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January 2, 2016

Essential info for battling the NWO

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Excellent article. It is always good to see more people writing that have clear understanding of the actual realities of our current situation and that of the Jews, who are so callous that they would rather not approach God themselves directly, the Jews being so dark in nature after so long in the pit of the lower dimensions away from the true light, that they would rather grasp and steal whatever light they see in the Gentiles around them, with the vicious intent to push the Gentiles down into oblivion as they do so.

The criminal death cult of the Jew must be made illegal all over the world, and all new generations educated into vastly better spiritual understanding, so that all souls together can eventually be spiritually renewed and appreciate their beginningless origin together as members of one infinite and eternal spiritual family, and return to sanity and true spiritual sharing within the true God, who alone can properly vivify each and every other soul, being the central spiritual Sun, expanding their consciousness within His infinite substance.


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