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January 11, 2016

Jewish Altruism

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The Ugly Truth

blood spattered flag of israel

[Ariadna Note: I set two texts side by side, in juxtaposition, both verifiably accurate. The first lists some precepts of Judaism regarding the prescribed treatment of non-Jews by Jews. The second is a report of recent events related to the medical care received by wounded ISIS fighters in a special Israeli hospital.

Since the two texts are in apparent conflict, yet both are accurate, I can reach only one conclusion, namely, that Jewish altruism and compassion for fellow human beings, even non-Jews, be they even non-Jewish mass murderers, are so powerful as to impel Jews to transgress their own sacred laws, erring on the side of profound humanism, a trait that has not escaped the notice of European non-Jews for centuries.

Nevertheless, if there is another possible interpretation I am anxious to hear it.

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