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November 13, 2018

The Cause and Consequences of World War I

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November 12, 2018


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Source: ARMISTICE DAY / 1918

November 11, 2018

Britain’s Forgotten Murder Victims

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Why are non-White victims held up in our societies for all to see and cry over while White victims of (media-inspired) hatred are hidden away from public view?

Source: Britain’s Forgotten Murder Victims

November 10, 2018

Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip

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Fox News is pushing RFID chip implants, encouraging people that the tech is safe and good for medical by stating it’s similar to getting a tetanus shot.

Source: Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip

Comment by Mothman777;

And that demented criminal Jew bitch Harriet Harman who wanted to legalize sex with little children was on British television standing opposite crypto-Jew ‘Christian’ David Cameron, then British Conservative PM, in the House of Commons, and David Cameron actually called her ‘darling’ there and then, you had to see it to believe it.

She actually works as a solicitor, believe it or not, and is STILL a Labour Party politician who has served as the Member of Parliament since 1982, first for Peckham, and then for its successor constituency of Camberwell and Peckham since 1997.
Harriet Ruth Harman (born 30 July 1950) is a British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham since 1982. She has been Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since 2007, and is also currently Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Harman was first appointed to the Cabinet in 1997 under Tony Blair, as Secretary of State for Social Security and the first ever Minister for Women.[2] After holding further Cabinet and government positions on two further separate occasions, she became the Leader of the Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition, following the resignation of Gordon Brown as Labour Leader and Prime Minister in May 2010. She held both posts temporarily until Ed Miliband subsequently won the 2010 Labour leadership election.

Harman deputises for Miliband whenever he is absent for Prime minister’s questions in her role as Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. She is currently the longest continuously-serving female MP in the House of Commons.[3][4]
All this just shows how completely round the twist and totally under Jewish hypnosis the greater proportion of the British population is, that being evidenced by the obvious fact that they have not prosecuted her, or at the very least stopped voting for her, especially for her to be kept in such a senior position.

There are well-established instances of prison inmates and other institutionalized persons having been implanted without their consent with this technology for many years now, with X-Ray images proving this, and this is what the Jews want for all of us eventually, as, to the Jew, the Gentile is merely just a man of clay without a living soul, simply a ‘thing’ to be more effectively controlled like any robot and made to do the bidding of the Jews alone.

This insanity of the Jew has to be stopped through sites like this that help wake the Gentiles up en-masse, thus preparing the ground for legitimate governments of genuine representatives to be elected who can lawfully address this issue and prevent the Jews from further enslaving and destroying us all.

This must be accomplished only by means that are entirely acceptable to the greater proportion of the electorate and to the police and legal bodies, or all means of disseminating information about the criminal and psychotic intent of the Jews will become entirely suppressed by the Jewish-controlled state machinery. By this route alone can we ensure that the means to propagate the real truth still remains available.

November 9, 2018

Jews accused of ‘blackmailing’ Sweden with help of Barbara Spectre

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Comment by Mothman777;

Of course, what the malevolent Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre really meant when she said ‘Europe will not survive’ is that the Jews are literally going to genocide all European peoples one way or the other.

THE SPREAD OF CHRISTIANITY from year 314 to 580

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Comment by Mothman777;

Christianity in England condemned a Christian to die merely for translating the Bible into English, as the already-controlled establishment wanted people to blindly follow the instructions of the crypto-Jew-agent Christian priesthood and never know the small print in the Bible, which, before Christianity became widely inculcated by surreptitious means, could have been rejected by the greater mass of wiser people who still had the freedom to do so, had the entire contents of the Bible been available for full public scrutiny. Of course, memories of people being burned alive, the Spanish Inquisition, people being garrotted to death for practising ancient religions throughout Europe, would have added to the reluctance of many to challenge this growing evil state power, with the reigning monarch of England even still today being the Governor General of the Protestant Church of England, with rejection of that state religion also being classable as traitorism, rebellion not only against God, but against one’s own monarch, who was to be held as a divinely empowered person. William Tyndale, the translator, (1494-1536) was garrotted to death (he had his throat slowly crushed, which was usually done by slowly tightening an iron collar around the neck, or a chain or rope was slowly tightened around the neck to crush the throat whilst the victim was tied to a stake, and then his dead body was burned).

The Jewish Piso family infiltrated the upper echelons of Roman society at the time of Emperor Constantine, just as the Jews still do today in most of the world, and heavily influenced the Roman Emperor Constantine to adopt a purposely reworked artificial version of Christianity to govern the Roman Empire with, read more about that in the very interesting book, ‘The Diegesis’, written by Reverend Taylor in 1829, which can be freely downloaded, including in audio form.

As with many great books, there is a very small error here and there in ‘The Diegesis’, but the basic understanding that the Reverend Taylor put forward is fully valid. What is marvellous is how that he managed to write that book at all whilst under the most extreme conditions of hardship, as he wrote that book in Ashwell Prison in England, where he would have been on a heavily-restricted diet, and have been forced to work on a treadmill all day or operate a turnscrew in his cell many hours a day to occupy him as fully as possible with mind-numbing, soul-destroying, utterly pointless labour intended to completely destroy him. Christianity, like Islam, is a psy-op designed to envelop as many Gentiles as possible to unify them into subjugated Judaized forces that can then be used to destroy each other.

The new Jesus was a person without any genuine historicity, though foolish Christians of today think that because ‘someone’ existed before the Nicean Councils that the Jesus in the New Testament is actually based on that same person, he most certainly is not, as that book very clearly proves. The original Jewish ‘Jesus’ controlled a virulently racist, extreme Jewish anti-Gentile cult, which forbade any contact with Gentiles (a trace of the earlier teachings of that Jewish cult still remain, perhaps as a sick joke by the Jews, a typical example of their malevolent chutzpah; “Do not go amongst the Gentiles”), and they even avoided company with what they considered impure Jews, whom they thought impure because they had had any form of association with the Romans, and it is this group who believed in eternal burning alive in the afterlife for all non-Jews, and that is where that psychotic terrorist teaching about eternal burning alive in the Bible of today comes from, IT IS PURELY AN ANTI-GENTILE THREAT IN ORIGIN.
But the Jews have managed to slip Christians pure poison in the form of the Bible, with a Trojan Horse artificial Gentile-friendly ‘Jesus’ who is actually the mask for the fanatically racist real Jew Jesus, an actually existing demonic occult force hidden inside the Bible who will be able to link with them and actually destroy them. I do believe that the soul lives on after this life, and Jews master the art of psychic and even astral projection, to leave their bodies at will, to communicate with spirits of both the ‘living’ and the ‘dead’, and actually possess great psychic potency to harmfully influence the lives of Gentiles by unseen means, and Gentiles everywhere need to shape up and counter that force by reviving their own ancient spiritual cultures that kept them spiritually alive and aware.
Jewish-created fake psychiatry would have everyone believe that psychic phenomena are merely non-existent, delusionary, and thus nothing to worry about. THEY DO EXIST, and the Bible says so, where ‘Jesus’ says he has not come to bring peace, but to divide with sword, that he will set brother against brother, father against son, and this is a repeat of the same sick evil in the Old Testament, and of course, Jesus said that he and the father are one, and that he had not come to change the law or oppose it or the words of the prophets, but to fulfil them. Isaiah states I will set brother against brother, king against king.
Isaiah 19:2
“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.”
King James Version (KJV)
See, the Jews are already using psychic powers to achieve this by literally sending people crazy inside their heads and forcing the Gentiles by using demonic Jewish psychic powers to turn on each other and even kill each other en-masse, THE JEWISH TORAH TELLS US SO IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, AND JESUS SAYS HE WILL DO THE SAME THING IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, THE SAME OLD DEMONIC PSYCHIC INFLUENCE OF THE ANTI-GOD. That is what the Gentiles need to wake up to and become strong enough to face down.
How this is achieved, is of course, not merely by verbal speech or written teachings of written propaganda, but by PSYCHIC means, a principal modus operandi of the Jews, and the reason why fluoride is heavily shoved into us all is to shut off the pineal gland by calcifying it, as the pineal gland normally makes DMT that enables multidimensional consciousness, so fluoride is a weapon intended only to crush the Gentile consciousness in the brain and in all psychic dimensions, reducing even the spiritual activity of the soul itself by calcifying the pineal gland to massively reduce our psychic and spiritual potency, so that we all become progressively isolated inside our own heads, whilst the cunning Jews maintain a very close-knit and highly functional tribal communal psychic force amongst themselves. The infiltrated Jewish politicians who often pose outwardly as ‘Christians’ are also further destroying our communal consciousness with ‘multiculturalism’ and enforced racial interbreeding to scramble our ability to communicate with each by introducing a deliberate and almost totally irreconcilable incompatibility of different languages, religions, cultures and races so that increasing dysfunction and chaos occurs within our society, that methodology being another of the Jewish weapons against ourselves.
The Jews continually push their psychic malevolence upon us with great ease whilst they keep the Gentiles psychically subdued and disempowered with fluoride, and even with mercury, and with massive propaganda campaigns and mental entrainment through television and so on, with 5G mobile phone technology that has been developed by the Israelis to add another psychotronic twist, so that we Gentiles will face immense difficulties when we even try to understand whether these psychic and spiritual abilities actually even exist or not, even before we might then consider whether or not we would like to learn the psychic and spiritual abilities ourselves, that we need to stay strong and healthy in a good relationship with the true cosmic creator.
There is a reason why many of the Home Secretaries in the UK have been Jewish. It is the almost total power of the Jews. It has been so in England for hundreds of years. Both Washington and Cornwallis were Freemasonic brothers, sworn to loyalty to each other and the Jewish-controlled Freemasonic craft above all other considerations.
“…Jonathan Williams recorded in his Legions Of Satan, 1781, what British General Lord Charles Cornwallis told General George Washington who had just defeated him. “A holy war will now begin in America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects of the Crown. Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.””
Of course, what was intended for America had already been the case in England for a great many years already.
The UN has already approved the demonic Chabad Lubavitcher plans to make the Noahide Laws compulsory in every nation of the entire world, and that will HAVE to take place by military force, using controlled NATO armies, as rabbinical statements demonstrate, along with the Noahide Laws themselves in print, that all Gentiles who practice what the Jews consider ‘idolatrous’ religions, some 6 BILLION Gentiles approximately, including all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc. will all be physically executed under terms of those laws, check it out. See also “Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi’ by Alison Weir, Counterpunch, to clearly understand how these Jews view all Gentiles as demons from hell, eternally non-living and irredeemable souls who must all be enslaved and then sent back to hell after all ultimately being killed by the Jews and their god (themselves) at some point or other, and this killing and enslaving process by the manipulative and cunning Jews has been underway for many centuries already.
The Zohar still openly carries that teaching that all Gentiles will be killed by the Jewish god in his wrath. Jews believe that they themselves, uniquely, are actually part of the soul of god, and that no non-Jews are part of the soul of god, and that all Gentiles will be sent to hell at the end of this world, but those Jews believed in reincarnation, as Jews do today, they were vegetarian, and they had women priests, and they all ‘loved one another’, but all that ‘good’ stuff was ONLY for the Jews themselves, and never intended for the Gentiles, it seems deceptively almost like Buddhism up to a point, until you see that none of the kind stuff was ever intended towards the Gentiles, especially with the eternal burning alive for all non-Jews bit.

Macron Slammed for Praising Nazi Collaborator Who Deported Jews During Holocaust

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Comment by Mothman777;

“Petain was the person who allowed the deportation of 76,000 French Jews to death camps.”

“Petain ruled the so-called Vichy France regime that collaborated with the Nazis during WWII and played a major role in the 1942 deportation of 13,000 Jews from France…”

The second figure is about one-sixth of the first figure.

A bit like the 4 million Jews in Auschwitz that has become 1.1 Jews by today’s estimates, yet the fallacious 6 million figure still gets rammed down our throats several times a day on television alone by our usurping Jewish political controllers, every day, year in, year out, in a blatantly dishonest and criminal process of aggressively forceful hypnosis.

The first official IRC figure for ALL dead in all the camps, POW’s from all nations included, was 271,304, and later on, this was increased very slightly to around 286,000, only a minor percentage of whom could possibly have been Jewish by any estimation when the real figures are honestly investigated.

So which was it, 76,000 or 13,000? What about the several hundred thousand French Jews who were never selected for deportation during the German occupation of France? The hundreds of thousands of Jews who were never deported from France were all later declared eligible to claim compensation as ‘holocaust survivors’, not only that, their children have also become eligible and are claiming ‘compensation’ too, and even the children of their children are now eligible to claim ‘compensation’, what a huge fraud and malicious slur against the German people, yet not a single one of them ever even saw the inside of any camp, nor did they ever face any threat of liquidation by German forces.

London’s Knife Crime Epidemic ‘Public Health Issue’ – Study

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Comment by Mothman777;

This extreme violence is simply the expression of natural racial characteristics being expressed as tribal ‘culture’, that are quite naturally resulting in the type of internecine violence that has always existed in Africa, and always will, that will continue to be expressed wherever the Negro Africans migrate to.

If this violence is not a natural racial characteristic, then they would not be manifesting it, but this insane level of violence is practised amongst them wherever they live, it is no use for any PC Jewish Marxists (Jews ran the slave trade in the first place, purchasing slaves from pre-existing black slave-traders in Africa) to say that poverty ‘enforced’ on the blacks by the ‘white’ man is ‘making’ them kill each other (they would actually see what real poverty is if they returned to their own black-led, Marxist dictatorships that are criminally mismanaged in Africa).

The violence is what it is, for them it is a quite natural expression of racial bloodlust, part of their genetically predetermined selection process where young men knock each other out of the game of life with often highly lethal intent and force, in the school of hard knocks, just as some of the animal species often do in Africa. We are all different breeds, and just as each breed of dog has a very different temperament, so do different types of humanoid.

The whites and the blacks generally have very different temperaments and natures, and are not really suited to live with each other long-term intimately, as a subtle racial antipathy exists between us that is common to all other species, even though it is not currently considered PC to openly recognize that truth, where we see that blackbirds always only mate with blackbirds and never with pigeons and so on, and Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) said the same thing.

Comparing criminal statistics, levels of physical violence are generally vastly higher among the black African peoples than among the whites, just as all species of creatures have their unique defining characteristics as a whole, and these characteristics do not change, they are governed by genetics, and no amount of attempts at ‘control’ or ‘education’ or ‘social integration’ will ever make any real difference, as such programs in truth are only a cruel piss-take by the actually violently malicious Marxists who are intent on literally destroying the white genome itself.

This problem existed before the white man came to Africa, and when he came, the warring black tribes were held in check only by armed force under by rule of law, and the black population of Africa blossomed massively as a direct result of that. But without that control, the natural violent racial characteristics of the African Negro return very rapidly to be openly expressed.

Deportation is the only solution, and an end to the encouragement of interracial marriage, with a return to only temporary visas for Negro people visiting the western nations.

Or people can be blind, indecisive cowards, PC to the death, and see their children get mixed-out and turn into low-IQ, untalented, disaffected and increasingly unemployable gang-bangers stabbing each other up. It is their choice, the infiltrated Jewish politicians who are playing the whites know exactly what havoc they are quite deliberately bringing to the white peoples in the western nations. Their game plan is to destroy the Caucasian peoples, then they can quickly dominate all other peoples and destroy them too.

The Jew Karl Marx published the following words; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” (sounds like the Jews really have great plans for whitey and all other non-Jewish peoples, right?).

Do we see a Jewish-led campaign similar to the Sarkozy campaign in France to heavily influence blacks and whites to intermarry being enforced in any black or any Asian countries? No, of course not, as the Jews do not want to breed the blacks or Asians out of existence in their own countries just yet, till they have used the black Negro peoples as a weapon against the white people as much as possible, but they do want to breed the highly intelligent and talented whites out of existence, you won’t see any calls for racial interbreeding with blacks anywhere in China, India, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, or with whites in Africa (not yet anyway), but only in the white countries first where Jewish Marxist agents have infiltrated to do their malevolent dirty work.

If racial interbreeding is so good, then why don’t the Jews themselves practice the ‘multiculturalism’ and racial interbreeding that they now heavily force on European Gentile white peoples, as proven by the highly sinister words of the Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre for instance. Read ‘Jews accused of ‘blackmailing’ Sweden with help of Barbara Spectre’ by Lasha Darkmoon.


November 8, 2018

Institute for Historical Review The ‘Holocaust’ Put in Perspective By Austin J. App

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The Six Million: Fact or Fiction CHAPTER 17: DACHAU on January 27, 2018 Section 110: Dachau and Its Mysterious “Gas Chamber”

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