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July 29, 2016

Kosovo – NATO bases and ISIS training camps side-by-side

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The Ugly Truth

isis israel

And Kosovo is the largest US military base outside the USA.

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July 17, 2016

Jewish Murder of the Russian Imperial Family

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The Ugly Truth


“Before the outbreak of the Great War (1914 ~ 1918) there were available in selected Jewish-owned Warsaw shops greeting cards with images that were unavailable for Gentiles. The postcards carried the image of the tzadik. This is an image of a rabbinical Jew with the Torah in his one hand and a white fowl in the other.

On these illegal greeting cards, available only by clandestine means, the head of the depicted fowl is clearly shown to be the Imperial Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Below this image is the inscription in Hebrew:  “This is a sacrificial animal so is my cleansing; it will be my replacement and cleansing the victim.”

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July 11, 2016

Casting call for extras, actors during Cleveland RNC violence

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Excellent insights. I suppose these actors will all have to sign the equivalent of the Official Secrets Act that is used in the UK to guarantee that they will never reveal what they have played a part in.

Once, on a business trip to another city some years back, I got speaking on the train to a female lawyer working for the Crown Prosecution Service, and she said similar to what you are saying here, mentioning a then recent May Day ‘anti-capitalist’ riot in London, and she specifically mentioned that in that riot where many shop windows had been smashed, one shop set on fire, and police attacked at close quarters with bricks, and punches to their heads, the rioters were in fact heavily infiltrated and led in those attacks by agents provocateurs who were actually members of the British military intelligence services, to physically attack the police and cause the criminal damage themselves, obviously to then justify the creation of more police powers. It is all part of the gathering momentum to help enable the complete power of the Talmudic NWO, which might also be termed SPECTRE.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Casting call for extras, actors during Cleveland RNC violence

by Jon Rappoport

July 11, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

“Here’s your chance to take to the streets and protest for a cause you believe in. Many thousands will be at your side. When the violence hits, you can run, go crazy, and hopefully escape police batons, water cannons, and flying bullets…”

This isn’t one company looking for actors and extras to protest against Trump in the streets of Cleveland, during the Republican National Convention next week. This is much bigger.

This is a year-long recruitment drive for extras.

You can’t have violence from just a few lone individuals on a quiet street in a city. It doesn’t play well for the media.

No, you need lots of extras and dupes and know-nothings to be there—people who commit no violence themselves, but give…

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July 10, 2016

EU agrees to transfer of Europeans’ personal data to US servers

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The Ugly Truth

1984 brave new world

RT – The deal, which is said to be aimed at protecting European citizens’ private data, defines the rules of how the sharing of information should be handled. It gives legal ground for tech companies such as Google, Facebook and MasterCard to move Europeans’ personal data to US servers bypassing an EU ban on moving personal information out from the 28-nation bloc. The agreement covers everything from private data about employees to detailed records of what people do online.

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Israeli Police Allowed To Shoot & Kill SUSPECTED Stones Throwers

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The Ugly Truth


AL JAZEERA – The regulations include authorisation for officers to use live ammunition against Palestinians, including minors, suspected of throwing stones or firebombs, or those who appear likely to be about to commit such an offence.

It also gives police officers authorisation to use lethal force as a first option in such cases. Previously, lethal force had been reserved as a final option for police officers when confronting violent Palestinian protests, only to be used after non-lethal means.

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UK – From Winston Churchill to Tony Blair: How British Leaders Destroyed Iraq for over a Century

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Indeed, Jews do not fear death as they are able to do fully conscious astral projection, demonstrating an unfailing ability to determine their own future incarnations in the bodies of Jews again and again, totally avoiding the laws of karma that affect most other people, by passing on their own bad karma to innocents, by kapparot blood ritual slaughter and psychic transference of all negative karmic connections onto other souls.

Rabbi Steven Wise said that he had been an American for 60 years, but a JEW FOR 4 THOUSAND YEARS. Jews truly are living in a dimension of consciousness undreamt of by others, and that is what allows them to play with Gentiles like puppets, whilst disembodied and so on.

Like Cylons, after dying from any cause, or even after blowing themselves up, Jews have rabbinical helpers on the subtle planes to ensure they come back only in a favourable Jewish reincarnation, and never in any type of body that will be on the receiving end of SPECTRE-type genocidal Jewish warfare practices. No one has been able to stop them so far in their practice of various forms of black magic, which are extremely powerful.

To see Jewish consciousness for what it actually is, which is very grand and powerful indeed in subtle material terms, and outmatch it, non-Jewish peoples will need to get up to speed on the inner planes, or they are dead ducks.

The Ugly Truth


“Prior to 2003, Iraq had zero recorded suicide bombings. Since 2003, over a thousand suicide bombs have killed 12,000 innocent Iraqis”.

Sabba – There are 2 points I would like to highlight here: 

1) – Prior to the creation of the judeo-anglo-saxon Foreign Legions, aka Al Qaeda/ISIS, most if not all of the terror attacks conducted in Iraq were done by British and Americans special forces, dressed in traditional Arabic clothing.

There are countless reports of British SAS dressed as Arabs, planting bombs in Iraq, usually in mosques and markets when they are at their fullest and often at times of religious events.  

2) – Suicide, as a concept, is as alien to Islamo-Christianity as it is firmly rooted in judaism: it is known as the Masada Complex or Masada Syndrome. So a Muslim suicide bomber is as oxymoronic as jews for peace, whereas a jewish suicide bomber is…

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July 6, 2016

IRAN – I.S.I.S Jewhadists Paid 600,000 Euros to Carry Out Bombings in Tehran

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The Ugly Truth


HAARETZ – A team of militants linked with I.S.I.S were paid 600,000 euros to carry out a bombing campaign at 50 locations in Tehran and other big cities in Iran, according to a documentary aired on Iranian state TV on Monday.  

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July 3, 2016

FRANCE – Denying the Armenian genocide soon to be a crime

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – TRANSLATION – What will be criminalized is the questioning/denial of the official narrative which states that it was MUSLIMS who genocided the Christian Armenians in 1915. 

In other words, what will soon become a criminal offense is to say that Mustafa Kamal and his Young Turks were all jews and that the Armenian genocide, like all the genocides of Christians worldwide, was a jewish job from start to finish.

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Why do US military weapons always seem to end up in enemy hands?

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The Ugly Truth


SOTT – The bitter irony continues. While the latest over-the-top ploy to confiscate our guns domestically has the feds sloppily staging yet another mass shooting with in Orlando – the biggest in US history at that, overseas they can’t seem to give away US guns and arms fast enough to America’s so called enemies. What’s up with that?

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IRAQ – U.S. refused to bomb ISIS convoy because it contained CIA advisers

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The Americans are by and large now gone completely soft in the head.

The moment that the Jewish genocidal US 1991 Noahide Laws were placed on statute in the US, in clear preparation for a nationwide Bolshevik-style massacre of scores of millions of Christians and other so-called ‘idolatrous’ non-Jews in America, just as the Jewish parasites and invaders had already easily effected in Russia in 1917 and in the years following, then thousands or even millions of armed Americans with the slightest common sense, courage, nobility and decency would have shot the entire traitorous government stone dead within days.

The Americans are already stunned in what is now merely a massive slaughterhouse, ready to be fully dispatched, they are not only mentally dead, but also spiritually dead, they are not even properly incarnate on this plane with any proper mental faculties, they are over and done, dead already, and when the Noahide Laws are indeed fully effected by some Jew agent POTUS, as they are certain to be at some point, they will not use their useless childish pop guns then either, for the most part anyway, but meekly march into death camps by the millions like useless faggots to be topped.

The Americans can prove me wrong by not voting anyone into presidential office unless they guarantee to remove the US 1991 Noahide Laws from statute, and if they also refuse to elect any sick paedophile Israel-first scum like Trump, a big user of Mossad sayan Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile plane flights where young under age-girls are sexualy abused illegally. The Israel-firster and insanely genocidal war-monger Hillary Clinton is no better in many ways. She will endeavour nothing less than to guarantee to ensure a total nuclear wipeout of all the Gentile people in America by Russia for her Jewish masters, at the same time wiping out as many of the Russian Christians that the Jewish Bolsheviks missed in 1917.

The nuclear weapons of today cannot be stopped, they cannot be avoided, they are infallible, and can produce heat of over ten thousand degrees in a thousandth of a second to instantly reduce to dust even concrete in a ten mile square area, that is a city area typically containing ten million people. That is no TV show for the Americans to cheer on with a few cans of beer; that will be the end of the stupid bastards.

Those who are mentally and physically able should simply kill all their government now, or they will certainly be killed themselves by their traitorous Jew agent government. They have no alternative, there is no talking or negotiation or political process to be gone through, the opportunity for that was over many years ago. The Jews have, and will maintain complete political control of America under all circumstances involving what the Americans call democracy.

Over 7 million innocents who had nothing at all to do with 9/11 have already been slaughtered quite needlessly in Iraq and Afghanistan at the behest of Israel, so don’t the American government deserve to be shot dead? Of course they do, and is being killed doing that such a bad thing if it preserves the nation for future generations of American families who can live in a Jew-free zone, safe from further traitorous genocidal plots against them.

But the Americans, sad to say, are now by and large cowardly and literally mentally damaged to the point of having been rendered merely imbeciles, and they will elect some piece of excrement like those people to ‘lead them’. Just watch it happen, see how dead the Americans really are already.

It is a great pity that the few percent of Americans who really care, who actually have some intelligent insight to put things right, are rendered almost entirely powerless by Jewish ‘democracy’ where the electoral majority who are Jewish-controlled idiots can always be guaranteed to elect their own Jew agent executioners, at the same time enabling these same Jew agent executioners to be in the position to put an end to all the better members of Gentile society too.

Right now the Israel-controlled US legislature has made sure that you can’t see what foods contain GMO bioweapon ingredients, they are making it illegal for adults to refuse ‘vaccinations’ and POTUS Obama has approved hundreds of fracking sites in the Gulf of Mexico, to further poison the sea for all creatures there, and further poison all those who eat sea produce from that region. The Pacific is almost completely dead down the West coast of the US already from Fukushima, engineered by the Israeli and Jew-controlled CIA Stuxnet virus.

How bad do the Americans want it to get, or are they simply resigned to watching the sun go down for good?

The vast majority of them seem to just not care at the moment, and they need to get up off their asses and trash their current government leadership, because those government officials are murderous traitors working ONLY for world supremacy by the Jews, and they literally desire to work to physically exterminate the American people. It is happening, what do people think GMO foods are that produce cancer, stillbirth, runted litters, ruined immune systems, eventual sterility and death in many animals?

But the Americans will elect more of them, because they are dead and completely mind-controlled already, and their inner consciousness is just like that of some Disney cartoon character, utterly removed from all sense of actual reality, in ‘The American Dream’.

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – America has become a rabid dog that needs to be put down ASAP, for the sake of the American people, for the sake of Humanity, for the sake of planet Earth. Why is it again that the US constitution allows Americans to have guns? What are the American people, with over 250 million guns, doing with these guns? Are they waiting for all hell to break loose, for the next war to break out, when all food disappears to turn these guns at each other?

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