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June 16, 2018

Stockpile It! Reject It! Burn It! Proof Eisenhower Didn’t Have To Starve German POWs, He Wanted To. How Stalinesque.

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via Stockpile It! Reject It! Burn It! Proof Eisenhower Didn’t Have To Starve German POWs, He Wanted To. How Stalinesque.

Comment by Mothman777;

It took just 22 days for nearly one million of this total of Germans, according to 2 different contemporaneous newspaper reports available on the internet, to die from dehydration, starvation, exposure, and even being crushed to death by US Army bulldozers who stopped the prisoners attempting to erect any form of shelter by driving right over them even when they were occupied and the prisoners in them were too weak to move.

‘The Evening Independent’, St. Petersburg, Florida, Tuesday, report dated April 24th 1945, states that between April 1st to 22nd, 1945, 992,578 Germans were killed in camps by Jew Eisenhower, with an estimated well over 20,000 Germans also captured on April 23rd, who would presumably die just the same way, with many more thousands to be captured on succeeding days to die also.

A copy of the newspaper report quoted above is contained in the link below;

WWII was only ever a direct continuation of WWI to smash Germany so much that it would be incapable of protecting itself and the rest 0f Europe from the intended invasion by the Bolshevik Jew-controlled Russia that the British and American Jewish political banking elites had brought into existence for that purpose, their ultimate intention being, of course, Jewish world domination and enslavement of all Gentiles, with the slaughter of most Gentiles in the process.

The first instalment of total war against Germany in 1914, was actually planned in 1905, even as the first Bolshevik Jewish takeover in Russia was planned and attempted that same year, which failed, only for a later attempt to succeed in 1917.

The war against Germany in WWI by the British was completely needless, pointless, and entirely malicious, being intended only on smashing Germany for the above-stated purpose, so that when Germany was smashed, all of Europe would lay prone to massive invasion from Jewish-controlled Russia.

The following book is an excellent expose of the criminal British political machinations behind WWI and WWII;

‘How Britain Initiated Both World Wars’ by Nick Kollerstrom.

The method of genocidal mass-murder employed by Eisenhower just shows that if the Germans ever really had wanted to actually murder any Jews in camps of any sort, all they would ever have had to do was just this, a well-known method that had been used by the British many years earlier on the Boers in South Africa.

Every single Jew in occupied Europe would have been dead in no more than 3 months at the very most by using this very obvious method, had Hitler or any other Germans ever really intended or actually initiated such a program.

How ridiculous then, the elaborate killing machines and technologies claimed by the Jews at the Nuremberg show trials. Yet the Jewish powers that be oblige all of us to accept ludicrous claims like those of the Jew who stated that he had actually been sent inside no fewer than 6 gas chambers to be executed by Zyklon B gas (a gas provenly non-lethal to humans but only effective on lice, which would have to be the case at the time of using it, or operatives sterilizing clothing would have been killed by it), and STILL survived to claim his ‘compensation’ money, and of course, by bloodsucking law made by the parasite itself, every ‘surviving’ Jew from previously German-occuped Europe can now claim to be a ‘holocaust survivor’, and claim compesation, even if they were like the 500,000 French Jews who were never deported under German occupation (only around 10,000 active Communist subversive French Jewish Communists were arrested in France and deported), and the law states that not only such frauds as these, but also their children and grandchildren can also now claim to be ‘survivors’, and also claim compensation, a licence to cruelly defraud us all as long as possible. One wonders if the law will also be made to apply to even the descendants of their grandchildren.

Yet the Jews instigated WWII, quite provenly, and CALLOUSLY AND DELIBERATELY caused the deaths of 60 million Gentiles in order to secure their OWN objectives, and it is WE who should be demanding compensation from the Jews. but of course, that is why the Jews maintain their constant holocaust propaganda at such an hysterical fever pitch, so that our hypnotized minds will not ever even get round to thinking, that actually, WWII WAS REALLY A HOLOCAUST OF THE GENTILES ARRANGED BY THE JEWS.

The Jewish Zohar states that all Gentiles in the world will be killed by their God in his wrath. The Bible itself and rabbis today teach that every Jew in this world is God Himself, so when ‘God’ is stated to be going to do such and such a thing, that is a cryptic instruction for the Jews themselves t0 get on with it.

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