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September 30, 2018

Vikings in South America? Bradford Hanson BRADFORD HANSON · NOVEMBER 26, 2016

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Jews abusing Science to fool Whites about Race! – Killing the White Man in Us 30th September 2018 jlamprecht

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September 29, 2018

Israel to extend its sovereignty over all historic Palestine

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The Jews are psychotic bastards, and this grandiose megalomaniac bullshit comes right after their recent statement that they reserve the right to pass legislation in any nation on the Earth, obviously a statement relating to their presumed right to world government.

But of course, the so-called western leaders in the many Jewish-controlled western and other nations, backed by their armed intelligence service thugs and police and army thugs, and thugs they will remain until they grow the balls to take the power from the Marxist Jew swine in power and return it to the Gentile peoples themselves, so that they can choose real leaders, state that they will remove ‘anti-semitism’.

How sad it is that greater numbers of people are not willing to research and see that mass genocide against all non-Jews is intended, this time on a vastly larger scale than occurred already in Russia following the 1917 Jewish terrorist Bolshevik armed takeover, throughout the entire world, with only a few Gentiles to be kept alive as slaves, how sad their willful ignorance and cowardice is! We very badly need true security agencies to remove this Jewish scum from power and remove all their rights to citizenship and send them packing, or put them in prison for the many murderous crimes they have committed in government positions.

One can see that under the leadership of many of the present politicians of western nations, such Jewish world domination will be completely approved. This is a sign of the complete dictatorship to come, when people are offered the equivalent of lolly pops at election time, sweet promises of lower taxes etc. and sign up for more of this Jew ass-sucking crap. Will any of the leaders of our western nations stand up and condemn what the Israelis have been saying and doing recently, one way or the other, with strong words of resistance at the very minimum?

September 28, 2018

6 Photos: Jews & their Liberal liars say RACE is not real … its a Social Construct … really? 20th December 2017 jlamprecht

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11 Pics & Maps: Science: Race is much more than just Skin Color differences 28th September 2018 jlamprecht

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Comment by Mothman777:

The muscle tissue of blacks lies on top of their fat to dissipate heat quickly, whereas the fat content of the Caucasians lies on top of the muscle tissue to conserve heat and prevent muscle, tendon, and ligament tears.

Blacks get ten times more schizophrenia in the west due to lack of Vitamin D3, they are not suited to be here, and they get rickets too when they do not sunbathe or they cover excessive parts of their bodies with clothing due to Islam. But, they say: “I am black enough” and the vast majority never sunbathe, with many foolishly also wearing sunglasses (you need 1.5 hours a day minimum daylight passing directly into the eyeball to produce serotonin for instance, though the friendly gut bacteria also produce serotonin, that is why depression always occurs when anyone takes antibiotics and they need to replenish their gut bacteria with probiotics straight afterwards. Even ordinary glasses, contact lenses, car windscreens and house windows stop the particular wavelength of light necessary to stimulate the process of producing serotonin, though you can get full spectrum lenses to get past that problem (all plants grown under glass actually need specialised full spectrum permitting glass or even plastic with similar properties for optimal growth and health).

When the Marxists breed black and white together, they create an unnatural being that is neither properly suited to either very hot and sunny climates any longer or very cold and dark climates, and those mulattos that are produced due to the maliciously conceived Coudenhove Kalergi plan of racial interbreeding through heavy propaganda and physical placement together, will gradually succumb to more and more diseases as either mental illness will destroy them and their societies, or many types of physical disease, as Vitamin D3, and more factors produced by direct exposure to sunlight itself, are vital for physical and mental health. Of course, such a creature is ideal as a slave for the Jews, because they will be ignorant, constantly be in need of medical attention from the state, therefore more beholden to the Jewish Big Brother world state intended to come, and thus be more controllable, and their lifespans will be more miserable and short, again, ideal for the Jews as they hate all Gentiles and regard them as only fit to dwell in hell, even in this life.

The average rate for schizophrenia is 1% general population among Caucasians in western nations, but as 10% of blacks suffer schizophrenia in the western nations, then this will help, as planned by the Jews, to cripple the western societies in which they live, and due to lack of Vitamin D3 production, all kinds of mortality will go right up, as Vitamin D3 reduces heart disease, cancer, pathogenic diseases and more, so the Marxist interbreeding program for the different races and species is not for the actual benefit of a single Gentile, as those produced by it will only be able to properly thrive (in a very limited fashion as mentally hobbled slaves under the Jewish plan for world enslavement of all Gentiles under the Noahide Laws etc., in very limited areas on the Earth’s surface. A future world filled with the Jewish-planned Eurasian negroid mix slaves will ensure that such beings cannot care for themselves, and so those slaves will always remain slaves, that is one plan, as AI and robots (unenvisaged by Coudenhove Kalergi) as being developed by DARPA will mean a humanoid robot equal to human intellegence, but vastly stronger and more able, that never sleeps and is completely obedient, will mean total redundancy of even the Coudenhove Kalergi plan in the very near future, as such robots are aimed to be in production in 20 years or so, but the Jews continue the Coudenhove Kalergi plan anyway in the meantime nonetheless, so as to ensure totally broken Gentile societies in the west and more chaos that will help to present a case for worldlwide Jewish government, and of course, at that time, not only the Noahide Laws will be used to exterminate all practising members of non-Jewish religions, but then, even the surviving Gentiles to be kept as slaves will also be eliminated when they have the robots, and the robots themselves will most likely be doing the killing.

The figures I quote are from medical research, but I have not yet seen any figures for schizophrenia for half-caste blacks, or those lighter skinned blacks, the Arabs, though I suppose that their general cultural adherence to ‘black’ behavioural patterns will mean that they also will avoid sunbathing in general, and so they will still suffer increased rates of disease, still suffering at least 5-7 times more incidence of schizophrenia compared with the 10 times more incidence of schizophrenia suffered in western nations by the pure-bred Negroes in the west.

Basically, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan will actually intensify mortality and mental debility and invalidity for all the intermixed Gentile people living in any but selected areas on the Earth in sub-tropical latitudes, thus producing financial strains and absolute chaos amongst slave society, black on black violence to keep their attention away from their Jew masters.

Maybe the original studies on ‘black’ people already included lighter skinned black people like Arabs, and that still produced the figure of 10% schizophrenia, so maybe just a bit of brown is the factor that cuts off the vital amount of sunshine the blacks need, and if blacks do sunbathe, of course, they have to sunbathe several times more than we Caucasians do, but we have much less sunshine available in many European nations for one thing, and secondly, who has enough free time to sunbathe several times more than Caucasians do? Also, the blacks don’t much like to be exposed to our cooler summers in Europe, and rarely sunbathe. as their bodies cannot keep warm so easily as ours can, that is why, even in summer in England, I can see some Negro people walking around with coats on, but admittedly some will wear just shorts and T-shirts and sunbathe or play soccer etc. in the sun, often with dark glasses on though still.

UK’s First WW2 Revisionist Open Public Meeting

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Hull hosted possibly the first ever World War 2 Revisionist open public meeting in the UK. On July 15th over 70 people calmly and thoughtfully listened to Dr. Nick Kollerstrom’s two hour presentation Breaking the Spell: Holocaust Myth and Reality.

Source: UK’s First WW2 Revisionist Open Public Meeting

The Black Sun

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In Pythagorean teachings the earth unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups, including the Sumerians, as The Black Sun.

Source: The Black Sun

September 27, 2018

FLASHBACK – Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed

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FLASHBACK – The Foreign Fighters Flocking To Middle East To Wage Jihad For Israel

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September 26, 2018

Professional Witnesses Still Clamoring For Attention In The Greatest Show Trial In History

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Wear’s War Editor’s Comment: The MSM can print articles today stating “Why The German People Should Be Abolished”,  they can label anyone they do not like a “Neo-Nazi” and yet they are no

Source: Professional Witnesses Still Clamoring For Attention In The Greatest Show Trial In History

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