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April 18, 2017

The suppression of ideas and the closing out of debate

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There are now numerous books on the subject that completely prove that the holocaust is a huge fraud, one that evidently is so insecure that it has to be backed up by a ridiculous law in many countries saying that you will be put in prison if you dare deny it.

My father was a radio operator with the British Army and he was in service in Germany immediately after the conclusion of the war, and told me 50 years ago, back around 1968 when I was a young boy that the Official International Red Cross figure for all deaths in the camps including not just Jews, but Russian POW’s etc. etc. was just over 271,000 or so, I cannot remember the exact figure that he told me at that time except for the main 271,000 part, and of course, it would have been the following figure that he referred to, but the date here seems to show that this detailed document was published in 1979, many years after I had been told, though even this figure was later revised a little higher. The original estimate appears from the document to be 271,304, with the 4 appearing a little like a 1 until you look at it closely and compare it with a 4 from elsewhere on the document.

Even at that time he told me of the real truth, that the deaths were caused by the Allied bombing of rail and road supply networks to the camps. In the book by AR Butz, a photo of a massive pile of dead bodies can be seen, all naked, all matchstick-thin, with seemingly nothing on their bones but skin, tendons and ligaments. That same photo has been used for years to ‘prove’ what utter sadists and barbarians the Germans were, the photo being solid evidence of Jews having been murdered by the Germans, and then it is revealed that the photo is in fact one of Germans who had died from terrible starvation in Dresden, starvation having occurred after the massive fire-bombing there, due to the complete breakdown of all road and rail transportation of food to that area that ensued.

There are numerous articles showing how the sacred but fictitious 6 million figure had been used extensively already to ‘prove’ that 6 million deaths were imminent or were actually taking place in other countries during different periods, in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine, and even in Galicia, Palestine and Turkey, before it finally stuck on Germany.,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

The Jews were quite obviously being dishonest and manipulative here, seeking sympathy in the world’s press, and monies in aid from other countries whilst they were supposedly suffering so terribly, even as 66 million Christians in Russia were in fact being most brutally murdered by the Bolshevik Jewish-led terrorist soldiers themselves, whilst no synagogue in Russia was ever touched, when Christian churches were razed to the ground or used as slaughterhouses, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Juri Lina. The term ‘Crying wolf’ seems to be highly appropriate here, since the deaths of none of those groups of 6 million Jews that were allegedly exterminated ever occurred at all in reality in any of those countries, yet those groups of 6 million Jews in different years and different countries were thoroughly asserted to be intended to be killed, to be actually being starved to death, or to be actually in the process of going through these terrible ordeals by actually being killed, when in fact, all that was occurring was pure political manipulation, as is still the case today.

The West German Finance Minister in the 1970’s told how around 5 million Jews were claiming compensation for having been in the German-run camps, when not even that number had even lived in occupied Europe at that time, whilst 500,000 Jews were never deported from occupied France, when 150,000 served in the German armed forces, when well over two million stayed out the war in Russia, when 60,000 were were deported to Palestine after having been trained in the camps in agriculture and machine work so as to be able to look after themselves after being deported, and the process of deportation was only stopped due to hostile Allied naval action preventing the safe passage of any further German ships carrying Jewish deportees to to Palestine.

There are many books disproving the holocaust completely, and I have several of them, including ‘The Holocaust of The 20th Century’ by AR Butz, ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’ by Victor Thorn, ‘Not Guilty at Nuremberg’ by Carlos Whitlock Porter, ‘The Six Million, Fact Or Fiction’ by Peter Winter, and I would recommend these books to everyone with an inquiring mind who really is interested in the actual truth of the matter.

MIT Expert Claims Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Was Staged

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April 17, 2017

WATCH – How Black Lives Don’t Matter in Israel

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95% of all prison cells in Israel are occupied by black people, put there by Israeli Jews, and yet Jewish politicians and their shabbos goyim in several countries cannot flood blacks into our countries fast enough, many of whom do commit all kinds of nastiness, though some do make an effort to get along with white people, but the very significant proportion of openly racist, openly hate-filled anti-white blacks who always have a big chip on their shoulders soon take the shine off that.

The entire Jewish-enforced policy of race-mixing in Western white countries is entirely insincere and actually malicious, as the Jews know all too well that you cannot force very different peoples and religions together, and expect harmony; they expect a bloodbath, they expect chaos, and they are banking on it, and it is coming.

When the Marxists artificially force different religions, races and cultures together at an extremely fast pace, and in huge numbers, with several of these religions, the Abrahamic ones, stating as they do that anyone not in their own religion will be tortured for all eternity in hell after this life, naturally, complete insanity will be the result, with widespread physical violence an obvious consequence from that enforced mixing.

In the interests of peace, each people and religion should have it’s own security in it’s own nations, and those peoples then being more comfortable amongst their own, can then get along vastly better with other nations and peoples, and trade with them, and I am all in favour of scholarships for visiting medical, industrial and scientific students of different races,and other similar initiatives, and my own personal view is that peoples of other races should have only temporary visas granted, with those very small number that still wish to racially interbreed then moving to agreed destinations like Brazil, more suitable for their eventual offspring.

Each people has enough social problems to deal with already amongst their own, even when almost all of them share the same language or similar religion, and when diferent languages, cultures and religions as well as different mental equipment of the different races are all pushed together, especially in such chaotic manner as is being made to happen today by the malevolent design of the chosenites, no coordination at all in anything is then possible, exactly what the Jew is waiting for, so they can engineer our destruction and then assume position within their NWO world government based in Jerusalem over the ashes of all previous cultures.

The Talmud states that we Gentiles are all pig souls, whereas Jews alone come from the ‘Soul’ of ‘God’, and it therefore follows from this that Jews will not allow ‘subhumans’, we supposedly eternally inferior Gentile souls, to dominate them, no, they will do everything they can to dominate over all the other species, that their Torah, Talmud and Zohar tell them were only created to work for the Jews as slaves.

Just a few weeks ago, I nearly lost my life when a group of several heavy-set mature negro men attempted to mug me, and they smashed me with heavy welded steel furniture, which hit me on the head more than once, and if I had not taken most of the force of the blows to my head with my arm, which turned completely black from shoulder to my hand as a result, then my skull would have been crushed in, instead of just suffering a little concussion and a split scalp. I was hit all over my body as well by negro men wielding metal chairs and a metal table, and the metal table actually broke on my back, such was the ferocity of those homicidal subhumans. Some of the damage I now have to my body will be permanent, as the knuckles on one of my hands were badly damaged by one of the blows, and I have a bone sticking out in the bottom of my foot where a metal chair was smashed on it, that will make them happy, because that is what they genuinely enjoy in their culture, part of their instinctual rutting season ritual of excluding all other males from the breeding pool by physical combat, I have had it from them many times before, and we most certainly do not belong in the same countries, but we can live on the same world, each in our own places, the hotter places for the darker-skinned peoples, and the cooler places for the lighter-skinned peoples, just as nature has intended.

This is the case, because in the long term, black people cannot healthily live without significant exposure of skin surface to the sun, that is how their bodies are designed, such that if they do not get full sun exposure, they start to suffer from severe mental illness, paranoia, and they then have violent impulses, such as I have just (for the umpteenth time) been subjected to, and if whites and blacks are made to breed together, then the resultant mix will never be truly healthy living in the less sunny and cooler areas of the world.

The most racially mixed area of the world, the USA, has the largest proportion of any country in the world of it’s population in prison, is one of the most chaotic and dysfunctional societies in the world, has about the highest murder rate, and this is all the more true when we factor in the millions of deaths caused by the mixed race football club of the US military forces on tour around the world at this time, waging genocidal war as it goes, greedily maintaining military bases in dozens of countries, doing the job of building up the future Jewish one world empire for Israel.

Yet Marxist Jews maliciously put out the claim that we are all the same, and that therefore we should all be made to breed together, as the Jewish Marxist erstwhile French President Sarkozy stated, the state will have to take additional measures to ensure that people of different races do breed together, if people did not volunteer fast enough to do that themselves.

Even farmers are not daft enough to do that with their lines of stock, so why are we humans so daft as to let the Jews do that to us? Our peoples are being made daft artificially by intensive propaganda programs and enforced physical intermixing, even at nursery school level.

But if we really are all the same, then why should we have to interbreed?

And isn’t it the Jewish people who always criticize and oppose ‘breeding’ programs proposed by eugenicists, when every single species of life on this entire world naturally practices eugenics and always has done for many millions of years, by excluding the weaker bodily vehicles, always selecting the strongest, healthiest body to mate with, in which a soul might more comfortably and successfully be placed, for the ultimate well-being of that soul. Yet the Jews very sneakily maintain a very strict eugenics program amongst their own, especially in Israel.

I believe in a creation by God having occurred in the first instance, with several human species having come and gone from this world over many millions of years, according to vedic teachings, but with subsequent evolution occurring after their creation.

Surely, this Marxist drive to severely disrupt and then destroy millions of years of evolutionary progress that has occurred by natural eugenics is the ultimate perversity, the ultimate unnatural and destructive process, another type of genetic warfare such as is already taking place in the plant world by GMO plants being created, with 80% of all roadside weeds in America already carrying escaped GMO genes from nearby crop fields, something that surely contradicts the lying claims of GM scientists about their creations being ‘self-terminating’, and therefore being totally safe, unable to pollute any other species, and all the species in the whole world are now in danger of having their genetic structures permanently changed, with certain chaotic and destructive consequences.

Yet the Jews do not protest when their dysgenic breeding program is to be enforced on the bodily vehicles of all other soul groups, and of course, the Jewish people themselves will never be participating in that program by breeding with black people themselves.

The Jewish scriptures all state that Jews are regarded as eternally superior to Gentile souls, and are forbidden by law to intermarry with people of other religions, who will of course not be Jews, which is the same as applying a law to forbid race -mixing, as the Jews class themselves as a unique and eternally distinct race of SOULS, never mind about what physical vehicles they inhabit, that in truth is a trivial matter, as flesh without a soul is just a dead thing, not conscious or living, the SOULS of the Jews are the important issue here, as the Jews consider that their SOULS are never to be mixed spiritually with those of the Gentiles, whom they consider eternally irredeemably sinful, demonic and non-living.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

I will repeat a little here from previous comments, as reference to substantiate what I have stated here.
In the January and February 1849 issues of his journal ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung’, Karl Marx published articles calling for the extermination of whole races. These articles were included in a book of the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin published in Germany during 1902 and again in 1913. Some die-hard and dishonest Communists have taken to stating that Engels actually wrote the following words, though they were printed under the name of Karl Marx.

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

The Rabbi Stephen Wise stated; “Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism”.

These words are very similar to the exhortations of the Jewish war God Yahweh in the Old Testament, which is actually part of the Jewish Torah, in which Jews are told to leave no living thing alive in the cities that the ‘Lord’ gives them.

It is Jewish politicians who are dictating to us that we must welcome these savages into our midst, and the Jewish politicians will not be the ones to suffer the consequences, safe in their gated and guarded world.

The next step will be to introduce new laws, such as the erstwhile Jewish Prime Minister stated live on French television, in which he stated, quite plainly, that if the French do not actually intermarry and interbreed with coloured people, then the state will have to take additional steps to ensure that they do, curiously echoing the so-called forged ‘Protocols of The Elders of Zion’ which Jews very hastily took to saying were forged, claiming they had been written only to blacken the name of the Jews, once the protocols were discovered by Gentiles. In any case, there are countless fully validated and entirely similar statements to the protocols to be found in the words of the Jewish terrorist manuals known as scriptures, their rabbis and their politicians.

The following below is taken from an article;
‘French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races.’

Back in 2012 when Jewish President Sarkozy was the President of France, he gave a speech telling the native White French to deliberately pick someone of another race and have children with them.

“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century.” he said.

“It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems.”

“We MUST change; therefore we WILL change. We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties. And we will obligate ourselves as to results.”

“If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.“

“The challenge of racial interbreeding that France has always known. And in meeting the challenge of racial interbreeding, France is faithful to its history.“
Sarkozy’s breeding Program is even more insane and destructive than the intentions of the genocidal Cambodian Khmer Rouge dictator Pol Pot were, with his ‘Year Zero’, and of course, what Sarkozy said was never ever meant for France alone, it is the Jewish intention for all other Gentile races to completely obliterate the white race by interbreeding, and as we Caucasians are relatively few in number in comparison to the numbers of the Negro and Asian peoples, then the genetic expression of our bodily vehicles would be largely drowned out by vastly superior numbers of other races if the Jews carry on succeeding in implementing their racially destructive programs, and who then will have the intellect to build those factories that produce all the shiny Western gadgets that the Negros love to play with? The Jews will not be so generous or sharing when they are in power, and the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians will all be badly damaged by being forced to mix their genomes with that of the Negro to produce an uncreative subservient slave race more ideal for the Jews to subjugate more easily.

The Jewish-created myth of the European people being responsible for all suffering in the world is used to falsely justify this intent to eradicate the white genome from the entire world. The real truth is withheld from the Negros who do not have very good memories for the real truth, that Jews have infiltrated over many centuries into positions of power within the nations inhabited by the white race to deceive and mislead it to destruction, so that the black people especially will see the white man as the cause of their suffering, never mind the fact that black people alone sold black people into slavery in Africa, according to black tribal custom as a means of dealing with warriors and their peoples captured in the never-ending internecine inter-tribal wars on that continent, with Jewish slave traders having comprised 100% of all slave traders who took black slaves out of Africa.

Slave-trading is a Jewish business, and white slaves are still traded by Israeli Jews from the Ukraine and neighbouring areas, brought to Israel under false pretenses, seduced by lucrative-sounding offers for positions as Au Pairs an so on, and then subjected to extremely harsh situations of literal slavery in brothels, after which they are sometimes murdered to cover up the crimes of the Jews, and it is mainly for reasons of slavery that Jews were made to leave so many other nations in the past, yet the Jews always tell the lie to the blacks that both Jews and blacks are brothers, as they all know what it is like to be slaves, but the Jews never were really slaves in Egypt, and that is how they motivate the blacks to hate the white people so much in many cases.

Of course, in Israel itself, well away from the reaches of the MSM, the blacks really find out what the Jews are all about, and they don’t like that at all, when they get called ‘kooshim’ and get smacked about, sterilized, spat on and put in prison. It is common In Israel for pregnant black women to have faeces thrown at them by Jews as they walk by.

The Jew is, as always, the greatest con-artist, and the most evil and exploitative.

US Empire: when will they stop saying ‘unintended consequences’?

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April 16, 2017

UK rabbi-politician burns Christian Bible, sparking ire

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UK rabbi-politician burns Christian Bible, sparking ire

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I.S.I.S High Priest Killed In Missile Strikes In Western Mossul (Nineveh)

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The True Cost of Israel: U.S. support goes far beyond the official numbers

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Israel, the most fertile ‘Western’ country, could be home to 36 million people by 2050

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The Chabad Lubavitcher Jews are instructed to produce at least 10 children, I read on the Darkmoon site some years ago.

It is clear that mainstream Judaism considers that not only Kabbalah but Torah teachings show that Jewish souls alone are good, from God, that all other souls are not from God, and are eternally and irredeemably evil, and of course, such a vain assumption comes from complete insanity.

Judaism is ultimately advaitist and believes that originally, there was one soul alone, ‘God’ who was all that was in existence, but then he got bored and decided to chip little chunks off ‘himself’ to create all others, but what is the common sense in that Jewish view, when these vindictive Jewish souls come to this world and inflict such intense misery and suffering on all other souls, who the Jews say do not come from ‘God’, but from ‘Satan’ (a God being from some different sector of the cosmos possibly in their view that they regard as innately and unchangeably hostile for all eternity?).

The Jews must be very silly souls indeed to then come to this world and live amongst others that they consider are from a different, and eternally hostile species.

And why should these so-called ‘Godly’ Jewish souls feel the need to come here at such a terrible cost to all other life, their ‘religion’ is truly subnormal, and they should be encouraged to genuinely leave it, or be made to, before they can actually fulfill the practice instructed in their warlike scriptures, that all Gentiles on this entire planet are to be killed and sent to hell.

Far better that the Jewish souls simply remain in their own dimension as one soul with their ‘God’, without incarnating anywhere, who can find a better way to deal with his boredom, and not bother anyone else. But maybe the problem is that this ‘being’ is innately nasty and sadistic in itself, and seeks combat with others for it’s pleasure.

Clearly, such a spiritually subnormal entity cannot be the real God, and should be excluded from being able to incarnate among us all, as it is clearly a very destructive parasite, that really should try to redress it’s spiritual problems by looking within for the real God, and so progress that way.

The following passage from the link below shows that any convert to Judaism can in truth only come from a previously Jewish soul, who for some reason is currently dwelling within some other group of people outside Judaism for some reason (like crypto-Jews currently living under the guise of various other religions such as Islam or Christianity as Donmehs, Wahhabis, Marranos etc.

Click to access Vol%2016%20Balk.pdf

“A convert who converted (ger sh’nitgayer) is considered to be like a
newborn baby.” A person who comes to convert, the Rebbe explains, is led to that decision because he already possesses a Jewish soul, which happened to mistakenly find its way into a non-Jewish body. In accordance with the Talmudic view that all Jews, including future converts, took
part in the Revelation at Sinai,

22 the convert seeks not to acquire something new, but to recover what was actually his all along.

23 Accordingly, the only reason a non-Jew can convert to the Jewish faith is because he was essentially never a non-Jew in the first place!

24 If a person’s soul truly emanated from an inferior substance, as the Zohar describes non-Jewish
souls, such a situation could never be rectified; he could never convert to Judaism.

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