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July 11, 2016

Casting call for extras, actors during Cleveland RNC violence

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Excellent insights. I suppose these actors will all have to sign the equivalent of the Official Secrets Act that is used in the UK to guarantee that they will never reveal what they have played a part in.

Once, on a business trip to another city some years back, I got speaking on the train to a female lawyer working for the Crown Prosecution Service, and she said similar to what you are saying here, mentioning a then recent May Day ‘anti-capitalist’ riot in London, and she specifically mentioned that in that riot where many shop windows had been smashed, one shop set on fire, and police attacked at close quarters with bricks, and punches to their heads, the rioters were in fact heavily infiltrated and led in those attacks by agents provocateurs who were actually members of the British military intelligence services, to physically attack the police and cause the criminal damage themselves, obviously to then justify the creation of more police powers. It is all part of the gathering momentum to help enable the complete power of the Talmudic NWO, which might also be termed SPECTRE.

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