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February 27, 2017

The Jewish Nation Is The People Chosen To Fulfill The Purpose Of Creation

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Wow, absolutely amazing. No wonder the Jews want the whole world to be made to accept being placed under the Noahide Laws, as that will give them the legal excuse to kill any workers who take an ‘unauthorized’ day off work. That the Jews can say that a weekday off work is an illegal and fake Sabbath by some ‘idolatrous’ goy, and that the goy is thus subject to the death penalty is just too much.

When will the world wake up and realize that a gigantic slaughterhouse is being built all around them and ban this terrorist death cult from ruling over them?

And to think that politicians around the world are listening to these rabbis and agreeing to bring in more and more Talmudic style legal processes, we are just being set up for mass slaughter, no less, by all the traitorous Jew infiltrators in our governments.

That the sheeple carry on voting these horrible parasitical and malevolent souls into power over them just shows that they have essentially been spiritually, psychically, mentally and physically beaten already, and they cannot even see anything other than that they are perfectly free, and that they have things really good.

As Hitler said, those in heaven can be made to believe that they are in hell, and those in hell can be made to believe that they are in heaven, when he was explaining how people can be hoodwinked by Jews into accepting Communism as a means of ‘liberation’, when in truth, it is intended only for the mass enslavement and ultimately the extermination of all Gentiles.

When the Jews start springing this type of government on us all, it will only be after the Gentile populations being made subject to that have been well and truly destroyed mentally, so that they will just accept it all meekly and either obey, or just go to their deaths, with all the rest of the sheeple just standing by watching and thinking, well, if only they had been ‘good’ and obeyed the laws like everyone else knows to.

It won’t be that far a stretch really, as we have had religious systems imposed on us by their agents already for many hundreds of years that have many hundreds of millions of idiots believing in the essential Godliness of the idea of the eternal burning alive of all others outside their religions after this life.

The way that the weakened Gentile human mind is open to total brainwashing and total reprogramming into anything at all after being manipulated by these parasites, these predators, is utterly horrific.

I think the Jews can really do this to the majority of people in the future, given the right circumstances, it will be no less horrific and bizarre to what the Jews have already been doing to humanity already for thousands of years, there is no limit to what the Jews can and will do if people let them, as the unsurpassed malice, cunning, and subtlety of Jewish machinations have as yet been completely undetected by the vast majority of the sheeple, who are essentially dead already, quite sadly, they just don’t realize it.

Only when the masses awaken together, and say no more Jews in power, then things will change for the better. Let us all hope and work for that day to come, by constantly reaching out to others with the right information whenever and wherever we can.

The Ugly Truth


“An idolater [gentile] who studies the Torah is liable to death. He may not study anything more than his own seven commandments. Similarly, an idolater who rests, even on a weekday, if on his own he rests as on the Sabbath he is liable to death, and it is needless to add that it is so if he made a holy day for himself. Therefore they are not left to invent religion and to make their own commandments.” CONTINUE READING

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