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July 10, 2018

Yad Vashem slams ‘highly problematic’ Israeli-Polish Holocaust statement

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Everyone simply MUST read the following book by Nick Kollerstrom PhD, £6, an extremely readable book that you will ever forget for the whole of your entire life, because it very lucidly reveals how the ‘British’ started WWI and WWII, despite many attempts by Germany to avoid war with Britain and Poland, whilst Germany in fact regarded England as an invaluable ally, as stated by Hitler in Mein Kampf, the publication of which was prevented in England during war years for that very reason, but what is revealed in this book is simply amazing, you really have to get a copy and recommend to all your friends that they do the same. It is THAT good. All verifiable information sources are included, no ‘vague’ statements, very well written.

The Stalag version of Mein Kampf is very small print and the whole book is twice as thick as all other versions of Mein Kampf which are written in very large print, you can see from this how very heavily redacted that the real Mein Kampf has actually become, again, for very obvious reasons.

Hitler was THE peaceful leader, he did not intend war with even one single country, not even Poland, AND WAS NOT MILITARILY PREPARED OR EQUIPPED FOR WAR WITH EVEN ONE COUNTRY ACCORDING TO AJP TAYLOR, having assured his generals that Germany would NEVER go to war against England, though the author says that Germany did go too far in invading Prague, but that Germany offered to withdraw from Czechoslovakia completely to avoid war with anyone, and over 16 appeals for peace to England with very generous terms by Germany were purposely ignored on the instructions of Churchill himself, who hid what he did from Parliament.

Even from the time before WWII, the complete destruction of Germany and her people were all that was intended, and I myself go so far as to say that Germany was intended to be COMPLETELY destroyed, to finish the same program of destruction that was actually begun in WWII so as to allow the conquering of all of Europe by the newly-Jewish-dominated Russia, the takeover of which had been already unsuccessfully attempted in 1905, before the successful attempt in 1917, as Germany at that time was the only country big enough to stop that invasion by the Jews controlling Russia. and intended to remain so, so it had to be destroyed by the Jews as a matter of policy, which is my own understanding, though Nick Kollerstrom mentions only ‘British’ and ‘Polish’ and ‘Russian’ politicians to allow his excellent work to be published and distributed. Poland was slaughtering Germans trapped within lands ceded to Poland from Germany for many years prior to WWII, and despite several very generous peace offerings by Germany to Poland and England to remedy the situation, the persecution, brutality and slaughter against the German folk in Polish territory continued unabated, but necessitating Germany to eventually do exactly what the Polish and British wanted in order to be able to justify war (with Poland to be terribly betrayed by England and Russia eventually in any case) , though Hitler felt protected by the fact that Russia would invade at the same time, but he was betrayed if course, AND ENGLAND NEVER DECLARED WAR ON RUSSIA.

The Ugly Truth

Joint declaration includes ‘grave errors and deceptions,’ institution’s historians argue; senior minister demands Netanyahu rescind it

ed note–a few ‘protocols’ that need to be discussed and understood here.

1. Incredible yet true, if organized Jewish interests today could get into a time machine and go back to that era just prior to that event which they refer to as ‘the Holocaust’ and rescue every single Hebrew and Shebrew from what they claim was Hitler’s deadly grasp, they would not do it. Israel’s 1st PM Ben Gurion made a statement to that effect in so many words when he talked about the need for ‘Jooish suffrink’ in helping to establish the Jooish state and how if he had to choose between saving the blessed 6 million or a handful of hardcore, violent, religious nutcase Zionists, he would choose to save the latter.

The point being, powerful Jewish interests have not/do not/never…

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