harsh edicts contained within the words of Deuteronomy 20:16. King James Version (KJV);

“But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:”

Scientists working for TPTB will be quite aware of the real truth, yet they overwhelmingly seem to strive to hobble us to keep us in our place, and do not care how the rest of the other species suffer in the process as a direct consequence of their madness.

The GMO ‘industry’ is currently intent on making 100% of the world’s crop plants patentable GMO plants. People have to demand change now. This matter is just as important to our survival as breathing is, and inappropriate modern agricultural methods are even related directly to our breathing too.

Vital topsoil takes 20,000 years to produce naturally by wind and water erosion of rock masses, and is currently being washed away or blown away from agricultural land due to current poor agricultural methods without being replaced with fully appropriate material of sufficient quality, sometimes at the rate of several tons per acre per annum.

Modern sources can provide basalt rock dust or any other type of rock dust that may be required for any specific crop type from quarry waste, as basalt, for example, is a rock heavily used in road-building and architecture, and the world is largely made of basalt and similar igneous source rocks, so it will always be cheap and will always be accessible.

Basalt is an extrusive volcanic rock and forms 90% of all volcanic rock, with more than 80% of the Earth’s surface above and below sea level being volcanic rock, so there will never be a problem obtaining this material, even though it is not currently in a form that the plants can utilize without it being mechanically ground down first, but we need to replace chemical fertilizers with the right stuff and put that right stuff back where it belongs, to replace that which is being lost, this being a basic agricultural principle that needs to become widely accepted and adopted in practice.

I have an academic background in the study of general geological science, and a professional background in geological survey work, and in market gardening, later going into organic permaculture.

February 21, 2019

Yahweh’s Chosen Land Thieves and Murderers threaten Palestinian family– ‘If you don’t leave this house, we will slaughter all your children in front of you’

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February 18, 2019

Important Quotations For A Better Understanding Of WWII

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This is one of the best collection of sayings on the origins of WWII that I have ever seen, and is essential reading from beginning to end.

What most people have had concealed from them is that the German minority still living in lands seized by Poland under the terms of the Versailles Treaty after WWI were being systematically ‘disappeared’ by all kinds of genocidal terrorist acts by the Poles, even as soon as the Versailles Treaty came into effect, with the 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica (not mentioned in this list of quotes) stating that even at that time, Germans were already being systematically brutalized and genocided on formerly German lands by Polish terrorists and driven from those lands. Mention is given in these quotes however by Prof. Dr. Ren Martel of the same genocidal violence perpetrated against the German speaking people during Polish raids in Upper Silesia in 1921.

Before WWI, some German-speaking people were already living in that area, before the Treaty of Versailles segregated an area of land that still included them, along with 60% of people who were Polish speaking people, to be part of Poland.

Of course, that completely needless and ruthless extermination process against Germans continued directly after WWII also, that being further evidence of the existence of a long-standing mentality that had led to that very same policy being carried out many years before WWII even started.

That genocidal violence was done to deliberately sucker Germany into further war after WWI, by which it could then be destroyed completely, which would then allow the Jewish creation of Communist Russia to seize as much of Europe as it wished, that having been the entire object of destroying Germany in the very first place in WWI, as the creation of Bolshevik Russia under Jewish control and WWI itself had originally both been intended to occur coincidentally in 1905, the attempts succeeding later only in 1917 and 1914 respectively. See ‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor.

“The minorities in Poland are supposed to disappear. The Polish policy makes sure that they don’t only disappear on the paper. This policy is ruthlessly established and without any attention to the public opinion of the world, of international contracts or the League of Nations. The Ukraine turned to hell under Polish rule. One can say this about Belorussia with even more right. The purpose of the Polish policy is the disappearance of the national minorities on the paper and in reality.” – Manchester Guardian (14th December 1931)

“The Polish terror in the Ukraine today is worse than anything else in Europe. Ukraine became a country of desperation and destruction. The murderous deeds multiplied. The Germans have been tortured, mutilated, excruciated to death, their corpses were desecrated. Villages and palaces have been robbed, ignited, blown up. The depicted incidents in the official publication of the German government in 1921 exceed the worst actions one can imagine.” – Prof. Dr. Ren Martel in his book, Les frontieres orientales de l`Allemagne (Paris 1930) about the Polish raids in Upper Silesia in 1921.

Crucifying German Women

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One of the aberrations practiced by the [Soviet] soldiers was to take victims, mostly female, strip them naked and nail them to barn doors in cruciform fashion.

Source: Crucifying German Women

Comment by Mothman777;

I have read letters sent back from the front lines by German soldiers describing the horrific crimes that the Soviet soldiers and Polish soldiers accompanying them were committing as they swept through Germany, they not only crucified women, they cut their breasts off, then raped them, then poured gasoline on them and burned them to death, whilst forcing the other women, some of whom were just young girls, to watch until it was their turn to go through the same torture, which understandably sent the young women insane when they saw what was coming to them.

Other German women were found crucified, their breasts cut off, with their bellies slit open, foetuses ripped out and dead dachshund dogs stuffed in their place, women had also been raped with broken wine bottles whilst crucified and then left with the broken wine bottles stuffed inside their vaginas.

The Jews are endlessly vindictive in their insanely sadistic genocidal methods of torture and murder, and of course, the Jews themselves entirely instigated both WWI and WWII in which these horrors took place.

The Jews never change, they were just as evil when they slaughtered 220,000 in Egypt and Cyrene and 240,000 on Cyprus many hundreds of years ago and danced around with the intestines of their victims wrapped around them. The Jews are clinically insane, but the world has not yet found a prison mental hospital big enough or secure enough to hold them in yet.

The Jews of Cyprus killed 240,000 people and also destroyed the city of Salamis in AD 115 . After the revolt had been suppressed, Jews were strictly forbidden to even set foot on Cyprus again, but during the third century the Jews had surprisingly been allowed once again to resettle in Cyprus, according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica.
The rebuilding of Cyrene by Hadrian in AD 118/9 (#Hadrian1900)

We see here that Gentiles have been very quick to forget, even when Jews have committed the most terrible crimes against them, unlike the insane Jews who make a religion of never allowing any future generation of their own to forget their own imagined sufferings.

“During the Kitos War the jews genocided entire regions of Romans and Greeks leaving none left alive. The jews ate Gentile flesh. Two of these holocausts are mentioned in Dio’s Rome, Volume 5, Book 68, Paragraph 32:

“Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”

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