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June 1, 2016

Netanyahu–‘Jerusalem was ours and will remain ours’

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The Ugly Truth


In Jerusalem Day Knesset session, Netanyahu rules out a return to pre-1967 divided city, slams ‘absurd’ UNESCO resolution

ed note–A one-word newsflash for all those benighted individuals who think that a ‘peace deal’ with Israel can be reached–IMPOSSIBLE.

An here’s why, for 2 reasons–

1. Despite the nice-sounding propaganda that unfortunately seems to predominate within pro-peace/pro-Palestinian/anti-war/anti-Zionist circles that ‘Judaism and Zionism are 2 entirely different creatures altogether,’ they aren’t. They are a husband and wife team in a state of constant sexual intercourse, producing in the process the fruit of their Judaic loins, i.e. Judaism in its many forms, manifested in the areas of finance, politics, culture, academia, media, etc. This being the case, Judaism and all its ‘holy’ books, beginning with the Torah (Old Testament) and moving forward with ‘Torah, Pt. II’–meaning the Talmud–is very clear on the matter as pertains that particular piece of real estate in the Middle East that is the subject…

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