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July 7, 2018

How a Group of Jewish Terrorists Ended Up in Israel’s Halls of Power

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The Ugly Truth

A new documentary series about the Jewish Underground charts the movement’s terrorist activities in the 1980s and the influence its members now exert on modern politics. Director Shai Gal hopes his show serves as a wake-up call

ed note–as with virtually all things with which we deal on this website, please consider the ‘T-Rex in the room’ and the manner in which people VOLUNTARILY choose to ignore it, despite its size, smell, noise, and the IMMEDIATE danger it poses to everything.

Any honest, 5-minute review of even a mere handful of the more well-known and beloved patriarchs and matriarchs of Judaism–whether it is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Lott, Moses, Joshua, David, Sarah, Esther, etc–as they are described in the Old Testament (Torah) shows them clearly for what they were, or at least the sum of their persons based upon how they and their exploits are depicted and described within the pages…

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