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August 31, 2018

Professor Roman Yushkov is the First Russian On Trial for ‘Holocaust Denial’ August 30, 2018 Kyle Hunt

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The article above presents an excellent analysis. How could Putin give his daughter to a Jew??? Yuck, that is like allowing his daughter to be raped repeatedly by the most evil type of demon, though any man wanting to get ahead with the Jews, even a shabbos goy, will be willing to give up a child to a Jew, though a male Jew would be most likely to wish to continue his bloodline only through marrying a Jewish woman.

Putin’s mother’s name and identity in her passport seem to prove that he must be Jewish himself, whilst externally he carries on maintaining the illusion of being a Christian, as most Jews do, whilst the Jewish sect he associates with intimately, the Chabad Lubavitchers, is dead set on physically exterminating all Christians in the entire world just as soon as the genocidal Noahide Laws can be implemented worldwide under the intended one world Jewish government to be based in Jerusalem via the UN and worldwide military action using subjugated NATO armed forces, and likely other treaty nation armed forces under their control, as well as their black ops, psy-ops troops, the Al Qaeda and ISIS mercs and dupes led by British, Israeli, US and even German military officers undercover, as serving officers from these nations have all been captured leading military operations in Syria according to Syrian news sources.

If Putin were truly a Christian, in supporting the Chabad Lubavitchers and their various agendas, he would have to be mentally defective, mentally ill, or a screaming hypocrite, but he is a very powerful man and knows exactly what he is doing in the service of the Jews. The Chabad Lubavitchers are merely continuing the same genocidal agenda of Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin et al.

Putin has approached every single nation in the world to ask them to adopt anti-holocaust denial laws and laws against lionization of National Socialism, and he has made at least one subsequent attempt after being partially successful in his first approach to all nations. He is simply a highly deceptive and manipulative Jewish agent.

To play 4D chess even to attempt to deceive the Jews is a literal impossibility, as the Jews have the totally effective policy in ALL instances of maintaining one single policy that defeats any and all others ultimately, that is to carry out the physical extermination of all others after first conquering them by various means and enslaving them.

Putin is being totally deceptive in not revealing to the Russian people how they were not only slaughtered by Jews following the 1917 so-called Red Revolution (Jewish terrorist takeover) in which it was stated that just leaving 10% of all Russians alive would be a successful ‘revolution’ (Jewish bloodfest), but then slaughtered by Jews again in WWII by being forced by Jewish agent Stalin to fight against their gentile German brothers.

Stalin passed a law that anyone engaging in anti-semitic activities in Russia would be physically executed, so much for constant Jewish claims that Stalin was highly anti-semitic, when Stalin himself created Birobidzhan, a semi-autonomous oblast the size of Switzerland in which they could be totally secure and free to practice their own lifestyle and customs without the slightest interference.

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