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June 4, 2017

Islamic State claims Manchester concert bombing

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We need police who cannot be ordered not to investigate certain things. We need police prepared to challenge the Jewish-controlled government of Great Britain and take it down, we need a new investigative branch.

We need police who will pull up the names, addresses, of all concert goers that night, to see if any of the Jews in the audience going to see that Jewish singer suddenly had a strange impulse, like the 4,000 Jews who were told not to go to work at the WTC in New York on 9/11 2001, to leave before the end of the concert, so that only goyim would be blown to pieces in the foyer.

I don’t like the patently insincere smirk on the face of the singer pictured in some of the stories on this with the young girl who was later killed in the incident, her facial expression just demonstrates something unpleasant to me, where she is pictured with her admiring fan. Maybe the Jewish singer is even thinking how the girl she is with will soon be killed.

I think that the Jews would have definitely arranged this bombing as an opportunity to shift growing public opinion away from the understanding that ISIS is controlled by Jews and Israel in particular, to show how the Jewish singer was ‘nearly a victim’, that ‘ISIS really have nothing to do with Jews and Israel’ etc., the whole thing stinks.

I reckon the Jewish singer knew this was going to happen, and that is why it was not made to happen in the concert itself, but in the foyer, to prevent herself and other Jews being among the victims, though one or two Jews could have been deliberately uninformed and left to die as a token sacrifice to make the point that Jews were also victims.

I do not know if any of the victims were Jews at present, but with the singer being Jewish, then surely, many Jews would have been expected to attend at the concert. Or maybe hardly any of her Jewish fans bought tickets for the concert, when they would normally have been expected to do so for any other concert of hers, which would also be extremely telling.

We know that Israel and Jews in NATO governments actually control ISIS as black-ops soldiers for the NWO one world government agenda, so why else would ISIS target a Jewish concert unless this was clearly the case?

The governments of the world need to be replaced by real politicians and soldiers under their command who are genuinely prepared to make an effective response to the Jewish religious terrorist edict “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”.

Source: Islamic State claims Manchester concert bombing


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