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December 4, 2015

Russia begins delivering S-300 air defense system to Iran

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The Ugly Truth


Moscow arms adviser says advanced battery on the way to Tehran; Israel has long urged Putin to scrap deal

ed note–so much for all those theories being proffered by certain ‘experts’ within this movement making the claim that Putin ‘was Jewish’ and that he was secretly working with them to advance the interests of Israel.

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  1. Well, Putin did take the bait when Prince Charles said Putin was like Hitler, and sensed what kind of nastiness the ‘prince’ is capable of, who has had two sexual charges against himself prevented from being revealed by the British press, under provision of the ‘D’ notice, according to two policemen I recently had a lengthy conversation with on the topic of such matters. OK, I can see Putin would not wish to be lumped in with Hitler. But anyway, these days, whether a person is popular or not in the world of politics, he can and does literally do anything he wishes nonetheless.

    BUT, that is the case ONLY when he is supported by the Jews, so I feel Putin was not taking any chances in case a political movement to depose him gained momentum at the behest of suspicious Jews.

    We all know that no one can convince the Jews of their friendly intent towards them, by being kindly towards them, because the Jews inevitably view that only as a sly deception to facilitate an inevitable attack on the Jews, because the Jews intend only to enslave and kill all Gentiles, so always work on the principle that some of us might have sussed out that which the Jews wish to remain impossible to suss out.

    The Jewish modus operandi, as we both know, is simply to kill each and every Gentile on the planet, along with all their trees, plants and animals, always has been, always will be. Putin I think knows this, so his strategy in pressing for pro-Jewish legislation, not only in Russia, but around the entire world also, well, that was a lot to swallow that such a person was not some kind of Jewish agent merely helping to crush any potential resistance to Jewish world rule, and even helping to facilitate WWIII.

    But, knowing surely that whatever he does in front of lamprey-like Jewish rabbis and politicians will not change their view of the Gentiles one little bit, us all being just fish food for the Jews. as their scripture says “Do not CONSUME all the Gentile SOULS at once, let them increase in number”. Putin is more concerned I feel now with ensuring that the mind-controlled vox populi will not suddenly be turned by the Jews to view him as a ‘Nazi’, with him then being abruptly voted out of office before he does some good reform work in Russia and elsewhere.

    But yeah, OK, I am more of the opinion now that Mr Putin really is a straight guy in all this, but remember how he was saying just a couple of years ago to a bunch of back-stabbing rabbis; “This is a great victory for Israel”. What Mr Putin was doing there, or might be intending to do in the future was not exactly clear back then, but I trust him now, even though he says he believes in the Christian religion, which includes belief in burning all others alive for all eternity who are not Christians, and of course, I always think, “what’s not to love about that”. A really great guy all round.

    If these religions actually mean anything, they are relevant not to this temporal material world, but to the eternal spiritual world, so those kind of sentiments in that religion do not make the man a saint either. And religion is what this is all about, in the ultimate analysis..

    But, as far as helping people to avoid a completely unnecessary nightmare in this world goes, in very physical terms, Mr Putin is doing very well, and I can appreciate that just as Hitler was not really that keen on Christianity, even when he said he was, to maintain political acceptability, ultimately for the benefit of the German people, so Mr Putin is employing the same strategy, to initiate a Christian revival to help drive out the universally merciless genocidal Godless darkness of Communism. Ultimately, I feel, anyone who actually believes in any of the Abrahamic religions, with their beliefs in sending all others to indescribably horrific tortures in some eternal hell or other, are just for the deliberately mentally handicapped, who are quite gaga. I will add here that it is my view that Jewish agents instigated the Christian and Islamic religions as a means of mind-controlling masses of slave souls for their own ends.

    Obviously, in the realm of spiritual affairs, much of humanity has a long way to go yet before it realizes that burning people alive for all eternity is not a very nice thing to do at all.

    Anyway, good luck to Mr Putin. Russia has been through hell created by the Jews in 1917, and again in WWII being forced to fight for the Jews, and now being threatened again, despite having got rid of Stalinism, being needlessly and traitorously surrounded by NATO conventional military as well as biological warfare bases, with ISIS now also being mobilized to destroy the Russian people, all for the satisfaction of the insatiable bloodlust of the Jews.

    Mr Putin is being very forbearing at the moment in wishing to encourage a revolution in Turkey against the criminal government, and that is exactly the strategy he should repeat throughout all 40 countries presently dominated by parasitic Jewish-controlled governments supporting the Jewish ISIS terrorists.


    Comment by mothman777 — December 4, 2015 @ 3:29 am | Reply

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