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August 7, 2017

The coming end of the Nation-State?

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The destruction of Germany through WWI and WWII, along with the 1905 Jewish Bolshevik attempt to take Russia, then the 1917 successful attempt by the Jews to take over Russia, was the means to enter Europe by Jewish Russian Communist force, with the only nation in Europe big enough to stop the Communist Jewish takeover of Europe, Germany, then broken up and destroyed, with the help of the Jewish Capitalist masters in America and Western Europe assisting that evil endeavour, with the traitorous Jew POTUS Roosevelt supplying hundreds of millions of tonnes of war materiel to Russia under the Lend Lease Act of 1941, with which it could destroy Germany, when Roosevelt knew already that Stalin had was in the process of formulating plans to invade America in 1951-1952, in accordance with the military aim of Stalin’s Communist predecessors.

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – It is now out in the open and they are slowly starting to try and convince us that it is the best way forward, the natural way forward, what the historical process calls for. This is what the EU is all about, what it has always been about as Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi laid it out in his books, notably Pan-Europa (1923) and Practical Idealism (1925).

Kalergi is now a known figure in the alternative media sphere. Less known but as dangerous was Freddy Heineken – the beer man.  

Freddy Heineken was a staunch advocate of the destruction of European states and put his name and fortune towards the achievement of this goal. He wrote a small book entitled “The United States of Europe, A Eurotopia?”, published in 1992. Of course, he presents his projects with all the hasbara necessary to convince us that it is actually…

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