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December 6, 2015

Six points to remember about the true origins of the Syria crisis as Europe obediently lines up for war with Russia.

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As France, the UK and now Germany obediently line up for war with Russia, feel free to send these to anyone who asks you “but do you think we should just let ISIS keep beheading people?”

1. Bashar al Assad’s secular government in Syria is a major obstacle to US/NATO ambitions to fragment the Middle East, exploit its resources and further encircle Russia, as delineated in several policy documents.

2. US/NATO planned to invade Syria and remove Assad in 2013, and used his alleged use of chemical weapons in Ghouta as an excuse. But the plan was thwarted when a) the chemical weapon attacks were found to have likely been done by western-backed “rebels.” and b) Russia intervened diplomatically to negotiated the decommissioning of Syria’s chemical weapons stocks, thus making any military action unnecessary.

3.US/NATO response to this was to develop ISIS (one of their several proxy jihadist…

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