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November 20, 2015

Hey France…Qatar and Turkey Just Murdered Your Citizens – Your Move

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Hey France…Qatar and Turkey Just Murdered Your Citizens – Your Move
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My post was evidently too anti-Semitic for those in power over the Russians, who dictate censoring policy in their media. They would sooner allow the Russian people to die than offend or expose their beloved Israel, even while Israeli ISIS threatens to attack Russia, and claims to have downed the Russian airliner. At least those supporting ISIS or ISIS themselves planted or carried the explosive that did that.

Russia Today too always does the same thing any time I mention the ‘word’. This makes me think that Putin also will never publicly disclose any information on exactly which governments of which countries are behind ISIS, because that would be betraying the people he really works for, the same type that killed millions in Russia during and following the 1917 Red Revolution, the same type that killed 100 million Chinese under Chairman Mao Tse Tung, and I think that he will ultimately play his part in helping to facilitate WWIII, whilst continuing to cover for the Jews..

If Putin were to publicly state which governments were behind ISIS, the peoples of those countries could remove them from power and never vote them or their like into office ever again due to their traitorous deceptive acts, and also, any other Jewish-controlled countries continuing to support ISIS could then be boycotted to starve funding for ISIS, and all suspicious banking transfers monitored and frozen.

But no, Putin has to keep all this knowledge on exactly who these 40 countries are, including several G20 nations, a secret for ‘obvious ‘ reasons, and thus, the peoples of the countries of the world involved will not be able to remove such false governments in their own countries, or be able to have the knowledge about which countries need to be boycotted to starve ISIS of funding and arms.

Putin has shot his own credibility in the foot, as his complete obsession with protecting Jews and Israel is an utter obscenity, and a great many people are coming to accept that ISIS works for Israel. I don’t care how many ISIS mercenaries Putin kills, as in the greater scheme of things, many thousands times more men than them are scheduled to die inevitably anyway, and they can just be a necessary sacrifice to help get WWIII going.

Putin should just pull the plug on ISIS right now, if that is what he sincerely really wishes to do, by complete public disclosure throughout the entire world, not just to government heads in secret, on all the corrupt Israel-first governments behind ISIS, so their electorate can be totally disgusted by them and their treachery, and remove them from office, thus cutting off all money and arms to the ISIS mercenaries, and they will then surely stop fighting, as, even according to Putin himself, money is what the ISIS mercenaries work for (whilst under the command of serving IDF and Mossad officers, though Putin will not admit that part).

Maybe even, half-joking here, it being the case even according to Putin himself, that these mercenaries will work for the highest bidder, sometimes even changing sides, why don’t a coalition of governments actually offer to pay the ISIS mercenaries more than the Israel first governments are paying them, after making sure their former masters have no more money to pay them, and turn them against their former masters?

The Ugly Truth

Francois Holland, France’s lapdog in chief, will likely do nothing. Also, there is some indication that the whole thing was a false flag

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