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September 29, 2018

Israel to extend its sovereignty over all historic Palestine

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The Jews are psychotic bastards, and this grandiose megalomaniac bullshit comes right after their recent statement that they reserve the right to pass legislation in any nation on the Earth, obviously a statement relating to their presumed right to world government.

But of course, the so-called western leaders in the many Jewish-controlled western and other nations, backed by their armed intelligence service thugs and police and army thugs, and thugs they will remain until they grow the balls to take the power from the Marxist Jew swine in power and return it to the Gentile peoples themselves, so that they can choose real leaders, state that they will remove ‘anti-semitism’.

How sad it is that greater numbers of people are not willing to research and see that mass genocide against all non-Jews is intended, this time on a vastly larger scale than occurred already in Russia following the 1917 Jewish terrorist Bolshevik armed takeover, throughout the entire world, with only a few Gentiles to be kept alive as slaves, how sad their willful ignorance and cowardice is! We very badly need true security agencies to remove this Jewish scum from power and remove all their rights to citizenship and send them packing, or put them in prison for the many murderous crimes they have committed in government positions.

One can see that under the leadership of many of the present politicians of western nations, such Jewish world domination will be completely approved. This is a sign of the complete dictatorship to come, when people are offered the equivalent of lolly pops at election time, sweet promises of lower taxes etc. and sign up for more of this Jew ass-sucking crap. Will any of the leaders of our western nations stand up and condemn what the Israelis have been saying and doing recently, one way or the other, with strong words of resistance at the very minimum?

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