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December 26, 2015

Jews make their own misery

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This is just what the Jews do, they are have every intention of doing every one of you in the long run, so they make up lies to make it seem justified before the eyes of bystanders who will ultimately be their next victims anyway, by telling them that you have offended the Jews or threatened their welfare in some way, thus ‘justifying’ ‘revenge’ against you, whilst the bystanders remain just that, inactive, uncomprehending, not perceiving that they will be the next to be subjected to this, and thus, the whole herd of goyim is not alerted as one, allowing them to be picked off by the Jews by this method one or two at a time.

The Ugly Truth


“THE Jews are obsessed with themselves, with their history, with the present time and with their destiny. Every nation has some of this and so it should. But, by any comparison, Jewish navel gazing is something else. At this level of intensity it makes compromise difficult and condemns the Jewish state, Israel, to political paranoia and limitless inflexibility.

The Jews had lived by the sword (see the book of Deuteronomy) and were dispersed by the sword. But so were many other peoples all over the world including in Europe’s major groupings of people with an equal claim to self-identity, including the Greeks, Romans and the Celts.”

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