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July 29, 2017

Judaism has declared war on humanity. Proof:

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Direktdemokrati Halmstad

According to Jewish humanists, whistleblowers of professors degree, Judaism incites to crimes against humanity:

-Harvard professor Noah Feldhman, exposing Judaism:

If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate
good relations between Jews and non-Jews,
your actions were permissible. But if,
to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out
of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of
violating the Sabbath,”


-Humanist Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg exposing Judaism:
Page 112, 118


-Jewish professor Israel Shahak on the Halakhot against Non-Jews:
Selected parts read by a poet, (a must listen)

-Humanist Jew, filmmaker Menachem Daum asks important posikim (head rabbis),if he is allowed to help gentiles, tsunami victims, out of compassion,5081,5140#msg-514,5081,5140#msg-514

“Recently I asked two major poskim whether it is permitted to
send an unsolicited donation toward tsunami relief.
In the case I posed to…

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