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April 16, 2017

Israel, the most fertile ‘Western’ country, could be home to 36 million people by 2050

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The Chabad Lubavitcher Jews are instructed to produce at least 10 children, I read on the Darkmoon site some years ago.

It is clear that mainstream Judaism considers that not only Kabbalah but Torah teachings show that Jewish souls alone are good, from God, that all other souls are not from God, and are eternally and irredeemably evil, and of course, such a vain assumption comes from complete insanity.

Judaism is ultimately advaitist and believes that originally, there was one soul alone, ‘God’ who was all that was in existence, but then he got bored and decided to chip little chunks off ‘himself’ to create all others, but what is the common sense in that Jewish view, when these vindictive Jewish souls come to this world and inflict such intense misery and suffering on all other souls, who the Jews say do not come from ‘God’, but from ‘Satan’ (a God being from some different sector of the cosmos possibly in their view that they regard as innately and unchangeably hostile for all eternity?).

The Jews must be very silly souls indeed to then come to this world and live amongst others that they consider are from a different, and eternally hostile species.

And why should these so-called ‘Godly’ Jewish souls feel the need to come here at such a terrible cost to all other life, their ‘religion’ is truly subnormal, and they should be encouraged to genuinely leave it, or be made to, before they can actually fulfill the practice instructed in their warlike scriptures, that all Gentiles on this entire planet are to be killed and sent to hell.

Far better that the Jewish souls simply remain in their own dimension as one soul with their ‘God’, without incarnating anywhere, who can find a better way to deal with his boredom, and not bother anyone else. But maybe the problem is that this ‘being’ is innately nasty and sadistic in itself, and seeks combat with others for it’s pleasure.

Clearly, such a spiritually subnormal entity cannot be the real God, and should be excluded from being able to incarnate among us all, as it is clearly a very destructive parasite, that really should try to redress it’s spiritual problems by looking within for the real God, and so progress that way.

The following passage from the link below shows that any convert to Judaism can in truth only come from a previously Jewish soul, who for some reason is currently dwelling within some other group of people outside Judaism for some reason (like crypto-Jews currently living under the guise of various other religions such as Islam or Christianity as Donmehs, Wahhabis, Marranos etc.

“A convert who converted (ger sh’nitgayer) is considered to be like a
newborn baby.” A person who comes to convert, the Rebbe explains, is led to that decision because he already possesses a Jewish soul, which happened to mistakenly find its way into a non-Jewish body. In accordance with the Talmudic view that all Jews, including future converts, took
part in the Revelation at Sinai,

22 the convert seeks not to acquire something new, but to recover what was actually his all along.

23 Accordingly, the only reason a non-Jew can convert to the Jewish faith is because he was essentially never a non-Jew in the first place!

24 If a person’s soul truly emanated from an inferior substance, as the Zohar describes non-Jewish
souls, such a situation could never be rectified; he could never convert to Judaism.

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Their need for Eretz Israel has never been greater. And while they make babies and fill up their synagogues, we fill up abortion clinics and empty our churches.  The article mentions that “the ultra-Orthodox have 6.5 children on average, and that’s solely thanks to public policy. Once, the average was 2.5. David Ben-Gurion said that anyone who doesn’t have more than four children is a traitor.”  

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