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January 8, 2019

Communist Infiltration Of America Was Not A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

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Comment by Mothman777;

The parasite first infested Great Britain, then it’s Crown attack dog, the US, milking the wealth of the British and American Gentiles through Jewish-controlled usurious fractional reserve banking to fund the preparation of Jewish Marxist doctrine which then spread via Trotsky and Lenin, and over 270 Jewish agents in New York who then started the Bolshevik Jewish terrorist takeover of Russia in 1917 with 20 million dollars in gold bullion (after earlier unsuccessful attempts to start WWI and the Russian takeover in 1905 {both intended to occur together so that Jewish-led forces could sweep through Europe, and into America, my personal view} – read ‘Hidden History The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor, and fill in the rest with additional research on statements by leading authorities and Jews at the time who declared that the Jews started WWI and WWII).

Money conned out of British Gentiles by Jewish bankers funded British atomic weapon research by the Jewish Leo Szilard, who later patented the cobalt nuclear dirty bomb in 1950, a doomsday bomb so lethal, he stated, that just 400 placed around the world will be capable of killing all forms of life on this entire planet, permanently, in a major extinction event, indicating an infiltrated government to fund such sick research, a sick Jewish mindset, and a sick Jewish intention.

The terrorist Jewish belief system needs to be declared illegal and banned worldwide ASAP, and any military power opposing this smashed into oblivion using ultimate military force, Jews must be rendered entirely disempowered by any and all means by multi-national decree by a new Gentile-led UN of all governments of all nations in the entire world who even wish to do so much as continue to breathe, or see their Gentile children and all other Gentiles do the same. The Jews are fully intent on the eventual physical annihilation of all Gentiles in the future otherwise, the edicts of their terrorist ‘scriptures’ actually state this, and their rabbis certainly pass much worse down purely by hidden oral tradition.

The crafty Jews really had no need to infiltrate America by using Russian Communists, the Jews already In America created the Russian Communists (originally from New York) to then invade America, seemingly from Russia, this is how the parasite rewards the duped population of any nation of Gentiles that nourishes it.

See how Poland was repaid after supporting the Jews in the middle ages, the Jews let them know that NOBODY gets to be friends with the Jews at all, they intend to be world-beaters and world-takers, and they gave Poland to Stalin, and the Katyn Forest Massacre wiped out all their top officers and intelligentsia, and then a Jewish Russian-planned plane crash wiped out many top Polish officials many years after WWII, that is how the Jews treat anyone who thinks they can be ‘friends’ or equals with the Jews, as many countries have already found out, as many idiotic leaders and their peoples are to find out in the future. Even when it has happened to them, most peoples still do not understand what has actually happened.

This is why the UK and US never destroyed Communist Russia by fighting alongside Germany, whereas patriotic Gentile UK and US citizens would have destroyed Russian Jewish Bolshevik Russia. Under the domination of infiltrated parasitical Jewish agents, America and Great Britain did everything they could to destroy the only nation capable of preserving their own Gentile populations from future annihilation by the Jewish-led mind-controlled hordes of Russia.

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