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July 10, 2016

UK – From Winston Churchill to Tony Blair: How British Leaders Destroyed Iraq for over a Century

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Indeed, Jews do not fear death as they are able to do fully conscious astral projection, demonstrating an unfailing ability to determine their own future incarnations in the bodies of Jews again and again, totally avoiding the laws of karma that affect most other people, by passing on their own bad karma to innocents, by kapparot blood ritual slaughter and psychic transference of all negative karmic connections onto other souls.

Rabbi Steven Wise said that he had been an American for 60 years, but a JEW FOR 4 THOUSAND YEARS. Jews truly are living in a dimension of consciousness undreamt of by others, and that is what allows them to play with Gentiles like puppets, whilst disembodied and so on.

Like Cylons, after dying from any cause, or even after blowing themselves up, Jews have rabbinical helpers on the subtle planes to ensure they come back only in a favourable Jewish reincarnation, and never in any type of body that will be on the receiving end of SPECTRE-type genocidal Jewish warfare practices. No one has been able to stop them so far in their practice of various forms of black magic, which are extremely powerful.

To see Jewish consciousness for what it actually is, which is very grand and powerful indeed in subtle material terms, and outmatch it, non-Jewish peoples will need to get up to speed on the inner planes, or they are dead ducks.

The Ugly Truth


“Prior to 2003, Iraq had zero recorded suicide bombings. Since 2003, over a thousand suicide bombs have killed 12,000 innocent Iraqis”.

Sabba – There are 2 points I would like to highlight here: 

1) – Prior to the creation of the judeo-anglo-saxon Foreign Legions, aka Al Qaeda/ISIS, most if not all of the terror attacks conducted in Iraq were done by British and Americans special forces, dressed in traditional Arabic clothing.

There are countless reports of British SAS dressed as Arabs, planting bombs in Iraq, usually in mosques and markets when they are at their fullest and often at times of religious events.  

2) – Suicide, as a concept, is as alien to Islamo-Christianity as it is firmly rooted in judaism: it is known as the Masada Complex or Masada Syndrome. So a Muslim suicide bomber is as oxymoronic as jews for peace, whereas a jewish suicide bomber is…

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