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October 11, 2018

Might Makes Right

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As seekers of the truth we must acknowledge the harsh nature of reality. While might does not necessarily correlate with morality, it does correlate with victory.

Source: Might Makes Right

Comments to this article by Mothman777;

Certainly, Hitler was too soft, and his outdated notions of chivalry and humanitarianism seemingly cost the war for everyone, plunging the world under Jewish domination, but Germany was vastly outnumbered, and Churchill may well have told Hitler that unless his troops were freed from Dunkirk, all of Germany would be gas-bombed or bombed with anthrax immediately, and Churchill did, in fact, order these very things at least at one point during the war, but the RAF refused to carry out those insanely genocidal orders (whilst still feeling able to wipe out several hundred thousand civilians in Dresden). So the defeat of Germany was not the ‘fault’ of Hitler as such.

It has been disclosed that when Mussolini was taken prisoner and the Germans wanted to rescue him, they had no idea where he was being held, so a team of psychics was engaged to determine exactly where he was, so that a team led by Otto Skorzeny could liberate him, and the details provided by the psychics were entirely accurate in determining exactly where Mussolini was being held so that a successful rescue could take place. Later on, the British found this out and therefore set about infiltrating the psychics in Germany and subverting them, perhaps by threatening their families or worse, and the British then compelled the psychics to feed Hitler false information upon which some of his unsuccessful decisions were very likely based.

But does the leader who gets to the top have to be a predator? Surely he is the servant of all his people as well as being their leader, despite having had to be strong enough to make it past the often very physically aggressive opposition in his own nation to arrive in his position as leader. The National Socialist leader surely entirely transcends the idea of the supreme predator who has destroyed all opposition in his struggle for leadership of his people, his tribe, he is the benefactor to all, not someone who predates on his own people or necessarily on any other, he is not a mere animal (and animals do not predate upon their own, except perhaps in very strange and rare instances where a male polar bear will kill the offspring of a rival male in order to plant his seed in the female polar bear parent of that offspring instead, which is very sad to see). But he must, of course, be strong enough to defeat all actual predators such as the Jews and whichever race or people the Jews are able to hoodwink into fighting on their behalf, whether that threat is domestic or comes from abroad.

The natural resources available to all Aryan peoples in our own lands do not require that we predate on any other people or land, as we can be self-sufficient, and if other peoples like the black Negroes in Africa through sexual incontinence and lack of intellectual ability constantly overbreed without the slightest plans or ability to make provision for their offspring and then repeatedly come to us to ask us feed them and preserve their lives, which they are unable to do for themselves in the richest agricultural land in the world, in the most mineral-rich land in the world, then they do not have what it takes to survive, and will die by their own hand due to their acute lack of intellectual ability and compassion for each other, as they are quite prepared to let each other die, or even kill each other in constant fights between black African peoples, that is why they always come to us for free handouts, and very aggressively at that in many cases when they do this in our western nations.

The physical reproduction rate of black Negroes in Africa increased a massive 12-fold after the white man came to Africa and largely stopped all the internecine inter-tribal wars that were rapidly claiming the lives of black people and limiting their numbers.

Now the blacks say they intend to have 4 BILLION population in Africa within the next 40 years or so to rival the western economic model, how stupid is that? They don’t need to compete with any nation, they have EVERYTHING they possibly need in their own land already if they would just put their heads together and work together and be self-sufficient, and they would not need a single IMF handout, being fleeced by massive Rothschild usurious rates any longer, or need to be war refugees or economic rivals, I say deport them all back to Africa and tell them to make a go of it there with all the building, manufacturing and organizational skills that they have acquired from us, with suitable and generous financial compensation and assistance for all who have genuinely contributed to the economies of our societies whilst they have lived among us in the western nations, with little financial assistance for the masses of black Negroes who exist as mere criminal white-hating parasites except a one-way plane ticket and enough to get them by for a few months, maybe even a small dwelling can be put up for even those criminals at very little cost with some of the technologies available today, so as to minimize the inevitable hostility that would ensue in the minds of those who are not due such great compensation or assistance, so that at the very least, they have some reasonable security and sufficient land with each dwelling to subsist on with their own crops, as land is dirt cheap in Africa, such a program costing a tiny fraction of the welfare cheques they get on a continual basis in the west, and all the Jews can all be deported back to the Levant en masse along with them, after having their ill-gotten gains fleeced from vulnerable whites all confiscated from them, after all, their Jewish spokepeople clearly state in words their serious intention to literally wipe out the white race, even in this one generation alone, so they can get lost, they are enemy soldiers doing great harm to our peoples. And those are the compassionate options that can be used if there is no armed resistance whipped up amongst the black Negroes by the Jews to this actually very reasonable and generous idea, and if the Jews themselves do not start cowardly terrorist bomb attacks such as they used on British troops in Palestine.

The original NSDAP itself was never racist, and Hitler himself was never a racist and he stated so very clearly, and he had no intention of annihilating all other races, but wanted each race or people to exist peacefully in cooperation with Germany in their own lands, and stated that in exact terms, he merely opposed the actual racists, the Jews, whose Marxist teaching is as follows; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” And of course, for doing that, Hitler is nonsensically accused of being the aggressor, of being the racist himself, in opposing the insane genocidal racist intentions of the Jews against all other peoples, that being one of the more successful Jewish propaganda campaigns in the minds of those with cowardly and weaker intellects.

I agree with the basic idea though, that Hitler was too soft, as he ordered his scientists never to work on atomic weaponry according to Otto Skorzeny. Hitler is constantly being falsely ‘revealed’ to have been developing atomic weapons, though he did use peaceful heavy water for electric power generation due to the oil embargo, as Norway still does today, and Norway is where he got heavy water from, for energy purposes alone. Hitler could easily have developed the atom bomb and then used just a handful to whack one major city in Russia, England, America and France, to force peace and stop the Jewish-instigated onslaught, rather than allow the far greater damage to the planet occurring today, as atomic and nuclear tests alone now number well over two-thousand, doing immeasurably greater damage than a handful of atomic or nuclear weapons used by Germany would have done at the time, and then he could have entirely banned their use.

Churchill secretly ordered the RAF to bomb German civilian towns and cities for a whole 3 months in secret with high explosives and incendiary bombs, without telling the British people, whilst refusing all pleas for peace by Hitler, specifically with the intent to create a ‘war psychosis’ in the British (Jew slave) people by Churchill, as he termed it, as he planned that when the Germans inevitably retaliated by bombing London and Coventry after 16 attempts had been made by Hitler to ask for peace, which were all ignored, the British would never know that the RAF had been bombing German civilians for three months already without the slightest retaliation (a major blunder by Hitler, perhaps due to the fact that many British members of the aristocracy, including members of the royal family, were on board with a plan for a peaceful coexistence with Germany, three sisters of Prince Philip being married to three senior German National Socialist officers, one a crown prince, who was later killed in battle), and thus consider the Germans mindlessly hateful and insanely violent without the Germans having suffered any provocation to start bombing British civilians (the Allies used 20 times or so more bombs on Germany than the Germans used on Allied nations) and thus be tricked into entering into a full -blooded hateful ‘war psychosis’ against the German people, as they indeed did do, and almost all people even today in England still say that Hitler had to be stopped, as he was a madman, and that unless he had been stopped, he would quite literally have killed everyone else.

How sad that the same Jews they defend now openly wish for the entire white race to be eliminated from the entire world, but the Jewish-controlled media never publishes that, choosing to publish only lying quotes from senior Jewish spokesmen about how we are ‘all the same’ and must live together (except the Jewish people, especially those in ultra-racist Israel of course, but they won’t tell the Gentile people that truth in the MSM either).


The teachings of CI in their reinvented Bible (which was always fake in the very beginning anyway) come from crypto-Jew Fink, and he really is not a refined intellectual despite his pretensions at knowledge of ancient Greek and Hebrew, after all, he betrays his utter lack of actual spiritual sensitivity by espousing the vile notion that Aryans should adopt the mindless hatred and violence of the Jews themselves, to become the new Jews in fact, as in Deuteronomy 20:16-18 King James Version (KJV)
16 “But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:” thus completing the work of the Jew by dragging everyone down to their debased (non) spiritual level, so that it becomes increasingly impossible for CI-infected Aryans to criticize the excessively violent and insane nature of the Jew, by making Aryans seem just like them. The CI Bible would make all do the Jew’s work for them.

And then the Aryan Jew created by Fink would be committed to maintaining the spiritually suicidal notion that all others must be burned alive repeatedly, constantly, in hell for all eternity after this one life, a ‘teaching’ of the criminally insane who should all have their citizenship denied or revoked at the very least. Those teachings are in the CI Bible for all to read, I entered into correspondence with the foul-mouthed Fink (try writing to him, see what language he uses) some years ago on this very issue in particular, and these very same teachings on eternal hell are held in Fink’s version of the Bible, and are held to be quite literal by him.

It is my consideration that Christian missionaries would better have been put to the sword many centuries ago when they first arrived upon our shores or in our lands, rather that than the mindless burnings alive and garrottings that occurred afterwards throughout Europe and elsewhere to purge the followers of all ancient religions from our lands.

There is no eternal hell, nor does the real God ever separate even a single soul from Himself for all eternity, this is what the ancient western traditions and the ancient eastern Vedic and other traditions teach, so everything Abrahamic must become totally purged from all races and peoples in the world if they are to become free from Jewish domination and oppression, if those infected are ever to become free from insanity in fact, and if they are ever to become able to truly gain access to God again.

One of the first things a National Socialist society must do is to totally purge all vestiges of Abrahamic teachings of any religion whatsoever containing them, and that may take a generation or two of repatterning of teachings in our schools so that future generations of Aryan children will not suffer the perversions of the soul that these mindlessly suicidal and violent Abrahamic religions create, and then they will have crystal clear minds and souls more closely reflecting the nature of the true God Himself who exists eternally within the souls of all beings, as well as in the eternal transcendental eternally liberated spiritual dimension.

Some personal thoughts of mine follow, not in answer to anyone here, just considerations of mine;

Some may consider God to be a mere notion, a mere ideal, a mere template existing only by the deliberate artificial man-made creation of a myth, upon whose mythical nature we are to base our own behavioural patterns in thought, word and deed, though I myself would find that intended level of ‘spiritual instruction’ thought appropriate by some for ‘the masses’ within a future intended National Socialist society actually highly insulting to the intelligence of anyone, and highly degrading, as such intended teaching of patently false fairy tales is extremely dishonest, not based in any way on actual spiritual reality and would actually undermine true National Socialism, were such fairy tales and myths ever to be seriously considered as anything other than mere fairy tales and myths created as pleasant diversions to temporarily occupy the minds of those not yet ready to bear the experience of true spiritual reality.

Albeit, just about every religion seems to have its fair share of such myths and fairy tales contained within them, and some religions will always hold that their particular accounts, no matter how fantastic, are still the literal truth, like the many creation myths, which surely cannot all have occurred, unless we all exist now in a reality produced from the coalescence of many different realities of different origins where these occurrences had literally all been true factual occurrences.

By supposing ‘the masses’ to be too stupid to be suitable for anything other than the inculcation of myths and fairy tales, ‘the masses’ would be reduced to a state of mere idiocy, reduced to mere dupes who are expected to believe in mere fairy tales and myths created at the whim of some pretentious ‘leader’ or social manipulator who would be God himself, this surely is highly demeaning to others and thus not suitable for true National Socialist society.

Others engaging in true study of the occult have actual practical living experience of multidimensional consciousness and different realms in which other beings live, including God, and we are all students here in this world, it takes time to acquire sufficient true spiritual experience to such a degree that we can understand that in some way, this world is created and overlooked by a higher fully conscious dimension which has eternal and beginningless quality, and that within that spiritual realm, which we are told in various teachings is infinite (I won’t pretend to have experienced infinity), there is some higher authority existing, a central Supersoul or Godhead with personality, a divine consciousness both with and without form, who seems to be able to expand the consciousness of each individual soul to varying degrees in accordance with the depth and character of their relationships with Him, within and throughout His own Being, sometimes spanning vast distances beyond the confines of the human skull.


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