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March 14, 2017

A lesson for Jews from the Purim Megillah

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–it cannot be emphasized enough the importance and significance of all this. The Jews are not some fringe group of Armaggedonists hiding out in the hills of Nowheresville, America waiting for the world and all its systems to fall apart. Rather, they are singularly the most powerful group of people in the world with a bottomless pit of resources and resolve, and rather than merely WAITING for the world to fall apart are actively engaged in TAKING IT APART, piece by piece, with the aim of rebuilding it all to their liking, and the codex they are utilizing in the process of all of this are the various tall tales making up their religious/tribal lore, a very disproportional amount of which comes from Purim.

What makes Purim more dangerous than the other religious feats s celebrating the destruction of various Gentile societies that got sideways with the apple of Yahweh’s eye…

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