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October 1, 2016

Incest: Good for the Jews

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The gene they missed out on is the gene that enables others to recognize other living souls in all species all around them, including those of non-Jews.

The Jews are dangerously defective spiritual retards, and the ensuing lack of empathy, leading to antipathy, produces their mentally defective genocidal urge to purge the entire planet of all non-Jewish life, as confirmed in their Zohar, which states all non-Jews will be killed when the moshiach (messiah) comes.

I wonder how Jewish space travellers will do, pumping their line of crap on other planets? That will be the end of them and their nasty mutation.

The Ugly Truth

Einstein Nuclear-explosion-mushroom-cloud_2560x1600

Make sure you read this on an empty stomach. You have been warned.

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