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March 19, 2017

UN group cowers to Israeli & US complaints – takes down report finding Israel guilty of apartheid

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Of course, the UN is maintained by Jews to lend seeming justification for many of it’s vile actions, and also to present the illusion that there is a legal body to preserve balance, but that in the event this paper tiger seems to criticize Israel, it is always revealed as entirely impotent, and that is entirely by design, and we are given to understand that that is as much as we can expect, without anyone making any concrete moves to replace the UN completely.

The people themselves need to rise up together and flush such parasitic organisations as the UN out of office, and replace them with actual human organizations that are sincerely concerned with what any genuine UN body should be concerned with, and the remit of the UN should be changed, to make it’s decisions legally binding and backed by a multinational military body to enforce UN decisions on Israel in the interests of the common good.

Too many times Israel has deliberately bombed UN observer posts after being requested not to bomb them, and then the UN has acquiesced and refused even to investigate the murders by Israel of it’s own military, no-combatant observers. Israel has effectively been given an absolute license to kill by the UN, without question, and that is precisely because the people it is killing, in truth, are regarded by the Jews as non-human, beings without living souls, the killing of whom is perfectly justifiable, without any spiritual or moral consequence, according to Torah, Talmud and Zohar.

People can physically stand up and physically march these people out of office, or be slaughtered by the Jews and their NATO and ISIS mercenaries, one people after the other, it is their call.

The Ugly Truth

United Nations

IF AMERICANS KNEW – A United Nations affiliate removed a report accusing Israel of apartheid from the internet following a request from the secretary-general of the international body.  Antonio Guterres asked the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, or EWCWA, to remove the report, which was published Wednesday and says it “establishes, on the basis of scholarly inquiry and overwhelming evidence, that Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid,” Reuters reported Friday. CONTINUE READING

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