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March 18, 2017

“The Whole World Hate Us” – How Israeli Students Are Prepared Before Going on School Trips Abroad

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This is a very interesting report, showing clearly that an institutionalized psychosis is prevalent in all of Israeli Jewish society, that all the rest of the world is automatically assumed to hate the Israeli Jews.

It is very frightening to think that almost all the politicians of the world do the very opposite of hating the Israeli Jews, and still get accused of hating them. After all, what does an 80% membership of MP’s in both leading British political parties in ‘Friends of Israel societies’ mean? That the Jews see this as an example of hatred means their heads are completely shot through inbreeding and a heavily toxic belief system, they are clearly psychotic, and extremely dangerous, armed with thermonuclear weapons which they most definitely should never have, not even in a month of Sundays.

Those politicians even suck up to these malevolent, paranoid, blood-sucking, hate-filled nutters in any way they can, giving them all our resources, and then those half-wit ingrates crap all over the nations that give them those resources, calling them all anti-semitic, the Israeli Jews and Jews elsewhere are very much the same, and seriously need removing from our societies and putting somewhere else for reasons of our own safety and continued existence, and their illegal undeclared Samson Option nukes badly need to be taken away from them before they go completely berserk and press the button during a time of more extreme paranoid hysteria.

Because it is clearly the case that our Gentile peoples really are all assumed to hate the Israeli Jews, and these Jews very clearly do treat us like we do hate them, then indeed, let all trade agreements, military and financial aid, and all military pacts be entirely denied to them, and the parasites can see how long they remain in Israel after that, not very long at all.

The Ugly Truth


HAARETZ – Students who want to take part in delegations going abroad are obliged to take an online government course which some parents and teachers say has a “blatant political agenda.” The course consists of film clips in which several speakers address the students and coach them about the messages they should express overseas.
Arab students are also required to take the course.

“The messages are simple and repetitive,” a mother of an 11th grade student from the central region says. “All the Arabs hate us, in fact almost the entire world hates us.”

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