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February 20, 2017

UK – Former UK Prime Minister Confirmed As Pedophile By Police Read

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These people are not so much corrupted by society, as genetically corrupt, in a manner that gives them a predilection for feeding on Gentile young like vampires who have no relationship with the real God to sustain them, and no interest in cultivating a genuine relationship with the real Godhead, rather choosing to challenge Him, so they feed on the mental, psychic, physical and spiritual life force of Gentile children to sustain them in the absence of a licitly received flow of life force from the real God sustaining them.

They feed most especially on Gentile young, who are regarded as mere animals, subhumans, who can be fed on without any compunction, especially in a sadistic and harmful parasitical manner, so the Jews can rid themselves of all their bad karma and take on by illicit means the innocent youthful life force of the young to constantly rejuvenate themselves exactly like mythical vampires do.

Theirs is no ordinary sexual perversion, it is far more than that, it is a precise black magic system going back thousands of years to sustain by illicit means the lives of parasitic Godless criminal recidivists, who refuse to engage in the normal system of progress through the system of checks and balances of the laws of karma and other licit spiritual means.

For thousands of years, the Jews have used this system of opting out of the law of karma by occult means, such as sex magic, to enable theft of life force from children, and enable the transfer of their bad karma onto those children to maintain a strong presence here on Earth, but those who gain the world lose their soul, and as they refuse a relationship with God, who is in fact the substance of the entire spiritual world in Whom all other souls dwell, the Jews are obliged to remain on this material plane indefinitely, due to their parasitic blind greed, selfishness, and non-willingness to participate in the more gentle ways of life of a higher spiritual society.

The spiritual perversion of pedophilia among the Jews is actually a dark occult science to perpetuate their own existence here, above and beyond all material rules, though this does not actually profit them at all in real terms, as they remain spiritually dead as a consequence, no matter how grand the material psychic powers they may accumulate, which are sometimes seemingly vast.

Kapparot is one other parasitic black magic method used by these Jews to transfer their bad karma onto other living beings who are not Jewish, so that those undeserving unfortunates then suffer the consequences of all the bad karma of the Jews in their next lives, and sacrificial chickens are usually used for this, though human sacrifices of young Gentile children kidnapped around the Jewish ‘revenge’ festival time of Purim also serve a similar purpose, but much more powerfully.

When a Jew needs to feel rejuvenated, they simply assert their power as gods over animals, and vampirize some poor Gentile children, thus replacing energy lost in their daily political or other parasitic criminal activities, whilst at the same time exchanging the bad karma incurred during their criminal activities for the innocent good karma and youthful vibration of the young children, so they are always endeavouring to maintain an innocent seeming, vibrant, youthful state of consciousness by illicitly feeding on the life force of others who have that, and that quality is especially found in young Gentile children. They regard consuming the life force of Gentile children as an ordinary human being would regard consuming a bag of prawns, but the Jews do that with considerable malice, as we are seen as more than simply food for them.

The entire Jewish religion should be banned to stop this and many other evils, as it’s Talmud specifically recommends and instructs how to perform sex with children, and the Jewish religion is based on the black magic expiation of sins by sacrifice of others, the Jews never make an honest approach to God by good means, they nastily chisel an existence by stealing the life force of Gentiles, even enslaving them on the gross physical plane through usury, and in particular fractional reserve banking.

When Jewish rabbis and others cannot practice this vile black magic on Gentile children, they are often known in their lust to sexually abuse even Jewish children, but not in the same way as they abuse Gentile children of course.

Sterilization of Jews would end this genetic abnormality, as it is something that is untreatable, it is similar to the genetic predilection for drinking blood among some with a rare genetic disease that some individuals actually do suffer in extremely rare cases. It is time to say that their blood line needs to die out.

After all, the Jews have no problem at all with saying that the Amalekites must all be killed, and they term one people after another as Amalekites, as both the Egyptians and then the Armenians have been successively identified as Amalekites in different publications of their Talmud. And then the Jews have turned on the Palestinians, saying that they are ‘just like’ the Amalekites, and of course, the Germans have openly been declared as targets by the Jews from many years ago, absurdly even up to the present day for complete racial termination.

They say that about the Palestinians regularly, and the Germans still, that they must all be made to die out, and this is so distressing now that these people must be encouraged to abandon this vile, demonic and criminal religion, or be made to abandon it by one means or another, even war against them if they will have it no other way.

The Jews will use controlled slave Gentile nations to attack other Gentile nations one after the other, each time identifying that nation to be annihilated as Amalekite, that way, they will use Gentiles to annihilate all other Gentiles, till it is an easy job for the Jews to finish off the last remaining few Gentiles themselves.

Why should any or all other peoples be made to be willing to lay down their lives for the Jews, as if by some divine law? Many people really believe that the Jews really do have that right, because these people are the unwitting victims of a massive confidence trick.

The Jewish scriptures that state all non-Jews will be enslaved, killed and sent to hell are simply unacceptable, and the fact of the matter is, that almost no one knows that such things exist in the Jewish scriptures due to an effective mass blackout by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media and educational system, and that is how the swine are getting away with it. Sadly, very few study these things on the internet.

Many hundreds of millions of Gentiles have died for the pleasure of these vicious Godless criminals, and strong leaders with clear vision and moral courage are needed all over the world to make the statement that rather than various Gentile peoples being accepted by the sheeple as suitable for total extermination by Jewish arrangement, with the continuing complete acceptance of most of the rest of the unfeeling and now spiritually dead goyim under tyrannical Jewish influence, it has now come to such a point, Samson Option and all, that it is time to say that these demonic souls are themselves quite unfit to dwell amongst us any longer, as their claims to sympathy are no longer ringing true.

The Jews are a clear and present danger to all species of life on this entire world. If only they could be made to desist from practicing their vile religion, though this of course is entirely impossible, since they would mostly just go deep cover and become crypto-Jews posing as Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc. only to cunningly practice corrupted Jewish versions of every religion that they would infiltrate or infect, without being openly seen to be actually Jews.

What if the same nasty medicine that the Jews inflict on us were to be inflected on them?

They cannot be allowed to continue to build up their Jewish New World Order plans, and if the peoples of this world do not combine to face the Jews down, we will ultimately all suffer complete material destruction and the most terrible spiritual suffering under their demonic influence. One side must be made to leave this world, as the Jews are waging a war against all other life on this world, a war that most Gentiles sadly do not have the slightest clue is currently being waged against them, whilst Jews pose as their benefactors. The atomic weapons that threaten the existence of all life on this world are totally the inventions of twisted Jewish ‘scientists’, for instance.

The intended end result of the Jewish scriptural battle plans against all other life on this world will be our total enslavement under extremely harsh conditions, then, according to the Zohar, our complete extermination, followed by our being sent to hell for all eternity, whilst the Jews alone go to a better place.

But we can resist this JWO plan and stop it by spreading awareness of what Jews really are.

The Ugly Truth


NEON NETTLE – The police chief investigating accusations that the former late UK Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, was a pedophile has now said he believes the accounts are 120% genuine. Wiltshire police who carried out a large-scale investigation into the claims have identified more than 30 victims.

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