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January 31, 2019

Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An ‘Appeaser!’

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Source: Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An ‘Appeaser!’

The Buying of Mr. Churchill

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As soon as Churchill changed his tune toward Hitler, the dark forces behind the scenes which had ignored him for 23 years began pulling the right strings for him.

Source: The Buying of Mr. Churchill

Exposing Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe

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Stalin was preparing to overwhelm Germany and western Europe as part of a well-planned operation to “liberate” all of Europe by bringing it under Communist rule.

Source: Exposing Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe

Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An “Appeaser!”

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Source: Neville Chamberlain Was NOT An “Appeaser!”

Mothman777’s comment;

Neville Chamberlain saw the successful rebuilding of Germany under the successful administration of Hitler’s government, and was greatly worried by it, and as soon as he got back to England, ordered that the rate of British arms manufacturing be greatly intensified, and whilst Chamberlain was in Germany, Hitler stated that Chamberlain had quite literally, not just metaphorically, spat in his face, how dare the rat spit in the face of a man who had won two iron crosses in battle for outstanding bravery, and why would he do such an insane thing?

Forbidden to save Non Jew from death – Criminality of Judaism 1

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January 30, 2019

Self-Contradictions of the Bible – Theological Doctrines

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Published anonymously in pamphlet form, Self-Contradictions of the Bible was, and remains an essential reference work for Atheists, Biblical skeptics and doubters.

Source: Self-Contradictions of the Bible – Theological Doctrines

Comment by Mothman777;

Since most of these total contradictions come from the Old Testament that is part of the Torah, it is surely high time for the Jews themselves to admit that something is very wrong with their belief system and to seriously consider giving up all their religious madness, and to stop being Jews altogether, and I feel that that is the actual message that they are intended to understand from all this, that the real God is actually speaking to them in this way, in a certain fashion, though not directly in any ‘divine teaching’ from the Jewish scriptures themselves as such, as none exist there.

The totally self-contradictory nature of the Jewish teachings is the lesson in itself, that they and the Jewish path are useless.

The essence of it all is that the Jews are to come to understand that that their increasing madness and dissatisfaction, their excessively paranoid, warlike and ultimately suicidal nature, is actually a disease resulting from an inner addiction to choosing that very kind of false path in the first place, and that understanding the actual uselessness of the Jewish path is actually the intended lesson of that pseudo-faith for them all in the first place, then they are to willingly and totally reject the Jewish religion and the faulty thinking processes that led to their addition to that false path in the first place.

In various ways, the real God behind everything still reaches out to all peoples through all kinds of belief systems in one way or another, even when He arranges for them to be completely lost as the Jews are, and there is even a lesson for the rest of mankind in all this too, and that lesson is that all the other people in the world need to shape up to face up to this lethal challenge presented by the Jews, and to face that challenge down, in the process developing their own spiritual willpower, as that too is part of their spiritual path, because if the peoples of the world are willing to allow the existence of an insane cult maintained by insane souls that is hell-bent on enslaving and ultimately killing all non-Jews and sending them all to hell, then such souls themselves are not fit to be with God yet either, because God is responsible, and He only wants wide-wake functional and responsible souls working alongside Him.

A Godly will must be cultured that is strong and kind enough to act within the will of God Himself, to allow God to work within and through one’s soul, no Jew can ever dwell in the actual spiritual world, or any Christian or Muslim, as they have presently surrendered themselves to engage in cruel and actually demonic belief systems that would send all others to hell for ever. And if any Jews feel that I have got that all wrong, that they are some nicer kind of Jew, I can reply that none of them are contradicting or fighting the Chabad Lubavitcher Jews controlling the UN who have approved bringing in Torah-based genocidally murderous Noahide Laws that are intended to bring about the genocidal murder of all people throughout the entire world who are practicing what the Jews consider to be idolatrous faiths, so all Jews are complicit in that insanity being arranged, Chabad Lubavitcher or not.

All this is actually intended by the real God (not any being in the Jewish scriptures) to reveal to any souls that may come to be genuinely intent on actually coming to know the real God, that they must completely reject all Jewish teachings and practices and actually stop being Jews. The Jews are surely intended only to come to realize that only madness lies in the Jewish religion, and to actually stop being Jews, because their scriptures and their religion are so destructive and self-contradictory.

In the quotes provided in this article, it is revealed that sometimes devices are employed by even what the Jews consider to be God, with that being or beings sending spirits to deceive and tempt the Jews, so the principle of that very thing being able to happen to them is revealed even there to them. It clearly seems from some of the Old Testament Torah quotes that their god is revealed to them as a totally self-contradictory being, surely a very direct hint to the Jews that they are on a very wrong path and to get the hell off it, with the New Testament and even ‘Jesus’ being similarly totally self-contradictory, mindlessly violent and pointlessly destructive, as regards setting by two against three in every household, by not bringing peace, but a sword etc. for instance.

It is revealed here that the Jews have been worshipping different ‘gods’, also that there are several gods in some of their teachings, and only one in others, and it is very obvious that none of those gods are even God at all.

The Jews even believe that they themselves, uniquely, are actually parts of God, and that God is even present as every Jew on Earth, as the Jewish conception is that the physical body (the ‘blood’ in the scriptures, now referred to as the DNA in current terminology) is the soul, such is the madness, self-delusion and conceit of the Jews. They believe that ‘only Jewish blood permits the vision of God’.

The late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, whom the Chabad Lubavitcher Jews await the imminent reincarnation of as the messiah (Moshiach), stated;

“Two contrary types of soul exist: a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.

“A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, a leading Chabad rabbi, has argued that because Gentiles are genetically inferior to Jews, a Jew should be able to take Gentiles’ organs, if he needs one. He was recorded saying, “As for the goyim… Zalman’s attitude (was): ‘Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.’

“If every single cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA.

“If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value.”

The Jewish Daily Forward reported a talk given by Chabad Rabbi Mani Friedman.

Asked how he thinks Jews should treat their Arab neighbors, Friedman responded, “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).”

Holocaust Eyewitnesses’ Contradictory, Shifting & Evasive Testimony Is Protected From Questioning To Justify The Genocide Of Germans

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Inevitably when anyone questions the genocide of European Jewry, eyewitness testimony is raised as proof that the genocide happened.

Source: Holocaust Eyewitnesses’ Contradictory, Shifting & Evasive Testimony Is Protected From Questioning To Justify The Genocide Of Germans

How the “Holocaust” Was Faked – The Realist Report

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THE FOLLOWING IS A COMMENT THAT I ATTEMPTED TO SUBMIT TO THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE, BUT WAS NOT ALLOWED, BEING SHOWN THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE “You do not have sufficient permissions (sic) to access this page”. I have previously contacted John Friend, the author of The Realist Report site in person, and have been assured by him that I am welcome to reproduce his articles on my site, despite any permission to reproduce any article from his site or even comment on his site to any of his articles officially having been denied by TPTB some time ago. He has assured me that he is not behind any such blocking, and at least the link that I have posted to link to his article here seems to function this time.


The total figure for all dead in all groups in all the German-controlled camps in WWII was initially published by the IRC at 271,304, a figure that was increased a number of years later.

If Hitler had really wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe, he could have done that within one month without any need for any so-called concentration camps, just like the British did in the Boer War, when they shamelessly and brutally starved thousands of Boer women and children to death to force their husbands to stop fighting to preserve their farmlands, which the Jewish mob behind it all had discovered contained substantial amounts of gold-bearing ore.

Jewish US General and future POTUS Eisenhower used the very obvious and simple method of criminally starving nearly one million German prisoners to death in open fields surrounded by machine guns and barbed wire in April 1945 in around just three weeks, a method that Hitler himself could have used very easily with total effectiveness at zero cost if he had really wanted to kill all the Jews, whose total number in occupied European nations never approached 6 million Jews, as 500,000 were never deported from occupied France, and 2.2 million emigrated to Russia before hostilities even began, and of course, 60,000 Jews were transferred to Palestine by German ships after having been trained in self-subsistence in the camps in machine work and farming techniques in agreement with the NSDAP government, but the transfers were stopped due to Allied naval action threatening the transport ships.

The West German Finance Minister stated in the mid-1970’s how at least 4.25 million Jews at that time already were claiming compensation for having been in the camps, and an exact figure down to single digits was published at the time, and bear in mind that those claimants existed at a time when only first generation Jews who alleged they had actually been in the camps could claim compensation, not their children or grandchildren born after the war, or Jews who had merely lived in German-occupied nations who had never actually been interned, like those 500,000 in France, though around 13,000 or so Jews from France were actually interned for being partisans or Communist activists, with the more recent capacity to claim now having inflated the claimants’ numbers to over 9 million, by including their Jewish children and grandchildren born even many years after WWII, and by including any people who had merely lived in any nation occupied by German forces, who had never been interned at all, which is an absolutely ridiculous state of affairs, anything to milk the endlessly gullible and enslaved modern Germans for everything they have got to enable their parasitical Israeli Jewish population to be able to devote masses of time and resources on running their Talpiot worldwide electronic espionage system and so on as they machinate to control the entire world.

The original IRC document containing the 271,304 figure is presented here;

The revised IRC total is presented within the comments related to the following article, and the figure from the original total figure for all groups of course includes Russian prisoners of war, who surely comprised the greatest proportion of the dead since their numbers in the camps were 5.5 million or so, is given as 282,077, though another figure is presented at the end of the document for 373,468, though I am not quite sure where that figure comes from as I do not speak German, but certainly, even that figure is not remotely similar to the falsely-claimed 6 million dead Jews and 5 million other dead from other groups in the camps.

Contemporaneous American newspaper reports detailed specific figures for the deaths of German prisoners held by Eisenhower in open fields in April 1945, and the figure was not the mere 56,000, or even the 3,000 to 5,000 published by the lying news media in later years, the original figures were the validated official figures, and you can still look up copies of the original news reports giving the exact figures, down to the last digit.

Of course, the Jewish-controlled governments in the west today could not possibly provide any legitimate explanation other than that the entire holocaust industry is a massive malevolent psy-op perpetrated by the Jews for their own criminal benefit, but those dictatorial and criminal politicians who have infiltrated and seized control of our nations by nothing other than malevolent criminal deception can only shout and scream, censor and ridicule, attack and censor and even imprison any who doubt their lies about 6 million dead Jews, at the same time refusing to expose and challenge the plans of the Jews to physically exterminate all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and members of any other religious group that they deem ‘idolatrous’, around 6 billion in total, with their Chabad Lubavitcher-controlled mouthpiece, the UN, having already officially agreed to the plan to eventually make Noahide Law compulsory in all nations of the world, which I discuss in further detail on my site, Mothman777’s blog at WordPress, and those Jewish laws, when physically effected by massive military force, force of at least the NATO armies under the control of the Jews according to actual rabbinical statement, and no doubt their psy-ops mercenaries, Al Qaeda, Daesh (ISIS), the Taliban, Al Nusra, Al Shabaab et al as well, will authorize and implement the physical extermination of all who follow ‘idolatrous’ non-Jewish religions, leaving just a few hundred million Gentiles alive to become physical slaves for the Jews, it is in fact a plan for the NWO one world government by Jews, over a world in which most other peoples have been almost completely exterminated by wars that have been and will be instigated by agents of the Jews, also by fake food like GMO and glyphosate, toxic WiFi and 5G, fake medicine with mercury and fluoride and premature severing of the umbilical cord almost immediately after birth of 95% of Americans to purposely brain-damage the goyim and lower their IQ by at least 20 points (the dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley, ‘Brave New World’ details a very similar method being employed to produce a deliberately brain-damaged lower caste of workers through oxygen deprivation in their ‘hatcheries’ on pages 11-to 13), to render them more helpless, slave-like, docile, acquiescent and submissive.

The withdrawal of the 1930’s Rife technology by the Jew Morris Fishbein, then head of the American ‘Medical’ Association, and the crypto-Jewish POTUS Roosevelt has so far cost the lives of several hundred million victims around the world who could otherwise have been completely cured of all forms of fatal and non-fatal pathogenic disease and all cases of cancer, without any side-effects or pain.

The massive loss of life caused by Jewish prevention of the distribution of the Rife technology is one of the greatest ‘war’ crimes ever perpetrated by the crafty Jews, that goes almost completely un-recognized, by order of the malevolent Jewish mass-media of course. That is what ‘Allied’ leaders have done for us, and what they continue to do, by their continued suppression of the genuine and completely effective authentic original Rife technology, because the Jews have killed us already by the hundreds of millions by this one method alone since the Rife technology was maliciously withdrawn, and the Jews and the national health services of many nations under their control around the world will continue to hide the Rife technology away.

This is done whilst they hypnotize the world with their fake discoveries that will allegedly cure cancer in 3 years or so, with an endless stream of such discoveries being announced in the mass media every few months or so, all promised to be perfected in 3 years or so before they can be released to save the world from cancer, and those ‘cures’ just vanish, as they are always intended to, in a further act of war, of murderous mass genocide against all Gentiles, whilst the rates of cancer go up every year in western nations due to purposely poisoned food and medicine, even hydrogenated fats have no nutritional value, they are like road tar, simply blocking up veins, arteries and micro-capillaries, causing generalized ischaemia (lack of oxygen) throughout the entire body, leading to increased susceptibility to all diseases and exacerbation of any diseases already present, especially cancer, yet no government in any western nation will ban hydrogenated fats as being toxic and actually not being food, in fact the erstwhile British PM David Cameron stated “My values are Jewish values”, and “I will empower UK Jews”, stating that right before his success at the general election that enabled him to become Prime Minister of the UK, actually refused to ban hydrogenated fats. People must not have considered those statements as strange or racist with their purposelessly dulled-down mental capacity, that Cameron treacherously intended to ’empower UK Jews’, rather than to empower British people within their own society as a whole.

The Jewish insistence on their imaginary holocaust of 6 million Jews being recognized as the greatest tragedy of WWII is of course the most intensely hateful insult to all the Gentile people who suffered and died as a direct result of the Jews instigating that war, and to those many people who still do suffer because of the Jewish victory in WWII.

Read the book ‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’, by James MacGregor and Gerry Docherty, it will astonish you with clear and detailed evidence how a secretive ‘elite’ group in Britain funded by Natty Rothschild had conspired with others in France and Belgium to start a WWI as early as 1905 to destroy Germany. And the book “How Britain Initiated Both World Wars” by Nick Kollerstrom PhD will provide further valuable insight.

It is my understanding, having seen all the evidence, that the Jews had initially planned to destroy Germany with a massive war that would commence in 1905, merely to make it easy for their mind-controlled Bolshevik hordes led by Jewish leaders to sweep right through Europe, after Bolshevik Russia had simultaneously been deliberately created for that purpose by Jewish bankers in Britain and America, as the takeover of Russia had initially also been attempted in 1905, with the later attempt only succeeding in 1917, followed by mass slaughter of many millions of the Russian white Christians, especially of the genetically superior in Russia, their brightest and best, similar to how the Russian Jews slaughtered the Polish top intelligentsia and officer class in the Katyn Forest Massacre also, that being the Jewish MO to make enslavement of other peoples easier, to bring about an enslaved land of ‘white negroes’ as the Communist leaders at that time said, their stated plans for all of Europe also, and to reduce the Russian intelligentsia to ‘a level of idiocy’.

So these events were designed to be coordinated together, as Germany was the only nation capable of stopping the intended mass-slaughter and enslavement of European peoples under Jewish Communism, which was intended by the Jews milking the west through their criminal usurious banking scams to be followed by world Jewish government of course, which their scams are intended to fund.

The world Jewish population before and after WWII is very well-documented, and very clearly demonstrates that the Jewish world population actually increased by several hundred thousand during WWII, a unique achievement by any people involved in WWII, as in WWII, around 80 million in the armed forces and civilian populations of other peoples involved died, yet the Jews still hypnotically state that they suffered more than any other people in WWII, whilst the real truth is that the Jews alone arranged both WWI and WWII.

World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 — 15,630,000
National Council of Churches 1930 — 15,600 ,000 March 24, 1933,
Jewish newspaper Daily Express — 14,000,000 Jews worldwide
World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 — 15,316,359,
[“The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee”]

World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 — world Jewish population = 15,753,633
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — world Jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 — 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population — 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population — 15,748,091
World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World Jewish Population — 15,192,089 (“Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion”)
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population — 15,690,000 World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289:
World Jewish Population — 15,713,638 Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 — 15,300,000

After WWII, the Russians kept parts of the Auschwitz camp complex open, and held many thousands of Germans prisoner there, performing absolutely gruesome medical ‘experiments ‘ on them without any anaesthetic, like sawing their skull open and operating on their brain, and simply beating them or starving them to death, and that is how some of the footage and photographs of so-called ‘Jewish’ war dead from the so-called ‘German death camps’ have been obtained. Alfred Hitchcock, the master director of horror films was taken to Germany after WWII to make ‘documentary film’ of the camps. No serious documentarians would have employed a recognized master director of fictional horror films to make any serious historical documentary, what was really made was propaganda on the orders of such deceptive Jewish agents as Sefton Delmer.

In the book by Arthur Butz, ‘The Hoax of the 20th Century’ he shows a photograph of a massive heap of dead bodies purported by Jews to be clear evidence of wartime atrocity against the Jews by the Germans, the bodies are so totally devoid of flesh that they appear literally to be mere skeletons covered in skin, yet those naked bodies (like so many other photographs of naked bodies purportedly of Jews, were not wearing any stripey Jewish uniforms, and were actually those of German war dead, who had starved to death through the destruction of the infrastructure of Germany. The photograph of the massive heap of dead people in the Butz book is actually of German victims from Dresden who did not die in the bombing itself, but in the ensuing mass starvation of the German people there, so the Jews punished the German people twice, first by killing Germans, then using the bodies of their victims fraudently presented as Jewish victims, then they executed other German people for supposedly having murdered those so-called Jews, and now the Jews criminally and revoltingly extort money from the descendants of those German people, when the Germans were in fact the real victims.

A report from the Evening Independent, St Petersburg, Florida, a photostat of which is contained in the link above, dated 24th April 1945, states that between April 1-22 inclusive, 992,578 German prisoners were killed (by Eisenhower) just by starving them to death in open fields without any food, water or shelter.

If Hitler really had wanted to kill all the Jews, he would have used just the same method as Eisenhower used on the Germans, but on the Jews at no cost whatsoever, with no elaborate camps constructed for the purpose at all, and every single one of the Jews would have been gone within one month, and I think that puts paid to all the false Jewish propaganda about the various methods Hitler was supposed to have used with gas chambers etc. over great periods of time and at huge cost to resources that would have been vital to the war effort.

January 28, 2019

Finally Admitted “New” Tech Can Beam Voices Directly Into Your Head

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Comment by Mothman777;

Around 1990, I personally witnessed a siege situation taking place where I saw radar-type technology being used that could see right through an 18 inch thick solid stone wall, where a person was being held hostage, and I could see security staff outside the building with a laptop-sized device opened up and the device being held up to the outside of the wall, and looking from behind the security forces, through a laptop-sized screen, I could see what the security forces were seeing, an image in solid bright orange of two people moving, one sitting, one standing, the detail was such that even their hands and jaws could be clearly seen moving, and of course, this technology coupled with the 5G technology today will make it easy to precisely locate any target person within even a large building and microwave beam them, rather than laser beam them.

The laser (not radar) beam of this particular technology in this video requires that someone be in the direct visual line of a laser, so laser voice to skull technology would not be possible where a target is within an enclosed space out of direct line of vision of an operator with a laser beam, however, a microwave of the right wavelength will of course go through walls and produce voice to skull phenomena, and each person has a unique vibrational frequency according to scientist Leuren Moret which can be used to assist the technology to home in even onto any particular targeted individual among many non-target individuals within any large building for instance, or outside of course.

Maybe radar waves could also carry voice to skull through solid walls too, but I have not come across any information on that, though the frequencies of microwave weapons do seem to correspond with some radar frequencies.

Low-frequency radar is radar which uses frequencies lower than 1 GHz such as L-band, UHF, VHF, and HF, as opposed to the usual radar bands, which range from 2 GHz and up, and the maximum is 40 GHz. Laser Light in the wavelength range around 405 nm produces a violet light, wavelengths of 600 – 700 nanometers (nm) results in visible red light, which penetrates up to 1/2 inch.

The purpose given for this laser technology in civilian use is asserted to be to enable wireless, non-WiFi, non-Bluetooth operation of equipment, so in that sense, it would seem to be a safer technology for us than using Bluetooth or Wi Fi, and we would not even need ethernet cables to interconnect our electrical equipment, as just light beams for everything would connect all our equipment, and that would actually be safer in security terms, as no one could hack your computer then if everything is done by laser light beams that only have continuity and visibility within your own home or office, where such technology would be valuable for banking or national security purposes.

Having said that, technology exists to hack even a computer that is not connected to WiFi or any router, even if it is just a stand-alone piece of equipment being used by you in a zone without WiFi, as security forces can access your computer right through a brick wall, and I have read a national newspaper reporter’s article on that very thing happening to him on foreign assignment, where his computer was not connected to anything at all, not even a router, as he was just using his computer offline to type up his report in what he though was perfect security, yet he saw a report that he had just finished typing up being steadily erased completely line-by-line completely beyond his control to stop that happening by any means, right in front of his eyes, no router, no WiFi, no Bluetooth (that had been switched on by him anyway), and we know that companies like Dell have an agreement with security forces that all their computers have ‘back-door’ access to any security forces with the right tech.

The Israeli Talpiot Program reputedly has the ability to spy on literally every mobile phone or computer in the entire world (the NSA is the only body that has an agreement with Israel that the program will not be used to spy on their computers), that is where a huge chunk of all the taxes they skim off us through exorbitant mortgage fees and so on, to build up the machinery intended to enforce their intended one world Jewish NWO government that is intended to be run from Jerusalem (hence the profusion of stories telling us Israel will no longer exist in 10 years or whatever, to put us off thinking about the possibility and voting the very politicians out of power in the western nations that are allowing this to take place).

Then again, new technology is now available that enables cameras to take shots round a corner, relying on them picking up traces of reflections bouncing off other objects onto the subject round the corner, so that sort of technology might possibly be used in some manner to facilitate laser beams becoming practical for that purpose then, but that would still require a certain degree of access for laser beams.

I do not think lasers themselves can be used to transmit microwave type frequencies through walls because they do not have the capacity to penetrate solid substances very deeply, only around one half inch or so, but windows will permit that, and if you have a mirror, then even if one square centimetre or maybe even less is visible in the line of the laser beam even at the very top of the mirror, police have been able to unscramble images with software through bullseye glass windows, frosted or rippled glass windows to produce a clear image since the 1970’s or so, so laser beams could still theoretically access your skull by being bounced off any accessible surface of any mirror at any angle onto your skull through almost any type of window glass unless it is rendered completely opaque, though whether that is technically feasible in terms of preserving the necessary strength of a directed laser beam to accomplish voice to skull effect is another issue, but with magnified amplitude, that may well still be possible.

When you look at a mirror from any angle, especially close up, you will see that it is possible to see anywhere in any room, and the police have already had the technology for many years to exploit that, allowing them to at least see anything and everything in your dwelling even if just a tiny bit of mirror is in the direct line of vision of their surveillance equipment. Maybe they could even take that a stage further with their new see-around-the-corner cameras too, the mind boggles.

The link immediately above refers to a fairly recent Israeli invention that can not only see round corners, but can also see through frosted glass. The seeing through frosted glass part has already been available for many years, so they have merely combined the two technologies.

20 Things You Don’t Know About Polio

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20 Things You Don’t Know About Polio

Comment by Mothman777;

This is a most important article that will blow your mind and make you question all that we have ever been told about polio. The implications are massive, this is a must read.

This revelation that what had been causing polio-type symptoms of paralysis for many years had actually been accidental poisoning by agricultural pesticides containing lead arsenate or copper arsenate is very disturbing, along with the knowledge that the polio vaccines have expanded on this effect by deliberately being laced with toxins to produce harmful effects.

47,500 Indian children were left paralyzed for life in 2011 by Bill Gates’ usage of cheap semi-attenuated oral polio vaccines that had already been banned in the west over safety issues, and you would think that Gates would have enough money to throw around to buy better quality vaccines in the first place.

Officially, not a single case of polio occurred in India that year, as they simply ascribed the symptoms displayed by the children who had succumbed to the deliberately poisoned vaccines to some other cause.

One wonders if this was the real intention, or far worse, as 170 million polio vaccines were given out in India that year, so if he just wanted to affect such a relatively small number in a negative way like that, why vaccinate 170 million? Maybe he put a sterilizing agent in all the vaccines like estradiol to sterilize the children besides, or maybe a substantial number, whilst not actually paralyzed, have been left impotent or partially important through neurological damage to their reproductive systems. Who knows?

Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya – WHO is Controlling Population?

According to WHO figures, only one in every 200 to 1,000 people affected with ‘polio’ ends up being paralyzed for life, and they also state that one in every 200 of those paralyzed ends up dying from paralysis of the muscles controlling the lungs, so several hundred of the children must have died through slow suffocation, and when we multiply 47,500 by 200 we come to a minimum figure of 9.5 million affected by ‘polio’ after being vaccinated, and if we use the maximum figure of 1,000, we get 47.5 million affected with ‘polio’ out of the 170 million actually vaccinated by Gates in 2011, and remember, that was just one program in one nation for just one disease in one year, there have been a number of other vaccination programs led by Gates for other diseases in other years in other nations that have also left many seriously ill or dead.

If the 1930’s Rife technology had not been malevolently suppressed by the Jews Fishbein and Roosevelt, there would not be any need or excuse for antibiotics, vaccines, chemotherapy or chemotherapy today, yet we are faced here with a ‘disease’ now established to have actually been caused by accidental agricultural poisoning now being deliberately artificially engineered through poisoned vaccines.

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