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September 21, 2018


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September 20, 2018

MAP: USA: States where White deaths exceed birth rates … getting worse!?? 19th September 2018 jlamprecht

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Israeli Organ Harvesting And Slavery In One Picture

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Syrian army forces find Israeli-made medicine in Jewhadist field hospital in Quneitra

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The Ugly Truth


PRESS TV – Syrian government forces have uncovered a considerable amount of Israeli-made medicine and medical supplies in a field hospital belonging to foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants in the country’s strategic southwestern province of Quneitra.

Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Syria’s official news agency, SANA, that army soldiers made the discovery in the village of Bariqa on Wednesday as they were combing the area for hidden ordinance and improvised explosive devices, which Takfiri militants had planted there.

The report added that the hospital had modern CT scan, X-ray medical imaging machines, laboratory equipment and a pharmacy containing various types of antibiotics, vaccines and painkillers.

It is said that the medical facility was equipped with central heating and its rooms were fitted with modern beds.

A brand-new and modern British ambulance in addition to a number of cars was also parked in the hospital courtyard, which militants apparently used to…

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Norway And The Destruction Of Libya

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The Ugly Truth


RT – Norway had provided six F-16 fighter jets during the air campaign. According to the report, these jets flew 596 strike missions between March and July 2011, dropping 588 bombs on Libyan targets. This amounts to about 10 percent of all coalition strikes against Libya that year. CONTINUE READING

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S.Africa: Ramaphosa’s many lies (& threats to Whites) about seizing White Farms… 20th September 2018 jlamprecht

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They Tried – and Failed – to Whitewash Cannibalism

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The worldwide effort to depreciate Whites has always been beset by one nagging problem. What to do about cannibalism?

Source: They Tried – and Failed – to Whitewash Cannibalism

Comment by Mothman777;

From mass hysteria among blacks about supposed blood-drinking vampires leading to killings, even of doctors carrying stethoscopes that they suspected were used for sucking the blood out of people,

To calls for actual cannibalism of whites;
SA Black Spews Call For Torture, Death And
Cannibalism Of Whites – Trump Remains Silent

To complaints by the Pygmy people to the UN of being boiled alive in oil or water and then eaten by larger Congolese blacks who consider them no more than bushmeat, as Chimpanzees and Gorillas etc. are killed and eaten in Africa as ‘bushmeat’.

Even an average Gorilla has a higher IQ than an average Negro. Koko the Gorilla had an IQ of between 85 and 95, though even the tests were somewhat skewed against her, as asked whether security was best offered by a tree or a house, she naturally chose ‘tree’ instead of ‘house’, and so lost an IQ scoring there, and the same happened in other places in those tests, as they were designed exclusively for humans, so her real IQ was undoubtedly somewhat higher in truth. who spoke a 1.000 words

To cannibal restaurants and mass cannibal cults in real life;

And then there was General Butt Naked, whose men would drink the blood of a slaughtered girl before going into battle (his soldiers’ food was also laced with cocaine before battle).

Strangely enough, the book ‘The fall of The Congo Arabs’ by Sidney Langford Hinde, the who served as Medical Officer of the Interior, British East Africa, tells of how, rather strangely, the cannibalistic Negro tribes were actually amongst the most civil to the white people who met them (perhaps at least before dinner anyway). The book mentions how a vicious anti-white racist sentiment was always bubbling up among the natives, resulting in repeated attempts to exterminate all Europeans in the area, missionaries, doctors, or otherwise.

And still more;
‘UN reports atrocities in Congo’ (black ‘soldiers’ eating penises cut from prisoners who were still alive and ‘soldiers’ wearing female genitalia as medals).

Think twice when you see blacks buying ‘bushmeat’ in your local market in the US or England or anywhere else for that matter.

Oh look, it is here already, some black immigrants got a man in Paris, cut his face off and ate it (what can they do but complain if MacDonalds is all they have available otherwise eh?). Talk about complaining about the food in refugee camps.

(Sorry this last link to an article is sourced from a Jewish news site, but it just shows that Jews don’t really like blacks, despite often claiming that they are ‘black’ to stir up hatred against real whites by the blacks).

Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue Demolished the Holocaust and Warned of Worldwide Weimar

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Roger Dommergue is a French Jewish professor, philosopher, and essayist, known for his writings concerning alternative medicine and his Holocaust revisionism.

Source: Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue Demolished the Holocaust and Warned of Worldwide Weimar

September 18, 2018

Education in the Third Reich

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It is the purpose of all education to prepare the rising generation for its functions in after-life as the true representatives of the nation and the State.

Source: Education in the Third Reich

September 17, 2018

How They Do It– ‘Family Is A Jewish Value. Don’t Let The Mistakes Of A Few Rob Us Of That Gift’

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–the ‘mistakes’ of a ‘few’ Jews…

1. Abraham, a ‘family man’, sells his wife Sarah into a life of sexual slavery for his own enrichment, is caught and is kicked out of Egypt. Before entering Gerar, he does it again.

2. Abraham’s son, Isaac, also a ‘family man’, does the very same thing with his wife, Rebeccah.

3. Lott, Abraham’s nephew, also a ‘family man’, gives his 2 virgin daughters away to a group of gang-bangers from Sodom, saying ‘abuse them as you see fit…’

4. Lott’s 2 daughters, now thoroughly traumatized by ‘Pops’ giving them away as sex slaves to the gang-bangers, get their father drunk–twice–so that they can engage in father/daughter incest with him.

5. Esther, heroine of the Jewish people, sleeps her way to the top of the Persian king’s harem in order to utilize him for Jewish political purposes.

and on and on and on…

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