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June 23, 2018


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An oldie but a goodie, so we are reminded of who the Jewish-controlled murdering bastards are who run the American and British governments, who of course (along with Jewish-controlled Communist Russia just after WWII) also created Israel itself via the Jewish-controlled UN, with Israel, of course, being the ultimate Jewish terrorist stronghold that is intent only on world domination, that also intends the literal enslavement and mass slaughter of all ‘idolatrous’ Gentiles in the world using NATO forces of subjugated nations (rabbis themselves have been filmed stating NATO forces will be used in this manner) who will be made to kill billions of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.) under the Noahide Laws, and ultimately, as per the requirements of the draconian edicts held within the criminally psychotic terrorist manuals misnomered as ‘scriptures’ of the Jews, the physical extermination of every single Gentile in the entire world will be made to occur in accordance with the Zohar.

Judaism and Jews themselves are thus something that only the vilest and most treacherous of infiltrated enemy Jewish agents within our western governments work to support and protect the Marxist interests of, such crypto-Jewish government officials often posing as ‘Christians’, whilst simultaneously expressing undying devotion and loyalty to Israel, and guaranteeing that the western nations that they control mainly support only Israeli interests, by employing the use of our hijacked military forces to fulfil that oath.

Israel controls their proxy ISIS troops, often found to be armed with Israeli and American weapons, and the Israeli weapons are often paid for with oil stolen from invaded territories and taken to Turkey in convoys of ISIS oil tankers and trucks laden with drums of oil that stretch to the horizon, according to Putin.

The oil is then transported to Israel, and these agents of the Jews, ISIS, with tacit support of the US and UK Jews in highly influential or leading government positions (even whilst the dumb peoples of the US and UK are repeatedly told that the US and UK are actually fighting ISIS), continue to kidnap, rape, mutilate, murder or sexually enslave little prepubescent Yazidi, Muslim and Christian girls, older girls, and their mothers, with many of them being sold simply as slaves, or sold as ‘brides’ for the sexual deviants in ISIS, with young girls often being raped and sold repeatedly after having one pseudo-Muslim marriage and subsequent ‘divorce’ after another, when the ISIS rapists high on methamphetamine-like Captagon want to trade up for another ‘bride’.

Meanwhile, the members of the British government pretend to be lawful, compassionate, decent and benevolent, whilst inside, their leading members who obviously work for the Jews in helping to control all this without opposition, supporting the US, turn a blind eye to the sexual horrors continually being perpetrated against even prepubescent Christian,  Yazidi and Muslim girls, by the ISIS thugs that have been trained even in America itself, as Obama actually stated, and that was no Freudian slip, he just felt confident enough to say what he did.

Thus these government members are no different to the ISIS and similar psy-op terrorist mercenary groups men that they recruit, train, control, fund and order to commit these psy-op atrocities against even young prepubescent little girls, these government members are no different in the slightest to ISIS themselves in mentality and in terms of physical guilt, as they are all the very worst of sexual offenders, the lowest of the low.

If the peoples of the American, British and other ISIS (Israel)-supporting nations that Putin referred to could see that truth printed clearly in their daily national newspapers, with the most explicit details of how the ISIS men had been explicitly trained and instructed to carry out those extremely horrific psy-op mutilations, murders and sexual rape attacks on even young prepubescent girl children, then we would soon see those bastards out of office and banged up in prison, for natural life in the very harshest of conditions where they should be, to be spat on by all, as they deserve, as such ‘politicians’ are the vilest of subhuman shit.

ISIS is a Jewish-controlled and run psyop meant to fool the world that all the crimes that it commits are not in fact being committed by Israel itself, but by ‘Muslim extremists’.

However, vile Jewish infiltrators controlling governments all around the world are still arranging all this. Putin has stated that governments of no fewer than 40 nations including several G20 member nations covertly support ISIS, which of course does everything it does as soldiers for Israel, with Israeli commandos even rescuing wounded ISIS soldiers from the battlefield and taking them to Israeli hospital for treatment, and of course, the Erdogan crime family, crypto-Sabbataean Jews running NATO member Turkey also treats wounded ISIS soldiers, whilst the ‘British’ (Israeli) government of the UK of course fanatically supports the baby-burning psychotic Jewish Israeli state.

At Least 10 ‘NATO’ Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces This Morning in East Aleppo Bunker

From the last link above;

“According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at Least 10 ‘NATO’ military officers Captured this Morning in East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

“This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.

“from 21st Century Wire:

NATO_natosquareMore detail was provided by Aleppo-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, Captured NATO officers were from a number of member states including the USFranceGermany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from Arabic):

“The Syrian authorities have been able, thanks to meticulous details, get to HQ senior Western and regional officers in the basement of a neighborhood of Aleppo-east, and capture all alive. Some names have already been ex-filtered to Syrian journalists, including myself.

Given nationalities – US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc.. etc, of these bastards and their military ranks, I assure you that. Syria currently holds a great treasure to lead negotiations with the countries that have destroyed it.”

“Thus far, the individuals in question have been identified as “NATO,” although it’s unlikely they would have been carrying NATO colors on a covert operation.”

There you have it, some of the 40 CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONTROLLED nations working ONLY for ISRAEL’S military objective of a one-world government under Jewish control, to be run from Jerusalem, are clearly identified;










These traitorous governments are very clearly identified here, with serving officers of their nation’s military forces having been captured leading ISIS soldiers, and the conclusion is obvious, and VITAL, that the governments of the nations concerned should be sacked and imprisoned as terrorists, wherever the people have the guts or are in any way free or able to do so that is.

It would be most interesting for everyone to know the names of all the other national governments actually supporting ISIS. I reckon that most of the Gentile peoples of those nations would be in for a very big surprise as to how they are all being hoodwinked while their hypocritical Jewish-infiltrated governments publicly express condemnation and opposition to the criminal terrorist ISIS.

israeli american arms in isis

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