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August 31, 2018

How many people are on psychiatric drugs?

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People are being made to feel ill in many cases by deliberately created and maintained toxic environments, and then shunted onto these chemical toxins, to burn their brains away.

In fact, years ago, some doctors stated that schizophrenia damaged the brain, so that antipsychotic drugs were necessary to treat the ‘schizophrenia’ to prevent that brain damage occurring. It turned out that those same medications, still being prescribed under the same false justifications, are the very thing causing the worsening brain damage in the first place that is being detected in so-called ‘schizophrenics’, and that worsening brain damage is obviously compounding any real problems that anyone might have, as any brain injury by toxic chemicals, physical trauma, and viral damage often leads to behavioural changes named as ‘psychosis’, as the brain-injured person finds it more and more difficult to compute what is going on around them or understand how to interrelate with others and their environment any more, so the solution provided by the hammer-headed medical establishment is simply to burn the brain out, no more problems, simple.

Rather, people should be having supportive cognitive and integrative therapy. Russian medical researchers have established that up to 95% of mental functions can be restored in brain-damaged stroke victims by training them how to access and use their subtle, or astral bodies, and they have even declared that the prana or chi that composes and flows through those bodies to be a fifth type of recognizable substance, and that substance surrounding the eternal soul is what the outer mind of the yogi or shamanistic practitioner uses when they leave their body for instance to explore this world or other dimensions, as we all do in our dreams, that is how people remain conscious even after leaving their bodies at the time of so-called death, with psychics who are still physically incarnate being able to communicate with such souls and validate the truth of this matter.

Ultimately, nothing else is required for consciousness other than the soul itself being established in a functional relationship with the Supreme Soul, and prana becomes unnecessary when the final transition is made by the soul back to the entirely spiritual world.

Professor Roman Yushkov is the First Russian On Trial for ‘Holocaust Denial’ August 30, 2018 Kyle Hunt

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The article above presents an excellent analysis. How could Putin give his daughter to a Jew??? Yuck, that is like allowing his daughter to be raped repeatedly by the most evil type of demon, though any man wanting to get ahead with the Jews, even a shabbos goy, will be willing to give up a child to a Jew, though a male Jew would be most likely to wish to continue his bloodline only through marrying a Jewish woman.

Putin’s mother’s name and identity in her passport seem to prove that he must be Jewish himself, whilst externally he carries on maintaining the illusion of being a Christian, as most Jews do, whilst the Jewish sect he associates with intimately, the Chabad Lubavitchers, is dead set on physically exterminating all Christians in the entire world just as soon as the genocidal Noahide Laws can be implemented worldwide under the intended one world Jewish government to be based in Jerusalem via the UN and worldwide military action using subjugated NATO armed forces, and likely other treaty nation armed forces under their control, as well as their black ops, psy-ops troops, the Al Qaeda and ISIS mercs and dupes led by British, Israeli, US and even German military officers undercover, as serving officers from these nations have all been captured leading military operations in Syria according to Syrian news sources.

If Putin were truly a Christian, in supporting the Chabad Lubavitchers and their various agendas, he would have to be mentally defective, mentally ill, or a screaming hypocrite, but he is a very powerful man and knows exactly what he is doing in the service of the Jews. The Chabad Lubavitchers are merely continuing the same genocidal agenda of Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin et al.

Putin has approached every single nation in the world to ask them to adopt anti-holocaust denial laws and laws against lionization of National Socialism, and he has made at least one subsequent attempt after being partially successful in his first approach to all nations. He is simply a highly deceptive and manipulative Jewish agent.

To play 4D chess even to attempt to deceive the Jews is a literal impossibility, as the Jews have the totally effective policy in ALL instances of maintaining one single policy that defeats any and all others ultimately, that is to carry out the physical extermination of all others after first conquering them by various means and enslaving them.

Putin is being totally deceptive in not revealing to the Russian people how they were not only slaughtered by Jews following the 1917 so-called Red Revolution (Jewish terrorist takeover) in which it was stated that just leaving 10% of all Russians alive would be a successful ‘revolution’ (Jewish bloodfest), but then slaughtered by Jews again in WWII by being forced by Jewish agent Stalin to fight against their gentile German brothers.

Stalin passed a law that anyone engaging in anti-semitic activities in Russia would be physically executed, so much for constant Jewish claims that Stalin was highly anti-semitic, when Stalin himself created Birobidzhan, a semi-autonomous oblast the size of Switzerland in which they could be totally secure and free to practice their own lifestyle and customs without the slightest interference.

Group of Orthodox Jews along with Rabbi arrested in $14m scam to steal from NY schools

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What Hitler predicted so accurately about Israel in Mein Kampf 30th August 2018 jlamprecht

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August 29, 2018

Out of the mouths of Hebrews– ‘The secret to Israelis’ happiness is the state of perennial and perpetual war’

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This indeed is the essence of the Jewish psychosis as perfectly expressed above in the article, a complete absence of spiritual recognition of all non-Jewish souls and the simple unrestrained bloodlust and hatred towards all others that is needless but actually encouraged as a means to weld the Jews together, at the cost of the lives of all others, total insanity.

The Zohar states that ‘God’ (the Jews, especially the Chabad Lubavitchers, state that they themselves ARE God) in his wrath will kill all gentiles in the world. They are a very bad and defective breed, overly aggressive and psychotically paranoid, devoid of any capacity for true spiritual empathy with other life, and they remain a constant lethal danger to the very existence of not only all other human beings, but all other life in this entire world with their nuclear Samson Option and Noahide Laws etc.

12 Point Plan: Jewish Cultural Marxism: Out to smash Whites & Christianity… by jlamprecht

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10 Photos: 1941: New York protest: Americans who wanted peace with Hitler & Germany… by jlamprecht

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August 28, 2018

Unpacking The Lies Justifying the Murder of 9 Million Germans After WWII August 27, 2018 renegade

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August 26, 2018

Rife Technology and Wireless Part 2 Power Levels for Physiologic vs Neurologic Effects

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Click to access Rife-Technology-and-Wireless-Part-2-Power-Levels-for-Physiologic-vs-Neurologic-Effects.pdf

Rife Machine Report Part 1

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The government supercomputers of today in the nations of the major powers could and should all be put to the task of recreating and even improving this technology.

That this is not happening, whilst the insane war machine of the major nations is being built up to destroy us all (this is it’s real purpose, with Chabad Lubavitcher-controlled politicians facing off against each other in supposedly ‘opposing’ nations for the main part, with the exception of a few brave nations that choose to hold out against total subjugation by the Rothschilds and their warped plan for Jewish world government) is actual criminal insanity.

After all,  many governments cannot possibly be actually sincere in their purported purposes of ‘preserving’ their peoples through possessing ever-more lethal and genocidal war machinery that would only (by deliberate design) only assure MAD in any case, when their ‘own’ peoples are already condemned to die already in so many unpleasant ways by their often actually highly malevolent governments, who are total hypocrites, often very blatantly led by Israel and worldwide Jewry in the interests of the Jews alone.

I think that the nuclear armed PTB pretend that there is a major need to preserve the decaying, rotting, diseased societies of today, that the very same PTB are very much responsible for themselves, when there is actually criminal intent to crush the peoples down under draconian dictatorships leading up to Jewish NWO one world government.

The policy of Roosevelt in the 1930’s that forcefully withdrew the Rife technologies from public availability has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions all around the world ever since,  so was his intention really to save the American people in WWII?

Roosevelt was a criminal chosenite gangster agent who actually wanted many millions of Americans to die by denying them the 100% proven cure for all cancers and all diseases caused by pathogenic organisms.

Roosevelt is actually on record as stating that the American people themselves were the enemy (much like the British Jewish politician, Jack Straw, stated quite coldly that “The English, as a race, are not worth saving”), a typical genocidally murderous Bolshevik Jewish sentiment.

That is what Jews and their hypnotised shabbos goyim agents do, they take control of nations by surreptitious means, then destroy the gentile peoples of those nations from the inside by many means.

A little actual genuine concern for the peoples of this world, and some GENUINELY BENEVOLENT leadership would do nicely for a change.

Think of the marvellous quantum supercomputers now available, they could accomplish all the work necessary in a very short space of time.  So why are all the major powers not engaging their supercomputers in this very obvious task already?

If you or I were in a position to be able to authorise such a thing, we most certainly would in an instant, but our controlled governments will not do that.

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