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April 18, 2017

The suppression of ideas and the closing out of debate

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There are now numerous books on the subject that completely prove that the holocaust is a huge fraud, one that evidently is so insecure that it has to be backed up by a ridiculous law in many countries saying that you will be put in prison if you dare deny it.

My father was a radio operator with the British Army and he was in service in Germany immediately after the conclusion of the war, and told me 50 years ago, back around 1968 when I was a young boy that the Official International Red Cross figure for all deaths in the camps including not just Jews, but Russian POW’s etc. etc. was just over 271,000 or so, I cannot remember the exact figure that he told me at that time except for the main 271,000 part, and of course, it would have been the following figure that he referred to, but the date here seems to show that this detailed document was published in 1979, many years after I had been told, though even this figure was later revised a little higher. The original estimate appears from the document to be 271,304, with the 4 appearing a little like a 1 until you look at it closely and compare it with a 4 from elsewhere on the document.

Even at that time he told me of the real truth, that the deaths were caused by the Allied bombing of rail and road supply networks to the camps. In the book by AR Butz, a photo of a massive pile of dead bodies can be seen, all naked, all matchstick-thin, with seemingly nothing on their bones but skin, tendons and ligaments. That same photo has been used for years to ‘prove’ what utter sadists and barbarians the Germans were, the photo being solid evidence of Jews having been murdered by the Germans, and then it is revealed that the photo is in fact one of Germans who had died from terrible starvation in Dresden, starvation having occurred after the massive fire-bombing there, due to the complete breakdown of all road and rail transportation of food to that area that ensued.

There are numerous articles showing how the sacred but fictitious 6 million figure had been used extensively already to ‘prove’ that 6 million deaths were imminent or were actually taking place in other countries during different periods, in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine, and even in Galicia, Palestine and Turkey, before it finally stuck on Germany.,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

The Jews were quite obviously being dishonest and manipulative here, seeking sympathy in the world’s press, and monies in aid from other countries whilst they were supposedly suffering so terribly, even as 66 million Christians in Russia were in fact being most brutally murdered by the Bolshevik Jewish-led terrorist soldiers themselves, whilst no synagogue in Russia was ever touched, when Christian churches were razed to the ground or used as slaughterhouses, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Juri Lina. The term ‘Crying wolf’ seems to be highly appropriate here, since the deaths of none of those groups of 6 million Jews that were allegedly exterminated ever occurred at all in reality in any of those countries, yet those groups of 6 million Jews in different years and different countries were thoroughly asserted to be intended to be killed, to be actually being starved to death, or to be actually in the process of going through these terrible ordeals by actually being killed, when in fact, all that was occurring was pure political manipulation, as is still the case today.

The West German Finance Minister in the 1970’s told how around 5 million Jews were claiming compensation for having been in the German-run camps, when not even that number had even lived in occupied Europe at that time, whilst 500,000 Jews were never deported from occupied France, when 150,000 served in the German armed forces, when well over two million stayed out the war in Russia, when 60,000 were were deported to Palestine after having been trained in the camps in agriculture and machine work so as to be able to look after themselves after being deported, and the process of deportation was only stopped due to hostile Allied naval action preventing the safe passage of any further German ships carrying Jewish deportees to to Palestine.

There are many books disproving the holocaust completely, and I have several of them, including ‘The Holocaust of The 20th Century’ by AR Butz, ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’ by Victor Thorn, ‘Not Guilty at Nuremberg’ by Carlos Whitlock Porter, ‘The Six Million, Fact Or Fiction’ by Peter Winter, and I would recommend these books to everyone with an inquiring mind who really is interested in the actual truth of the matter.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The suppression of ideas and the closing out of debate

by Jon Rappoport

April 18, 2017

Let’s start with an extreme case. A case that has been roiled in emotion for decades. A case that triggers people into making all sorts of comments.

At, there is an interesting Q and A. The subject is the Nazi holocaust.

The question is: Why is holocaust denial a crime in some countries?

One answer is offered by Olaf Simons, who states he is an “historian at the Gotha Research Centre.” Here is an excerpt:

“Anyone who tells you it [the holocaust] is ‘not real’ (because he has found something to support his doubt) is manipulating you with a political agenda.”

That’s quite a far-reaching assertion. It’s obvious that a) someone might come to the conclusion that the holocaust didn’t happen and b) he has no political agenda. Whether that person’s conclusion…

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