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October 10, 2018

UK – Assassinations, False-flags, And a Cuppa Tea: British Intelligence Agencies And ‘The Third Direction’

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Comment by Mothman777;

I say the following not only to reveal my own circumstances, but also to give all other truth-seekers and truth-speakers a good ‘heads up’, so they know exactly what to expect in realistic terms from the corrupt murderous scum that are currently accepted as the British government.

The ‘British’ government most certainly uses assassination squads on the streets of Britain, just as their agents used to be the ones actually responsible for many of the bombings in Northern Ireland, that fact having been very clearly disclosed under the American Freedom of Information Act, though such information is not widely distributed in the UK itself for obvious reasons.

British prisons also have tacitly approved assassination squads of officers who will kill any inmate required, and there has never been a single conviction of any prison officer (surely by order of the Jewish-controlled Home Office) to the best of my knowledge for any killings of inmates by staff in any British prison.

In police cells alone, holding unconvicted remand prisoners, there have been over 2,000 deaths of prisoners being held in police custody over the years, yet not a single conviction has ever occurred of any officer on any charge, not even for manslaughter.

When someone tries to murder you in the streets, like by shoving a knife into my ribs with maximum force, which I have experienced, and much more on other occasions, and the police tell you that that or any other incidents never occurred, and they refuse to open any investigation and deny hospital reports of actual injury, and even deny the attendance of police occurred at the time, and the doctors then join in too and say these incidents never happened, then you KNOW that the STATE itself is behind these attacks, as well as the sayanim, and in my personal experience, there is very heavy collusion between the British police, the Shomrim Jewish ‘police’ and the sayanim, and even their black yardie fellow ‘blacks’, many of whom may be black Jews, as I have often seen entirely Jewish groups of yellow-skinned Jews hanging around with jet black seeming Negroes, who can very clearly be observed to be working in very close coordination with other sayanim in activities like surveillance and stalking and attacks (I have actually heard one loud-mouthed ‘black’ sayan speaking to a couple of yellow-skinned Israeli Jews stalking me very audibly saying “Here he comes now, don’t turn round” as I walked down the street towards them, and this particular ‘black’ often seemed to materialize right by me no matter which street I was on and often talked to me, like he was getting driven around to intercept me, and that is exactly what they do, years ago I actually caught people getting out of cars just around the corner of my street and intercepting me, they were alerted to get out of their cars by another surveillance operative stationed outside my dwelling, and to be a sayan, one must be of Jewish blood, so I guess the blacks must be black Jews that they are working with, and of course, other blacks see only a black skin and will do anything to help these other ‘blacks’ no matter how nasty or violent the type of ‘help’ may be that is required by the sayanim, as it is all about bringing the white man down in his own country.

I was summoned to a hospital board meeting, and when I arrived I was told I was not even on the invitation list, and was sent away, even though I had an email invitation, as usual, as had always been the case for previous meetings, to attend, and just as soon as I left the hospital, to rub the message right in my face, two heavily-built black men with stone expressions, like M15 or M16 men, drove their car straight at me IN REVERSE, which I only just managed to avoid. In fact, I had seen them seemingly waiting to exit a T-junction in a street otherwise devoid of traffic, and as I was about to cross over the road junction in front of them, and intuited they were going to try to run me over, I walked not just behind their car instead of across the junction in front of them, but 3.5 to 4 metres right behind it, to make it very difficult for them to drive their car into me, but they still tried, and reversed very suddenly at maximum speed right at me, then went back forwards and right round the corner to the right, out of sight, a clear state-sanctioned hit job because they cannot stand me mouthing off about government unsuitability, crime and corruption. Curiously, just a few months earlier, at another board meeting in the same hospital, I had been discussing with a doctor for 20 minutes or so about all the alternative cures and treatments for cancer and other diseases that I knew of (he seemed very pleasant and said he was quite surprised at all the alternative treatments that I was mentioning to him, as he had not heard of them before, and how the hospital had not been willing to discuss some of these with me at a previous talk by a senior ‘oncologist’). The oncologist’s talk at this hospital erroneously informed people that cancer patients can eat any type of food, with as much sugar as they want whilst they are recieving cancer ”treatment”. And, bam! A car ‘accident’ was arranged for me right next to the hospital for the next time I tried to attend, to shut my gob properly, once and for all, they care so much about people these doctors.
And at these board meetings, several men constantly and quite unexplainedly, unless for surveillance purposes, take photographs of every person present at these meetings, with lengthy telephoto lenses fully extended to get the maximum possible detail from every angle, repeatedly, very meticulously, to make sure they have thoroughly up-to date records of the current appearance of anyone who might start shooting their gob off complaining about the current ‘healthcare’ system, as some often do, or about suppressed cures for cancer and so on, the type of ‘trouble-maker’ they want shut up by one means or another.
The UK is a very nasty little Jewish-controlled dictatorship, and the infliction of very serious physical injury and even cold-blooded murder by state-sanctioned military police and their sayanim assistants is, very definitely indeed, something that is engaged in on the streets of the UK.
The cold-blooded murders of 52 civilians on 7/7 2005 is one very clear example, that being a very similar Jewish-controlled and British state-sanctioned false flag operation to the one carried out by the Jewish Mossad in collaboration with Jewish agents in the US government on 9/11 2001, in which 3,000 American civilians were murdered in order to falsely justify the cold-blooded genocidal slaughter of several million totally innocent peoples in various Middle Eastern countries.  These murderous Jew bastards think nothing of killing anyone they wish in any part of the world in order to get their way.
How can people continue to vote for shit like that?

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