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January 22, 2018

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks on Zionism

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January 20, 2018

Film detailing the post-war Judaic revenge plot to poison German cities and methodically mass murder hundreds of thousands of Gentiles to air

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The Ugly Truth



UK’s Channel 4 to air documentary featuring long-lost tapes describing how a Jewish group sought to exact revenge for the murder of 6 million

ed note–like dorsal fins sticking out of the waterline indicating the presence of dangerous sharks nearby, likewise stories such as this serve as a vital warning to Gentiles everywhere as to the absolutely diabolical spiritual energy that animates and electrifies Judaic thought and behavior and why NO ONE should make the fatal mistake of thinking that Judaism views those ‘outside the fold’ as anything other than fodder for their blood sacrifices and revenge rituals.

Remember something else–all those ‘good Jews’ who (for reasons known and unknown but more than likely rooted in PR interests) will decry the bloodlust that drove this initial conspiracy to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent Gentile civilians by poisoning their water supply–that these same ‘good Jews’ also doubtless celebrate…

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January 19, 2018


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January 17, 2018

Massive flu outbreak? Here’s the real story the media won’t touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal.

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Jon Rappoport's Blog

Massive flu outbreak? Here’s the real story the media won’t touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal.

I covered part of the scandal the other day, but here I’ll give you much more.

by Jon Rappoport

January 15, 2018

In case you haven’t been following the uproar over the flu outbreak, you’ve missed the fact that…

Health authorities admit this year’s flu vaccine is only 10% effective.

But of course, they urge you to take the vaccine anyway.

Why is this year’s vaccine ineffective? Because it’s made using chicken eggs, and researchers have discovered that the flu virus—which is placed in the vaccine—mutates in chicken eggs.

Therefore, by the time a person takes the flu shot, he’s not being protected against this year’s seasonal flu virus. He’s being protected against a mutated virus that isn’t causing the flu this year.

This is the conventional explanation. If you think it’s the…

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January 14, 2018


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‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent

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The man arrested, Ephraim Benjamin, was allegedly an Israeli Mossad agent who began his operation following the 2011 toppling of the Libyan government.

Source: ‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent

The Contradictory Testimony of Jewish Survivors & Other Eyewitnesses At Auschwitz-Birkenau

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It is amazing how many survivors of these death camps are mentioned in pro-Holocaust books and other mainstream sources.

Source: The Contradictory Testimony of Jewish Survivors & Other Eyewitnesses At Auschwitz-Birkenau

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part III

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Fitzpatrick Informer


By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 19, 2016 Anno Domini

Trump mentor Roy Cohn a pedophile protector who blackmailed his protégé at Plaza Hotel ‘blue suite’?

The bullish New York attorney Roy Cohn was the quintessential false-opposition operative working under Senator Joseph McCarthy. He prosecuted and persecuted communists, as part of the establishment-controlled red scare, as well as homosexuals, despite being a homosexual himself. But how he was so successful, achieving a huge amount of federal indictments as McCarthy’s aide and attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, was likely due to a dirty, dark secret of his: sexual blackmail, especially of the pedophile kind. Biographer Burton Hersh reveals about Cohn,

“…When New York attorney John Klotz began to investigate Roy Cohn on behalf of a client…declassified New York government files and spadework by a private detective substantiated the allegation that there was indeed a ‘blue suite’ at the Plaza, Suite 233…

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Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part II

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Fitzpatrick Informer

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 8, 2016

The two stooges for Israel. The two stooges for Israel.

Trump’s 9/11 lie about dancing Muslims helps Mossad coverup

Late last year, Donald Trump re-affirmed the official 9/11 story, carefully designed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak[i] and Israel’s Mossad, perpetuated by the Jewish-dominated American media. He lied about a very important event in the 9/11 story, what has come to be known as the “Dancing Israelis”.

“Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” Trump told rally goers in Birmingham, Alabama Nov. 21, 2015. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”[ii]

By the context of his speech, he implied that it was thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of Jersey. Then, a day later, Trump confirmed in an interview with ABC’s…

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