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January 5, 2017

Two Israeli terrorists arrested for calling for violent attacks on Azaria judges

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The Ugly Truth


Police see wave of online incitement against 3 members of military court after manslaughter conviction for soldier who killed incapacitated Palestinian assailant

ed note–keep in mind a few things concerning this latest drama–

1. The only–we repeat, ONLY–reason that this event made its way to court is because of the video of the murder being made public. Had this not taken place and had the Jews maintained full spectrum dominance over the story in a manner that benefited them, the dog Azaria would have been awarded medals of honor for having fulfilled his ‘mikvah’ as a good Jew in ‘purifying’ the land of ‘Eretz Y’Israel’ of Gentile impurities, whether the assailant had been carrying a weapon or not.

2. Remember as well that in substance, there is nothing of any difference between what Azaria did and what the Jewish state does on a regular basis when it murders thousands of innocent…

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