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May 31, 2017


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100% correct on this. Corbyn is 100% kosher for the Jews.


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May 29, 2017

Amnesty International Confirms US Gave ISIS $1 Billion of Weapons in 2016

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Amnesty International Confirms US Gave ISIS $1 Billion of Weapons in 2016

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Source: Amnesty International Confirms US Gave ISIS $1 Billion of Weapons in 2016

As Jews, nothing is more pertinent to our lives than the Torah

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May 26, 2017

The Most Dangerous Deal in the World–Trump is attempting to avoid nuclear war by ‘solving’ The Israeli–Palestinian conflict

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Years ago, I was told the following words by a self-admitted sayan, actually a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family, a prince by birth, and he told me with some great gravity, assurance, and egomaniacal sense of self importance; “The Jews started this world, and they will finish it”, with such malignant complete arrogance and callousness towards all other life.

And yes, he was right. In 1950, Jewish scientist Leo Szilard, the inventor of the atom bomb, who patented that in 1934 in London, England, also invented the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, a dirty nuclear bomb variant so powerful, so dirty, that he stated that just 400 such devices, placed strategically, would kill ALL life on this entire world. So let us not support Israel, OK, because I can tell you this, those insane world class suicide bombers are building those damned things right now in Dimona in Israel, far removed from the eyes of the UN nuclear weapons inspectorate.

May 22, 2017

How They Do It– ‘Why Religious Zionism Is Growing Darker’

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“according to Jewish law there must always be some inferiority,” That says it all about the Jewish attitude towards all other life in this world.

May 21, 2017

BULGARIA – Gov’t minister resigns over Nazi salute photos

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ROMANIA approves financial support for Holocaust survivors

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What a bunch of dupes. There were no death camps,

Here they are playing soccer in the ‘death camps’ at 13:29

And there are plenty more videos, of Jewish women dancing in theatre productions in Auschwitz, in rehabilitation classes learning how to use sewing machines, how to grow food etc etc, preparing for deportation to Madagascar, later changed to Palestine, to which 60,000 Jews were sent, thought the rest could not continue as Allied naval hostility made any further transportation unsafe.

After WWII, well over 4 million Jews claimed compensation for having been in ‘death camps’, more Jews than had lived in all of German-occupied territory.

A real death camp, run as Jew Eisenhower ran them, would have killed all the Jews in all of German-occupied Europe in far less than 6 months at a similar rate, if that was what the Germans really intended, and given their extreme sophistication, they could have done so if that was their real intent, which it was patently not. Newspapers record that nearly one million German prisoners were starved to death in just 21 days after WWII, in nothing more complicated than fields surrounded by barbed wire, with no food or water allowed.

May 18, 2017

Delusions about private property and the fantasy of equality

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