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June 30, 2018


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How They Do It– ‘The Jewish Community Must Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban’

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Jewish anti-Trumper billionaire Tom Steyer– ‘Maybe nuclear war is what’s necessary in bringing about a course correction to Trump’

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Someone should shoot that Jewish cunt. The bastard wants a genocidally lethal Jewish-invented weapon unleashed, that will kill MILLIONS, and leave many more horribly mutilated and disabled, left in terrible agony for what remains of their lives. What is wrong with these sick, conceited, self-deluded, psychotic bastards? Off with HIS head !

Reminds me of that other Jewish bastard, ex-Israeli PM Katsav “It’s all lies” who stated that if he was ever convicted of rape (a charge he very surprisingly actually stood charged with in an ISRAELI court, LATER BEING CONVICTED, so it must have been REALLY serious), that he would instigate WORLD WAR, which is typical of a Jew, as reality is ALL ABOUT HIM, AND HIM ALONE, typical JEWISH CUNT, EVERYTHING IS always about the Jew, and if something disturbs the Jew’s nice little dream, then everyone and everything else, even other JEWS, can all be blown to hell. Jews are ill-bred and psychotic and should be sterilised whenever they start spouting off like that.

Israel’s Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Weapons By Stephen Lendman 5-17-12

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US-Israeli Teen Convicted of Making Thousands of Bomb Threats Against JewsCC0 MIDDLE EAST

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June 29, 2018

Zionists Promote Genocide – Zero Population Growth

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Years ago the United States officially achieved Zero Population Growth or ZPG – a desirable goal, according to Jews, liberals and other anti-life zealots.

Source: Zionists Promote Genocide – Zero Population Growth

Comments by mothman777:


Karl Marx; “The chief mission of all OTHER races and peoples, great and small, is TO PERISH, in the revolutionary HOLOCAUST”.

Rabbi Stephen Wise; “Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism”.

Either the peoples of the world put the Jews out of power, and drive them out of their lands, and FOREVER make Judaism illegal in their lands, or they will all be mentally annihilated, psychically annihilated, physically annihilated and their eternal souls will be spiritually smashed down constantly, indefinitely.

STAND UP or be smashed down by the Jews. The bastards are preparing through the UN to have their Stalinist Genocidal Noahide Laws made law by military force in every nation in the entire world, with genocidal physical annihilation of literally BILLIONs to follow, using hijacked NATO armies of subjugated nations (subJEWgated is where the word comes from – think about that) according to the rabbis themselves, as they say NATO armies will be used to do this.

This is why they are banning so-called anti-semitism, a complete media blackout.

Stalin, although Jews say he was persecuting them (more Jewish bullshit – he created the semi-autonomous state of Birobidzhan within Russian borders for Jews to practice their lifestyle, culture and religion without any interference) actually made a law in Russia stating that anyone who criticised the Jews would be KILLED, and that is a matter of verifiable fact, not conspiracy theory. The WWII that Stalin fought in was fought by him against Germany 100% for objectives of Jewish world domination.

It is no coincidence that former AXIS nations Germany and Japan see their native population reproduction rates fall to 1.6% or even 1.4%, well below the 2.4% required for sustainable reproduction.

The Jews have their ways of removing from the face of this world any who wake up from their intended nightmare existence as slaves to the Jews. Anyone who develops any understanding, even on a spiritual level, is intended to be killed by those bastards.



Paracetamol causes over 40% fewer eggs in female children born to women who use that painkiller during pregnancy, and nearly 50% fewer eggs in those born to mothers who use Ibuprofen during pregnancy, with future generations being affected also due to alterations to their DNA, this being somewhat reminiscent of the Israeli Ethiopian Jews being given Depo Provera to sterilize them during their pregnancy, with the Depo Provera having been administered surreptitiously hidden within tetanus vaccinations.

Obviously, all drugs are, we are falsely assured, meticulously checked for safety and their potential effects on the reproductive ability of future generations, and prevented from entering into use if there will be any problems, so we may ask, will Paracetamol and Ibuprofen now be left available as weapons to deliberately reduce fertility, or is it just another case of complete stupidity by the medical profession that they will fail to properly remedy?

Now that this is known, publicly, it should naturally follow that Ibuprofen and Paracetamol be withdrawn from the list of medicines prescribed, but will they be? I doubt it very much indeed. How many people do they really expect to be able to even read the small print on future packaging? Very few will be able to understand, especially with all the foreign language-speaking immigrants and other people with low educational standards which leave them semi-literate?

How come they only find the following information now, especially after the Thalidomide scandal?

“The scientists found similar effects using several different experimental approaches, including lab tests on human tissue samples and animal studies.

“Human tissue exposed to either drug for one week in a dish had reduced numbers of germ cells that give rise to sperm and eggs, cells, the study found.

“Ovaries exposed to Paracetamol for one week had more than 40% fewer egg-producing cells. After ibuprofen exposure, the number of cells was almost halved.

“Ovaries exposed to Paracetamol for one week had more than 40% fewer egg-producing cells. After ibuprofen exposure, the number of cells was almost halved.

“Experts said this was important because girls produce all of their eggs in the womb, so if they are born with a reduced number it could lead to an early menopause.

Painkiller exposure during development could have effects on unborn boys too, the study found.

“Testicular tissue exposed to painkillers in a culture dish had around a quarter fewer sperm-producing cells after exposure to Paracetamol or ibuprofen.”

How many more toxins like this can the human race take before it goes out of existence? How many other poisons like this are there hidden in our food and medicine sources, some provenly placed there by deliberate and malevolent intent without the slightest doubt?

There are a lot of major issues with glyphosate and all GMO foods for sure, the subject of which of course is the source of current debate, at least in alternative medical fields of research.

Who’s Behind White Genocide? The Nose Knows!

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Most of our visitors already know a lot about “our greatest ally”, but still this video is a needed reminder about how our enemies control opposition.

Source: Who’s Behind White Genocide? The Nose Knows!

Comment by mothman777;

Christianity is a Trojan Horse Jewish psy-op, The original Jesus was an ultra-extremist, ultra racist-anti Gentile, despite the seemingly lovey-dovey overtones of that movement which accepted female disciples, accepted reincarnation and vegetarianism, yet they despised other Jews and distanced themselves from them because those other Jews had defiled themselves by mixing with the enemy, the Roman Gentile conquerors, and the Essenes believed in eternal hellfire for non-adherents, the mentally ill origin of the Gentile ‘Christian’ belief in eternal hell for non-believers in their sect today.

REPEAT, the true Christianity is an ultra-extremist racist movement ONLY for JEWS. Why did the hell else Jesus appear in Israel to search for the lost sheep of the house of ISRAEL? He was not looking for Gentiles, obviously, AND SAID SO. AS HE SAID, “Do not go amongst the Gentiles”.

The second Jesus, the result of some sloppy scriptwriting, who was merely an artificial construct for political reasons, was the new religious cum political figurehead for the Roman Empire which spanned many nations with many religions, so the 25th of December, which was the celebration day of both Mithras the Bull God for instance, and Sol the Sun God in another religion, suddenly became Christmas Day, the birthdate of Jesus, and Eostre, the Saxon goddess of spring and rebirth, suddenly became Easter, the time for celebration of Jesus’ rebirth and rising from the dead. The second version of Jesus in the New Testament COULD NOT HAVE BEEN REAL.

Christians are made to adopt a vindictively sadistic belief in cutting all others off for all eternity and sending them to eternal hellfire, which is held to be quite literal fire, see ‘The hell there is’

Thus the people that the Jews turn into Christians are massively degraded in spiritual terms, they too become almost totally cut off from God just like the Jews themselves already are, because the Jews actively hate God and rebel against Him (Krishna), trying to establish themselves as God in their own right, exactly what the Jews need if the prey that they are to feed on will not have a guardian God who will protect them after having been encouraged to adopt this vile doctrine of eternally rejecting all others, with a little vindictive chutzpah being thrown in for good measure; “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (the Jews always piss on the mugs like that, as if to say, see, told ya so, when those that they have fooled end up getting badly hurt as a direct result of the false advice that the Jews give out).

The real God will have virtually NOTHING to do with criminally insane people who think that cutting even a single soul off from God for all eternity And THEN REPEATEDLY BURNING THEM ALIVE, REPEATEDLY, CEASELESSLY, FOR ALL ETERNITY, is a good or justifiable thing, and then the the Jews, having rejected God themselves and being in the sin bin, know that if they can maliciously drag you away from God as well into the same hell they live in, then you are dogmeat for them to feed on, as without God, they have no source of spiritual sustenance, and so they need mugs like CHRISTIANS to feed on for what they mistakenly think is life force, but the Jews constantly remain indefinitely in a very dark and bottomless pit of malevolence nonetheless.

The Christian Jesus of the New Testament lacks any genuine historicity. Read ‘The Diegesis’ Reverend Taylor 1829.

The book is superb, apart from one very small possible error, in which Taylor possibly mistakenly quotes allegedly fictional papal words from a theatrical production, in the mistaken belief that they had actually been spoken by the Pope himself, though if there were actually any genuine error in these words, this is undoubtedly due to his having been held in Ashwell Goal in England at the time when he wrote that book, under a very severe regime of poor food and water and forced labour on the turnstiles, which would have cruelly taxed his strength to write this otherwise great work.

The questionable quote that Taylor made was the following, and various people have argued over whether or not Pope Leo X actually ever said those words ;

“What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!” Pope Leo X.

Better Than Big Pharma: 5 Herbs You Can’t Do Without

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There are a few herbs that are fantastic across the board, no matter who you are or where you live. These plants can help you take your health into your own hands.

Source: Better Than Big Pharma: 5 Herbs You Can’t Do Without

How They Do It– ‘Zionism’s Terrorist Heritage’

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Portions of the Book of Jeremiah

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The Refining Furnace Ezekiel 22:19-21 Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Because all of you have become dross, behold, I will gather you into Jerusalem.
…19Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Because all of you have become dross, behold, I will gather you into Jerusalem. 20Just as one gathers silver, copper, iron, lead, and tin into the furnace to melt with a fiery blast, so I will gather you in My anger and wrath, leave you there, and melt you. 21Yes, I will gather you together and blow on you with the fire of My wrath, and you will be melted within the city.…

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