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June 5, 2017

Wahhabism IS the Brainchild of British Intelligence Agency

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This is a very interesting report. I think that the author is not correct though when he asserts that Muslims before the invention of Wahhabism never killed anyone as a matter of policy.

Google ‘Sikh guru roasted alive on griddle’

During the Reign of Muslim Emperor Jahangir, Sikh Guru Aran Dev was roasted alive on an iron griddle because he incurred the Emperor’s displeasure, and several other Sikhs and Hindu Brahmins were sawn in half, walled up alive, and beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam, that greatly predates the British creation of Wahhabi Sunni Islam, so the author is not being very forthright.

Many Hindu temples were smashed to the ground by the mogul emperors, with huge loss of Hindu life, long before the creation of Wahhabism which is stated to have occurred after 1710, and some have estimated that as many as 200 million Hindus were slaughtered during the attempted enforced conversion by the conquering of India, all of this occurring very many years before the invention of Wahhabism.

I really don’t like ISIS, nor the British creation of Wahhabi ‘Islam’, and can see good reason here to accept that what the author has stated on the issue of how Wahhabism was created is true, and I don’t like to see the Jews who run Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK, and the USA etc. controlling their black ops ISIS terrorist creation to slaughter Yazidis, Christians, and Muslims, but I still see that at the end of the day, after this life, according to Islam anyway, all non-Muslims are to be burned alive endlessly in hell, with boiling water forced down their throats, and whilst they are beaten with iron rods, that is not the invention of Wahhabism or ISIS.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all fall far short of God, and no one in any of those truly violent religions will ever enter any spiritual dimension until they ease up and develop a far gentler attitude towards the rest of the infinite spiritual community.

Of course, all this ISIS and NATO slaughter has nothing to do with creating better economic situations for the ‘West’, the Western peoples themselves would never ever call for that, the expenditure is simply enormous and a total burden and strain on the economies of the Western nations, the real agenda is the fulfillment of the murderously genocidal Noahide Laws by parasitic Jewish leaders who have infiltrated the governments of Western nations without those Noahide Laws even being yet officially adopted all over the world, as the Jews feel that they don’t necessarily really need things like laws, their ultimate purpose being the slaughter of all peoples of all nations who are not Jewish, and no one can convert to become a Jew according to the Torah itself, that is very easily proven, all ‘converts’ in truth being former Jews alone, and all Gentiles are to be exterminated from the world and then their souls are to be sent to hell under the Angel Duma according to the Zohar, so this is all a sly Jewish agenda to get that job done by any and all means possible.

The Ugly Truth


They are using the name of Islam and Sunni by way of deception. CONTINUE READING

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