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June 25, 2018

Burned Alive, Covered In Excrement, Starved, Driven To Insanity: How The Allies Created The Greatest German Refugee Crisis For Women & Children, 2 Million Died Without Mercy

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via Burned Alive, Covered In Excrement, Starved, Driven To Insanity: How The Allies Created The Greatest German Refugee Crisis For Women & Children, 2 Million Died Without Mercy


Why Is Israel So Prosperous?

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Touch Stone Connect

NetanyahuAICE is American Israel Cooperative Enterprise, and by their own admission, the total funds provided to Israel by U.S. taxpayers as recently as 2017 equals $129 billion!  The population of Israel is 8.5 million.  Divide $129 billion dollars by 8.5 million, and you get $15,176 and change per man woman and child in Israel.  Let’s assume that the average family is only 3 people.  That means the average family is getting $45,528 each, and that doesn’t include our U.S. Military involvement in the Mideast which has run trillions of dollars.

Do you think the average American family could use an extra $45,528 a year in assistance?  How corrupt is foreign aid?  This  is like giving the state of Virginia’s  families $45,528 a year.  How corrupt is Israel for crying the blues over all of this Palestinian agitation.  Israel is corrupt because they use a lot of this money to…

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Proof Eisenhower Didn’t Have To Starve German POWs, He Wanted To

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The record clearly shows that the Allies had the ability to feed and shelter their POWs. The Allies prevented food from reaching Germany.

Source: Proof Eisenhower Didn’t Have To Starve German POWs, He Wanted To

Comment by Mothman777;
The Jew bastard Eisenhower killed nearly one million Germans in just 22 days by starving them to death in open fields with no water, food, latrines or shelter.

Just think, if Hitler really had wanted to kill any of the Jews, he would have done just the same, all Jews would have been dead in all of occupied Europe in no more than 3 months in REAL concentration camps, but Hitler never even intended or attempted to do such a thing, and did not want National Socialism to be condemned in the future for such a thing, therefore he did the exact opposite and actually preserved the lives of the Jews as much as he possibly could, even whilst Germans themselves were starving to death (verifiable by photographs, see for instance the photograph in the book ‘The Hoax of the Twentieth Century’ by AR Butz showing a huge pile of skeletons covered in just skin, passed off by Jews as Jewish victim of forced starvation, who were actually German civilians), and the Jews knew this and thought this a weakness of Hitler, and so made it the main part of their lying propaganda that Hitler, the man with a Jewish personal chauffeur and a Jewish personal doctor, both of whom could have assassinated him at whim countless times if he really had been killing all the Jews, really had tried to kill them all, and so the majority of the conditioned goyim now believe that and actually suicidally sympathise with the Jews who actually intend to physically enslave and ultimately physically annihilate all Gentiles in the entire world.

Zionists Promote Genocide – Zero Population Growth

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Years ago the United States officially achieved Zero Population Growth or ZPG – a desirable goal, according to Jews, liberals and other anti-life zealots.

Source: Zionists Promote Genocide – Zero Population Growth

Comment by Mothman777;

Karl Marx; “The chief mission of all OTHER races and peoples, great and small, is TO PERISH, in the revolutionary HOLOCAUST”.

Rabbi Stephen Wise; “Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism”.

Either the peoples of the world put the Jews out of power, and drive them out of their lands, and FOREVER make Judaism illegal in their lands, or they will all be mentally annihilated, psychically annihilated, physically annihilated and their eternal souls will be spiritually smashed down constantly, indefinitely.

STAND UP or be smashed down by the Jews. The bastards are preparing through the UN to have their Stalinist Genocidal Noahide Laws made law by military force in every nation in the entire world, with genocidal physical annihilation of literally BILLIONs to follow, using hijacked NATO armies of subjugated nations (subJEWgated is where the word comes from – think about that) according to the rabbis themselves, as they say NATO armies will be used to do this.

This is why they are banning so-called anti-semitism, a complete media blackout.

Stalin, although Jews say he was persecuting them (more Jewish bullshit – he created the semi-autonomous state of Birobidzhan within Russian borders for Jews to practice their lifestyle, culture and religion without any interference) actually made a law in Russia stating that anyone who criticised the Jews would be KILLED, and that is a matter of verifiable fact, not conspiracy theory. The WWII that Stalin fought in was fought by him against Germany 100% for objectives of Jewish world domination.

It is no coincidence that former AXIS nations Germany and Japan see their native population reproduction rates fall to 1.6% or even 1.4%, well below the 2.4% required for sustainable reproduction.

The Jews have their ways of removing from the face of this world any who wake up from their intended nightmare existence as slaves to the Jews. Anyone who develops any understanding, even on a spiritual level, is intended to be killed by those bastards.

June 23, 2018


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An oldie but a goodie, so we are reminded of who the Jewish-controlled murdering bastards are who run the American and British governments, who of course (along with Jewish-controlled Communist Russia just after WWII) also created Israel itself via the Jewish-controlled UN, with Israel, of course, being the ultimate Jewish terrorist stronghold that is intent only on world domination, that also intends the literal enslavement and mass slaughter of all ‘idolatrous’ Gentiles in the world using NATO forces of subjugated nations (rabbis themselves have been filmed stating NATO forces will be used in this manner) who will be made to kill billions of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.) under the Noahide Laws, and ultimately, as per the requirements of the draconian edicts held within the criminally psychotic terrorist manuals misnomered as ‘scriptures’ of the Jews, the physical extermination of every single Gentile in the entire world will be made to occur in accordance with the Zohar.

Judaism and Jews themselves are thus something that only the vilest and most treacherous of infiltrated enemy Jewish agents within our western governments work to support and protect the Marxist interests of, such crypto-Jewish government officials often posing as ‘Christians’, whilst simultaneously expressing undying devotion and loyalty to Israel, and guaranteeing that the western nations that they control mainly support only Israeli interests, by employing the use of our hijacked military forces to fulfil that oath.

Israel controls their proxy ISIS troops, often found to be armed with Israeli and American weapons, and the Israeli weapons are often paid for with oil stolen from invaded territories and taken to Turkey in convoys of ISIS oil tankers and trucks laden with drums of oil that stretch to the horizon, according to Putin.

The oil is then transported to Israel, and these agents of the Jews, ISIS, with tacit support of the US and UK Jews in highly influential or leading government positions (even whilst the dumb peoples of the US and UK are repeatedly told that the US and UK are actually fighting ISIS), continue to kidnap, rape, mutilate, murder or sexually enslave little prepubescent Yazidi, Muslim and Christian girls, older girls, and their mothers, with many of them being sold simply as slaves, or sold as ‘brides’ for the sexual deviants in ISIS, with young girls often being raped and sold repeatedly after having one pseudo-Muslim marriage and subsequent ‘divorce’ after another, when the ISIS rapists high on methamphetamine-like Captagon want to trade up for another ‘bride’.

Meanwhile, the members of the British government pretend to be lawful, compassionate, decent and benevolent, whilst inside, their leading members who obviously work for the Jews in helping to control all this without opposition, supporting the US, turn a blind eye to the sexual horrors continually being perpetrated against even prepubescent Christian,  Yazidi and Muslim girls, by the ISIS thugs that have been trained even in America itself, as Obama actually stated, and that was no Freudian slip, he just felt confident enough to say what he did.

Thus these government members are no different to the ISIS and similar psy-op terrorist mercenary groups men that they recruit, train, control, fund and order to commit these psy-op atrocities against even young prepubescent little girls, these government members are no different in the slightest to ISIS themselves in mentality and in terms of physical guilt, as they are all the very worst of sexual offenders, the lowest of the low.

If the peoples of the American, British and other ISIS (Israel)-supporting nations that Putin referred to could see that truth printed clearly in their daily national newspapers, with the most explicit details of how the ISIS men had been explicitly trained and instructed to carry out those extremely horrific psy-op mutilations, murders and sexual rape attacks on even young prepubescent girl children, then we would soon see those bastards out of office and banged up in prison, for natural life in the very harshest of conditions where they should be, to be spat on by all, as they deserve, as such ‘politicians’ are the vilest of subhuman shit.

ISIS is a Jewish-controlled and run psyop meant to fool the world that all the crimes that it commits are not in fact being committed by Israel itself, but by ‘Muslim extremists’.

However, vile Jewish infiltrators controlling governments all around the world are still arranging all this. Putin has stated that governments of no fewer than 40 nations including several G20 member nations covertly support ISIS, which of course does everything it does as soldiers for Israel, with Israeli commandos even rescuing wounded ISIS soldiers from the battlefield and taking them to Israeli hospital for treatment, and of course, the Erdogan crime family, crypto-Sabbataean Jews running NATO member Turkey also treats wounded ISIS soldiers, whilst the ‘British’ (Israeli) government of the UK of course fanatically supports the baby-burning psychotic Jewish Israeli state.

At Least 10 ‘NATO’ Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces This Morning in East Aleppo Bunker

From the last link above;

“According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at Least 10 ‘NATO’ military officers Captured this Morning in East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

“This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.

“from 21st Century Wire:

NATO_natosquareMore detail was provided by Aleppo-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, Captured NATO officers were from a number of member states including the USFranceGermany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from Arabic):

“The Syrian authorities have been able, thanks to meticulous details, get to HQ senior Western and regional officers in the basement of a neighborhood of Aleppo-east, and capture all alive. Some names have already been ex-filtered to Syrian journalists, including myself.

Given nationalities – US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc.. etc, of these bastards and their military ranks, I assure you that. Syria currently holds a great treasure to lead negotiations with the countries that have destroyed it.”

“Thus far, the individuals in question have been identified as “NATO,” although it’s unlikely they would have been carrying NATO colors on a covert operation.”

There you have it, some of the 40 CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONTROLLED nations working ONLY for ISRAEL’S military objective of a one-world government under Jewish control, to be run from Jerusalem, are clearly identified;










These traitorous governments are very clearly identified here, with serving officers of their nation’s military forces having been captured leading ISIS soldiers, and the conclusion is obvious, and VITAL, that the governments of the nations concerned should be sacked and imprisoned as terrorists, wherever the people have the guts or are in any way free or able to do so that is.

It would be most interesting for everyone to know the names of all the other national governments actually supporting ISIS. I reckon that most of the Gentile peoples of those nations would be in for a very big surprise as to how they are all being hoodwinked while their hypocritical Jewish-infiltrated governments publicly express condemnation and opposition to the criminal terrorist ISIS.

israeli american arms in isis

MUST READ – The Universal Noahide Code (UNC) as The Rule of Law (coming soon to home near you)

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The Ugly Truth


On the day of the Orlando massacre, the Jewish world commemorated what we know as Matan Torah, the giving of the Torah in Sinai. This holiday takes place on the 50th day from the moment the Hebrew nation fled slavery in Egypt. On 2016, as we celebrated the 2,2— years of the giving of the Universal Noahide Code where human kind is clearly commanded to “respect life”, i.e., do not assassinate, a man took the lives of 49 unarmed civilians, he becoming the 50th to die that day.” 

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At Least 10 ‘NATO’ Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces This Morning in East Aleppo Bunker

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According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at Least 10 ‘NATO’ military officers Captured this Morning in East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.

from 21st Century Wire:

NATO_natosquareMore detail was provided by Aleppo-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, Captured NATO officers were from a number of member states including the US, France, Germany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from Arabic):

“The Syrian authorities have been able, thanks to meticulous details, get to HQ senior Western and regional officers in the basement of a neighborhood of Aleppo-east, and capture all alive. Some names have already…

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June 21, 2018

UK Vows to Vote Against Palestine at UN Human Rights Council

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Foreign Minister Boris Johnson yesterday urged the council to reform its treatment of Israel, objecting to the permanent Agenda Item 7 which deals with Israeli abuses.

Source: UK Vows to Vote Against Palestine at UN Human Rights Council

Judaism in action–Yahweh’s chosen murderers taunt survivors of Dawabshe arson–‘Your Grandson’s on the Grill’

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The Ugly Truth

Screaming in Arabic, protesters supporting defendant Ben-Uliel chanted at Hussein Dawabshe – whose daughter Reham, son-in-law Sa’ad and grandson Ali were killed in 2015 – ‘Where is Ali, there is no Ali, Ali burned’

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Comment by Mothman777;

The Jewish religion quite literally states that every Gentile soul is guilty of every type of sin there is, before even entering the womb.

For instance; the Jews can seriously hold in mind that any Gentile person intends very seriously to poison, murder, rape or rob them or attack them in any other way, and then feel entirely justified in getting REVENGE on that Gentile person for such a ‘crime’ that the Jew KNOWS that every Gentile is already ‘guilty’ of against all Jews.

This is how the rabbis maintain the absolutely lethal soldierly spirit in all Jews that is necessary for the Jewish Tribe to work as one to come to dominate the entire world.

Such ‘vengeance’ is taught to the Jews as the very necessity of life, absolutely necessary for their very survival. It is also a foolproof and unbeatable strategy to help the Jewish people to forge together as an unstoppable fighting force, to enable them as a highly-bonded Tribal army to take over the entire world in an extremely audacious manner.

Of course, only a very sick and Godless soul group of criminal psychotics feels the need to maintain such a strategy, with all Jewish souls constantly reincarnating again and again within that group, life after life, working constantly to achieve the goal of world domination, but surely, such a strategy for life is not at all necessary for any sane species or soul group to live in this world or any other. Yet the saner peoples of this world must collectively learn together to cultivate the wisdom, strength and intention to face this terrible Jewish threat down, or be annihilated.

These aberrant monsters surely cannot be allowed by all the Gentile peoples of the world to continue to work towards this most terrible goal of the Judaic religion.

And what to say of the rights of all other species in this world? What rights can the Jews claim to threaten the existence of all of them as well?

The Jews are completely insane and must be stopped, just as any other murderously violent psychotic is physically restrained and confined in a top security prison mental hospital. That is all the Jews deserve, and nothing else, their ‘religion’ contains statements of intent that are so cruel and vile and genocidally lethal against all non-Jews in the entire world, that the Jews surely MUST be physically stopped by some means, and their vindictive hateful influence on all planes of influence must also be finished. Perhaps a heavily-guarded prison island would hold all the Jews, in order that all others might have the chance to actually live, and live normal lives, instead of the heavily blighted, disease-ridden and poverty-stricken lives that they are currently forced to endure. As long as the Jews remain free, the Jews work towards the total enslavement and ultimate physical annihilation of ALL Gentiles in the entire world, such as is instructed in the Zohar.

The Jews will not have the slightest mercy towards any Gentile in the world or the slightest consideration that there might be any other path.

King James Bible
“And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:”

There is only this one path that the Jews follow with regard to how they actually view us and intend to deal with us. With this consideration in mind, the Jew considers that he can never do any wrong against such ‘demons’, and will feel completely justified in destroying all Gentile ‘demons’ without the slightest compunction. Therefore, to expect ‘justice’ in a Jewish court is being actually not recognizing the reality of the situation. The Jew will never ever give ‘justice’ in any form to any Gentiles as long as this world exists.

For any Jews try to break or alter that formula for total success and world domination by the Tribe would be total sacrilege and worse to the Jew, as that formula for success alone has enabled them to get where they are today, and surely, they will never, as a Tribal group, ever volunteer to willingly relinquish that position of power, influence, fame and wealth, fearful of the backlash, though some Jews may occasionally genuinely wake up spiritually and leave that awful collective, as all Jews really ought to do.

Deuteronomy 20:16 “You shall save nothing alive that breathes.”

There will be only one survivor in the end, the Jews will possess the entire world with not a single Gentile left alive in the entire world, exactly as the Jewish scriptures instruct to the Jews, or the Gentiles will stop them.

At present, the Gentiles unknowingly combat the proxy military forces of the Jews here and there, though still not realizing the real truth or the gravity of the situation, without even knowing who has sent those proxy forces, as is the present situation in parts of the world, and thus the overwhelmingly vast majority of unknowing Gentiles will struggle on in their nightmare existence, not understanding that this secret organization that has totally infiltrated their society at the highest levels is actually set totally on the complete destruction of all Gentiles, it is just too much for their child-like conditioned minds to be able to even consider.

But the Jews have got the psychotic hardness and coldness to go through with this, they are truly hard bastards, no matter how weak they may pretend to be to play the victim card when the spotlight occasionally falls on a few of them in the media.

The Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, designed by the insane Jewish ‘scientist’ Leo Szilard (psychotic Jewish Tribal terrorist) in 1950, which he stated is able to destroy all forms of life in this entire world with the deployment of just 400 such devices around the world, is a solid example of the Jewish attitude, of the very type of scientific ideas that the Jews typically feel they need to conceive, of the financial, industrial and governmental resources that they are able to command without the slightest difficulty, to fulfil any and all psychotic Jewish objectives.

Szilard should really have been hospitalized on a mental health section in a top security prison mental hospital and lobotomized on both sides of his sick, sadistic, hate-filled, genocidally murderous, planet-killing brain, yet the Samson Option nuclear arsenal in Israel no doubt contains many of these planet-killer devices already, hidden away in Dimona, with no UN or other nuclear inspection teams able to enter those secretive facilities, whilst the Jews in Israel illegally (as an undeclared nuclear power and non-signatory to any nuclear weapons limitation treaty) continue to obtain massive funding from the USA, pleading poverty and even victimisation by surrounding nations, whilst in truth, Israel is one massively-funded, massive military base maintained specifically to build towards world domination by the Jews, containing the largest biological warfare department in the world (holding weapons that can target specific racial groups), the largest chemical warfare department in the world, and the largest cyber-warfare department in the world, maintaining the Talpiot Program, able to intrude on any and all computers and mobile phones in the entire world at will and spy on them, the perfect Stalinist spying tool developed by Jews/Google to know every thought and conversation in the world, which saves the (Jewish-controlled) state having to eavesdrop with microphones.

Strange isn’t it, that when we are told what is most evil, evil is always personified by Hitler, but no one even considers to put Leo Szilard or Karl Marx in the frame as some of the persons in the world who truly were actually evil (Hitler was not one of them, but was merely vilified as such through artificial war propaganda created by Jewish agents such a British Sefton Delmer and the Russian propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg). Rather, the Pope and Xi Jinping now insanely consider Marx to be one of the greatest thinkers or people ever;

Yet Marx published these words;
“The Chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, IS TO PERISH IN THE REVOLUTIONARY HOLOCAUST”.

SO MARX STATED THAT ALL EXCEPT THE JEWS IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD MUST DIE, AND XI JINPING AND THE POPE THINK MARX IS SUCH A GREAT PERSON. If we allow excrement those people to talk to us like that, TO CONTROL LITERALLY BILLIONS OF PEOPLE, and do nothing about it, then surely, we will all physically perish, exactly as Marx himself has stated must occur within the Jewish plan for world domination in accordance with the needs of the Jewish religion, and monsters like those Jewish agents will effect those orders..

Rabbis Stephen Wise; “Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism.”

Obviously, the Pope and Xi Jinping are brazen Marxist agents, telling us right to our faces, and effectively they are telling us that pure hate is pure love, real 1984 stuff, and these Jewish-supporting psychotics are some of the most powerful people in the world who will be inflicting that NWO Jewish nightmare on all Gentiles unless the Gentiles all wake up and stop the Jews. You would think the Chinese had had enough of Judaism when the agent of the Jews Mao Tse Tung killed 100 million Chinese.

That just shows you the sort of power that Jews can wield over the people of even any such massive nation.

When will the time come that the Jewish ‘religion’ is recognized for what it truly is, and the genocidal mass slaughters planned by the Jews to be inflicted on all Gentiles in the world are stopped by appropriate force by awakened governments, controlled no longer by treacherous, hate-filled Jewish infiltrators, but by members of the patriotic and actually well-meaning peoples of their own nations.

Unless this happens, all Gentiles are simply dogmeat for the Jews, no matter how slow that process of genocide is drawn out by the Jews so that the Gentiles cannot even see or understand clearly what is actually happening to them as they become erased even on a genetic level, whilst on the spiritual level, the Gentiles are made as dead as possible by the Jews.

It is up to each and every Gentile to wake up and avoid this terrible fate that is currently set for them by the Jews, no one will wake up for them, they must all wake up or die, or their children and grandchildren will die because of the indolence, self-willed ignorance and cowardice of their predecessors.

Each family must teach their children the truth, even if they have to do that discreetly at first, and tell their children never to repeat to anyone else what they know, for their own safety, as the intelligence network of the Jewish-controlled state is massive and vastly intrusive, and children may not realize they are being spied on at every step, with even primary school teachers these days being told to assess primary school kids for ‘criminal’ traits, and even children used to spy on other children, as took place under Stalin. So adults must remain responsible for the careful dissemination of that information, as children at school are easy targets for the Jewish teachers who very often work in Gentile schools, watching over their developing slave labour force in Stalinist fashion, and a few casual but very revealing words spoken by a young student who is over-confident and not yet wise to the ways of the world can cost them very dearly then and in later years.

The Ugly Truth

Screaming in Arabic, protesters supporting defendant Ben-Uliel chanted at Hussein Dawabshe – whose daughter Reham, son-in-law Sa’ad and grandson Ali were killed in 2015 – ‘Where is Ali, there is no Ali, Ali burned’

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June 19, 2018

It’s Not New: Pictures Show The Fight Against Vaccines Is Well Over 100 Years Old

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The early history of vaccines is fraught with egregious trial-and-error ‘science’ on humans treated as guinea pigs matched with strong-arm tactics at compulsory vaccination.

Source: It’s Not New: Pictures Show The Fight Against Vaccines Is Well Over 100 Years Old

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