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December 7, 2015

Syria slams US-led coalition deadly strike against troops as ‘act of aggression’

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Mr Putin is destroying ISIS already. Who are Cameron and Obama really killing except legitimate Syrian forces who are the ones really fighting ISIS?

Cameron is being very grandiose indeed when he falsely claims to be cutting the head off the snake of ISIS. Of course, Cameron is being very cheeky there also, as he really does know who the head of the snake is, the head of ISIS is himself and his Israeli peers, along with the rest of the NATO terrorist governments.

ISIS mercenaries are hiding safely deep underground in bunkers, Viet Cong style, avoiding the effects of NATO bombs, this information coming from accounts of genuine Syrian refugees, and the NATO forces know this, as their bombs only harm Syrian civilians and legitimate loyalist Syrian armed forces on the surface, as well as their infrastructure, destroying power plants and the like, which harms the Syrian people, in direct contravention of international war law treaties.

The UK and US will not be bombing their own ISIS mercenaries, or they would have a bloodbath on their hands as those mercenaries would turn on them.

The Israeli Jewish-controlled terrorist US and UK governments have never done anything except support ISIS, having always been behind the attacks on Syria for Israel, dropping arms to ISIS constantly, whilst lying to the American and British peoples and telling them that they are actually fighting ISIS.

The plan to attack Syria like this with ISIS was planned with the help of the British government itself, with POTUS Barack Obama even openly stating on film that America trained ISIS, which Obama calls ISIL in that recording.

The so-called civil war in Syria is actually a terrorist invasion of Syria by the international Jewish political forces using mercenary ISIS forces under direct control of serving IDF and Mossad Israeli officers, who seek to increase the influence of their SPECTRE-like international terrorist crime syndicate.

See the oil tankers coming to Turkey full of stolen oil, driven by ISIS terrorists, then returning to ISIS-controlled oil fields to refill and return to Turkey again, and NATO supports Turkey.

The ISIS terrorists originally left Turkey, a NATO member, in convoys of armed trucks. Israel and Turkey maintain hospital facilities to treat wounded ISIS terrorists, even after they rape, murder and sexually enslave little Yazidi, Christian and Muslim girls.

Even the daughter of Turkish President Erdogan runs a military hospital in Turkey to treat the wounded ISIS terrorists.

The NATO governments are exactly like the world-wide criminal terrorist organisation SPECTRE, mentioned in the James Bond novels by the former British spy, Sir Ian Fleming.

The truly horrifying reality is that our current political leaders are in fact criminal terrorists such as these, behind every terrorist atrocity that ISIS commits.

People must learn these facts, and elect only genuine leaders in future, or they too will be next to feel the onslaught of the NATO controlled terrorists, which will be used to bring in draconian martial law throughout the world.

Remember how the traitorous US and UK governments in combination with Israel were the ones really behind the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, and the attack in Paris recently bore the same hallmarks of false flag operations. We are all prisoners, We are all being used. We need to elect new governments.

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