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April 29, 2018

Rabbis demand House candidate to stop comparing infanticide to Holocaust

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33% of Jews Believe in a Biblical Deity While Only 10% of Jews Identify as Atheists

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Jews believe in and practice conscious reincarnation. Why build up world domination by Jews if a Jew can be made, under the law of karma, to occupy the body of a black slave he once purchased in a former life? No, the Jew takes no such chance and reincarnates consciously as a Jew for thousands of years, life after life, whether an atheist or a believer in ‘God’ (Jews are taught by rabbis that they themselves ARE God, not that Jews live in any God, or that any God lives within any Jew.

“I was a Jew before I was an American,” he thundered over and over. “I’ve been an American all my life, but I’ve been a Jew for 4,000 years*.

The majority of Jews that I have met over the years and spoken with on occult matters have freely confided in me that they practice astral projection, a siddhi (mystical ability) whereby they leave the physical body at will, fully consciously, which permits them to see the past and the future and influence future events to some degree.

April 27, 2018

Ahed Tamimi ‘Should Have Gotten a Bullet’: Israeli Lawmaker

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SAS Chief: Nobody Believes Assad Used Chemical Weapons

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April 23, 2018

How They Do It– Natalie Portman says her ‘Jewish values’ led her to refuse attending prize ceremony in Israel

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How Russia Stole the Truth Movement

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Russian intelligence has effectively taken over the movement and plays it like an orchestra of fabrications and distortions.

Source: How Russia Stole the Truth Movement

mothman777: Jewish Communist infiltrator bankers pursuing their Torah, Talmud and Zohar agenda instigated the so-called Bolshevik Red Revolution (Jewish terrorist takeover of Russia) in 1917, and that was specifically intended ultimately to destroy the goyim throughout Russia, then Europe, then all of America, then the entire world.

That is why most American (crypto-Jewish) politicians and the American Jewish bankers colluding with them did everything they could to preserve Russia, specifically so that the ‘reason’ would be preserved to maintain a ‘cold war’ following WWII and a steady build-up of what is likely in truth to be the greater part of the Samson Option, the part of it that we did not anticipate, the American and European nuclear weapons and the Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons, ostensibly created and maintained to ‘protect’ both sides of hapless Gentiles against each other, even though the leaders of both sides were, and are still, no matter what we call the systems today, either Jewish or Jewish-controlled.

Why would two supposedly ‘Christian’ leaders, Trump and Putin, be locked in a state of mutual opposition today, especially with both in reality being crypto-Jews? The whole thing stinks. Is this how Christians mean to go on in their future supposed heaven?

The Capitalist Jews created Communist Russia from London and New York, there is no cold war and never has been any cold war between America and Russia, no matter what we may think Russia is today, the cold war has always been a complete sham.

What is happening is that Jewish-controlled America, attempting to initiate war with Russia, which is now supposedly ‘Capitalist’ also, and even ‘Christian’ too, but still operating a means of enslaving the goyim, is intending to convince the American Gentile people (and those of Western Europe) and the Russian Gentile people of the absolute necessity and unavoidability of war, so the Jewish leaders on both ‘sides’ can eventually loose off nuclear weapons against both groups of Gentile peoples in the West and in the East, mission accomplished, a sly Samson Option, exactly as the Jewish bankers who paid Karl Marx to write Das Kapital wished to fulfil the edicts of the Jewish scriptures, that ALL Gentiles in the whole world must be killed, with Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin helping to carry out that process.

Karl Marx; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.”

And then the Jews will surface from their nuclear shelters to take over, that is what I believe is their plan, and of course we know, the Jews already control the Western governments and Russia, so it is a done deal if nuclear war actually occurs.

But we see that whilst Trump surrounds Russia with nuclear bases, and while Putin says that if Russia is destroyed, he, like Israel, will take the whole world out with Russia, it is also being stated by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with absolute certainty that neither the Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump nor the Russian or US armed forces will ever allow for a situation that sees both countries go to war with one another, that Trump and Putin are thus actually the greatest preservers of peace, that they will do everything they can to actually STOP war occurring between Russia and America. Maybe these guys just have split personality problems, or severe memory problems and cannot remember just what they were saying or doing a very short while ago. The word ‘unstable’ at the very least, comes to mind.

Or maybe they both need some more Bible classes, or maybe not, seeing as how ‘Lord’ Jesus said how brother will be made to kill brother and all that stuff American King James Version Matthew 10:21
“And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.”

The King James Version Isaiah, 45:7, however, says;
“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

So we can see where it is all coming from, and where it is all likely leading.

Exodus 32:26-28 Names of God Bible (NOG)

26 he stood at the entrance to the camp and said, “If you’re on Yahweh’s side, come over here to me!” Then all the Levites gathered around him.

27 He said to them, “This is what Yahweh Elohim of Israel says: Each of you put on your sword. Go back and forth from one end of the camp to the other, and kill your relatives, friends, and neighbors.”

28 The Levites did what Moses told them, and that day about 3,000 people died.


John 10:30 King James 2000 Bible
“I and my Father are one.”


So even if  Trump and Putin really are Christians, we must be safe, right? Wrong.


Why would Jewish Capitalist bankers in the UK and USA create the Russia and China of today only then to tell us that these nations, Communist or Capitalist or whatever, are our most deadly enemies?

We now have the ridiculous situation of Jewish politicians and Jewish-influenced politicians on both sides telling their Gentile peoples that they must maintain an absolutely suicidal nuclear weapons program that will actually not defend them at all, but totally destroy the vast majority of them on both sides instead.

The Jews are leading the nuclear-armed Gentiles to actual suicide, with the very weapons that Jews conceived of, designed and produced, using Gentile money in the nations they infiltrated to accomplish that, like a very cunning virus that infiltrates a host and hijacks it for its own purposes, no matter what the cost to the host.

Why do ‘Christian’ nations want to face off against each other with nuclear weapons?

After mass shootings: they’re not just coming for guns, they’re coming for brains

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Of course, Delgado wished to treat ‘people’ like machines, as to the Jew, that is quite literally all they are, non-living, soulless biological robots created only to serve the Jews in as efficient a manner as possible, that is precisely why Jew Delgado pursued his research in the direction he did, with the attitude that he did, treating his subjects exactly like defective machines that needed to be put right by a mechanical process.

This is the attitude of the Jew that persists today as it always has done, as it always will do.

Frances Hernandez, ‘The Secret Jews of the Southwest’
“…in an essay titled “Nombres Apellidos Sefarditas,” the most frequently used Jewish names during and after the Inquisition: Marcos, Vidal, Mercado, Lebn, … Zanares, Delgado, Martinez, and Lopez among the Benavidezes.”

Click to access 1992_44_01_00_hernandez.pdf

April 22, 2018

US Govt Accidentally Releases File Detailing Electromagnetic Weapon for ‘Remote Mind Control’

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The documents themselves are quite bizarre and despite reports dismissing them, it is worth remembering that this is exactly what the CIA was working on for years

Source: US Govt Accidentally Releases File Detailing Electromagnetic Weapon for ‘Remote Mind Control’

mothman777:  This is exactly how the Noahide Laws will be physically enforced using subjugated NATO military, ISIS and Al Qaeda type mercenaries who will do all the military takeover of nations worldwide for the Jews, with the mass slaughter of so-called ‘idolatrous’ members of non-Jewish religions as demanded by the edicts of the Noahide Laws then following, along with the physical enslavement of any survivors.

Ever wondered why those ‘terrorist’ guys from the Abu Ghaib internment camp run by the US all ended up working alongside NATO covertly as proxies committing psy-op attacks, and even blow themselves up on request, or commit the most attrocious psy-op crimes against children, and even turn on each other to kill each other in what we are told by the mainstream media are fights between ‘rival factions’, it is completely out of their control to do otherwise, they are totally mind-controlled, with powerful methamphetamine-like drugs like Captagon fed to them in large amounts to make them feel like supermen who can resist any pain and fight for days without sleep, having the strength of several men.

Remember the NT and OT Bible, in Exodus and Isaiah where it says ‘God’ will cause kings and brothers in Egypt to kill each other (a clear example of Jewish black magic willpower effecting telepathic mind control to cause others to kill each other). And in the NT, Jesus says he is one with the ‘Father’, that he will cause brothers to kill each other. Remember Isaiah 45:7 where it says “I Lord, create all good and all evil, I Lord alone do all these things”. This microwave technology is Jewish black magic mind control being replaced and enhanced bigtime by modern technology to make it utterly infallible, available at the push of a button to turn people into insane killing machines in a manner that is utterly beyond their control to resist. The US and UK governments using this technology are working for the Jews alone and their totally hostile purpose against the Gentile people, let us be absolutely clear on that point.

The CIA had totally functional and infallible mind control programs working even decades ago with their Manchurian Candidate business, that provenly CAN make a man literally have two separate identities and personalities and even physical lives whenever triggered by hypno-control, without one even suspecting the existence of the other, an international salesman, then a government assassin highly proficient in the use of weapons, who will kill someone in a highly professional manner then revert to being a salesman and even have absolutely no idea that he had been trained to do that, or that he has in fact just killed someone.

That is exactly how Jewish one world government will be accomplished, with all other religions in the entire world forbidden by law, with the death penalty being imposed on any who refuse to give up their religions anywhere in the world.

Can you think what is intended to happen to the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc, the members of so-called ‘idolatrous’ religions’ alone numbering around 6 BILLION? They are all intended to be slaughtered under Jewish Noahide law. This is why any criticism of the Jews is now being fiercely outlawed, just as Stalin did the same, as he made it a death penalty to be ‘anti-Semitic’, and that is not a rumour, the history is there to prove it.

Not possible? Dystopian science fiction fantasy? Think again, this technology is being put into action even now, ready to enable the total accomplishment of the end goal that is desired by the Jews. It is coming, because no one is stopping it.

April 19, 2018

GERMANY – Will boycotting Israel soon become a crime?

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