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April 30, 2017


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Why Is Zionism Called Zionism?

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Israeli settler rams car into 4-year-old Palestinian child

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Lieberman– ‘No compensation for Palestinian child firebombed by settlers’

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April 29, 2017

Jimmy Dore: “…They’re not outraged at the terrorist butcher who lured children with food, then blew them up?” #West’s ‘rebels’ slaughter #Foua #Kafraya children

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Source: Jimmy Dore: “…They’re not outraged at the terrorist butcher who lured children with food, then blew them up?” #West’s ‘rebels’ slaughter #Foua #Kafraya children

Jimmy Dore: “…They’re not outraged at the terrorist butcher who lured children with food, then blew them up?” #West’s ‘rebels’ slaughter #Foua #Kafraya children

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They should execute the politicians of the 40 nations responsible for this, who are identified by President Putin as currently supporting these terrorists called ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda etc, these fake Muslim mercenary thugs performing psy-op killings to paint Islam worse than it already is, and to take everyone’s attention off all the bad stuff being done by Israel and Jews in general.

And now we are seeing young Muslims increasingly sympathizing with the takfiri ISIS for some reason, and now real Muslims are joining cause with them, and it will get worse, just as it is intended to do by our traitorous politicians who continue to organize ISIS to attack their nations, with NATO presence then ‘justified’ in those countries, supposedly to fight against ISIS and liberate peoples in those nations, when in fact, both NATO and ISIS et al all join together to attack innocent peoples in other nations together, just as the brave, honest and straightforward US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has openly stated on numerous occasions.

Just when people were getting hot about 9/11 being done by Israel, ooops, now there is ‘suddenly’ something even worse to put on the front pages, MUSLIM invasion (invited in by the traitorous JEWISH politicians in our Western governments) and so it goes on, execution is what these insane and genocidal politicians truly deserve, after all, these politicians have not the slightest difficulty ordering the very painful deaths of millions of complete innocents in their wars for Israel, and the law should support their arrest, prosecution and execution, and I am sure the law already would if it were to be impartially applied, and if such laws do not yet exist, then they should be created, we are sick of this vile hypocrisy. If these politicians can order the deaths of countless thousands of complete innocents, and the vile degradation and torture of many more, then why should laws not be available to punish the scum responsible with the death penalty? That must be made available.

After all, if any head of state in the US or UK or France were to take a few hand grenades, toss them into a primary school playground in their own country, and kill a couple of dozen children, ‘beautiful babies’, would he or she then be invited back to the next government debate, or would he or she be arrested and removed from power?

When they can order rape, torture, murder, mutilations and enslavement done to primary school children in other countries by their proxy ISIS mercenary soldiers, when they are ordering murders and worse, they should be convicted for these crimes, they should not be allowed by the law to commit these atrocities in other people’s countries and thus get away with it, just because those horrific terrorist crimes take place over some ‘border’.

The politicians in these 40 nations should be arrested just the same as if they have been killing those children in their own countries, and just as if they are doing it personally (that is partly what the ‘refugee’ program is for, to make out that ‘they care’, so that people will not think that their politicians really are behind the vile murders and sexual torture of little children in other countries that the refugees are coming from, and our tax money is paying both for the murders and tortures, and for the refugee program), after all, these politicians have been identified by President Putin and US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard as the ones organizing it, ordering the training of the men in psy-op terrorism, supplying their pay and arms, and ordering them to murder and torture to stir up warlike sentiment against the Muslims, who really just should be left alone in their own countries, prison is too good for those politician bastards.

In Gaza

With thanks to Jimmy Dore for his continued honest, brave commentary. He is well-informed and not afraid to speak the truth about what’s happening in Syria, the media lies, the culprit states, the loaded lexicon. His information is spot on, save the initial mention that the evacuation was not in Raqqa but from Idlib’s Foua and Kafraya villages to Aleppo, via terrorist-occupied areas, and the terrorists comprise not just al-Nusra but also members of the terror coalitions of  Jaysh al-Fattah (the so-called “Army of Conquest”), and Ahrar al-Sham (Liberation of the Levant Movement) along with other “moderates” of the umbrella organization Jabhat al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Front).

That caveat aside, Dore critically calls out the media liars, the presstitutes, for their blatant lies, their obfuscations, their intentionally misleading lexicon: ‘rebels’ ‘regime’ ‘hiccup’… (“Hiccup?? Despite this hiccup? So, when we thought it was Assad gassing kids—which was not even 126 of…

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April 25, 2017

Ex-Israeli defense minister says ISIS ‘apologized’ to Israel for November clash

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April 22, 2017


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Not sure why, but WordPress have stopped me republishing articles.

However, here is the link to this excellent article on how America forced Japan to attack America first, with the full conscious intention to do that very thing, as stated in words;

April 20, 2017

Orthodox Jewish families won’t identify circumcisers who gave babies herpes

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April 19, 2017

rare pictures of Goebbels’ visit to Greece

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